Instagram is the best platform to have fun with your friends and family. This is the part of Facebook which allows you to share photos, videos, and GIF with your friends. Not only to this, but you can also connect your Facebook account as well to directly share any photos with your Facebook friends. With the Instagram app, you can add some stunning filter on your images and follow any celebrities as well. It also allows you to send a picture in private as well.

Apart from these fun stuff, internet marketers are making thousands of dollar on a daily basis with Instagram only. Are you shocked with thousands dollar? You should not be. You can also earn the huge amount if you have a good amount of followers over Instagram. I’ll tell the whole process in next article because this article is all about “How to know, who unfollowed me on Instagram”?

who unfollowed me on instagram It happens with many, and they can’t see to dropping their followers on social media because they want to maintain their popularity. But the main question is how to know who unfollowed you on Instagram; then only you can do something to maintain your popularity.


So I am here with some methods by which you can track your unfollowers and maintain a spreadsheet of it. It will helpful to maintain your business at peak. Once you have a list of those unfollowers, you can get feedback from those about your business and then do something for betterment.

So here are those simple steps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram. There are few websites available who can give all traces of your unfollowers over Instagram, which I am going to list out below.

Sites to know who unfollowed me on Instagram

#1: is a most popular website which allows you to track, who unfollowed you on Instagram. This site is not only stuck with Instagram but, it can also give you a spreadsheet of who unfollowed me on twitter and who unfollowed me on Google Plus. This website is simply working on API permission. It means, once you visit the website, it ask you to login into your social account first. Once you login, it asks you to allow permission to bots which are going to store some database of your account on their server.

Once you allowed your public information via API, it stores all followers’ details in their database, and if someone unfollowed you on Instagram or Twitter or Google Plus, you would get all details by updating your database.


The next un follower’s tracking website on my list is, This website is also working on the same principle of API but it gives some additional features like, it can handle a large group of followers, including the ability to put fans into a ‘whitelist’ or ‘blacklist.’ This website is quite simple to use and gives all information about who unfollowed me on Instagram. The website interface is clean and well-organized dashboard, and I think this is the reason why is best sites to know who unfollowed me on Instagram and Twitter.


The main website is, but if you want to know who unfollow me on insta, then you have to visit on subdomain i.e. This is yet another good website to track unfollowers of Instagram easily. The dashboard of this website is user-friendly, and a beginner can also use it without any difficulty. If you are a tech noob, then would be a better choice to track who unfollowed you on Instagram.

What is Friend or Follow?

Friend or Follow is designed to help you increase the signal to noise ratio of your social media network.

It helps you curate and manage the people you follow on services like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, by giving you the ability to quickly and easily sort, filter, follow, and unfollow your contacts. Get rid of the riff-raff in your social stream and fill it with quality contacts.

Dusty created Friend or Follow in 2008 as a small project to figure out who wasn’t following him and his friends back on Twitter. The service quickly blew up in popularity and has since gone through several iterations and has helped hundreds of thousands of people clean out their social media contacts.


If you are carrying some experience, then would be the best option to track who unfollowed you on Instagram. This website is totally dedicated to Instagram unfollower management only. The simple and clean interface is the main backbone behind the popularity of this website.

How to see who unfollow me on Instagram via

If you are a complete newbie then just follow these simple steps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Step #1:

First of all, create an unfollowgram account by visiting and click on login with an Instagram button.

Step #2:

Allow all necessary permission to the API and wait for few seconds, you will be redirected to the homepage of

Step #3:

Now fill the all necessary details like Name which you want to use with unfollowgram and your email address and complete with sign up process.

Step #4:

Now click on Who Unfollowed Me button and you are done. All member list will be on your dashboard who unfollowed you on Instagram.

You will get some more features as well while use; you can use them also.

Note- Refresh your stats to get up to date.


So here is the perfect method to know who unfollowed you on Instagram and Twitter. The above methods are I tried personally and recommended you also to try one if you want to keep the trace of your followers and unfollowers.



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