There are billions of user who simultaneously log in to their Facebook account which leads to slow down the Facebook page loading speed even after active server. I went to many thread discussion about Why Is Facebook So Slow. Here I am going solve this standard issue in a best possible way.

why facebook is so slow
How to fix Slow Facebook Loading Time

There are so many reasons to getting slower Facebook access. Here I am going to list out some of them by which you can browse Facebook faster than ever. So let’s begin…

Slow Internet Connection:

Yes, slow internet connection is one of the primary reason for getting slower Facebook speed. In villages, people are still facing so many issues because 4G services are not available. So very first step is to upgrade your internet speed first. If you still facing issues with slow Facebook connection, then you can try Facebook Lite App. The app is available for both Android and iOS platform.

If you’re facing this issues even after good internet speed, then check the downtime of Facebook. Sometimes Facebook goes down for some period while maintenance of the database, you can check Facebook downtime by following these simple steps.

How to check Facebook downtime

Step #1:

Go To http://downrightnow/facebook in your browser to check whether Facebook is down or not.

Step #2:

Delete Temp Internet Files.

Step #3:

Clear browser cookies.

Step #4:

Disable browser plugins

Step #5:

Disable browser extensions and add-ons.

Step #6:

Turn off Flash Player

Step #7:

Try moving to another browser

Once you’re following all above steps, restart your browser and try visiting Facebook again and check whether slow connection issue is solved or not. Most of the cases the problems gets resolved after following all these steps. If you’re unable to fix slow internet connection problem while visiting Facebook, then go to your Application Manager and see whether any unwanted software installed. Try to uninstall any unwanted software from your machine and retry Facebook.

You should also delete temp files after uninstalling softwares. You can follow these steps to empty temp file from your computer.

Go to run command and type %temp% there, and you can open run the command by pressing Windows Key + R from your PC. Now press ENTER, you will be redirected to C:\Users\PC_Name\AppData\Local\Temp folder. Select all data and press the delete button. Now go to Recycle Bin and delete all files. That’s it……..


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