How To Set Full Size WhatsApp DP Without Crop

WhatsApp DP Without Crop:- Whenever you look inside the smartphones of any youngster or even children’s as well as older people, you will definitely find WhatsApp available there. WhatsApp became most essential application used for messaging purpose in Android and iOS smartphone. WhatsApp is not even limited to these two popular operating system, but it’s also compatible with windows phones. I have seen many other devices which even not running on these popular OS but having installed WhatsApp officially.

WhatsApp is most popular social media messaging application having billions of user across the globe. Even you also addicted to WhatsApp chat as well. In every minute people are checking any update over there. This is not only used for chat purpose or time pass but you can use it for sending essential documents or other useful purpose.

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If we talk more about features of WhatsApp then, it’s a never ending process. So wrapping it out and coming to our main aim of this post i.e. “How to set full size image as WhatsApp DP” rather say how WhatsApp DP without crop. You might also face this problem in setting WhatsApp DP. Because whenever you try to upload a new full size image as WhatsApp profile picture, you need to crop it to fit in your profile.

But after this article you do not need to suffer anymore to crop your images while setting as WhatsApp profile picture….

WhatsApp DP without crop
Set Full Size WhatsApp DP Without Crop

How to set full size image as WhatsApp DP without crop

Don’t be much panic, you do not need to play with any code or crop your image for setting your WhatsApp DP. You only need to download an Android application that will automatically resize your photo according to size of requirements.


SquareDroid is most popular image editor for WhatsApp profile picture which resize your photo according to requirement. You only need to download and compress it with SquareDroid app.

How to compress image size using SqureDroid

Step #1:

First of all, download SquareDroid app from Google Play Store or Download APK file from here.

Step #2:

Now go to your application menu and open SquareDroid App.

Step #3:

Once you open SquareDroid App in your smartphone, you need to give access of your files. Allow them to read and write.

Step #4:

Now open your file via SquareDroid photo editor and choose that image which you want to set your WhatsApp DP.

Step #5:

Now save it and go to WhatsApp application and select profile option.

Step #6:

Choose this image, you do not need to crop it.

Done you have set your WhatsApp DP without cropping.

How to setup full WhatsApp DP in iPhone

All processes are similar to above, but here you have to download Squaregram – Layouter for Instagram application from App store.

  • Download Squaregram – Layouter for Instagram app from app store.
  • Choose your photo and compress it to WhatsApp DP size.
  • Open WhatsApp and go to profile.
  • Choose change DP and select this resized image.

Done! You full size image has been setup in your WhatsApp profile.


I hope, I am cleared with all steps by which you can change your favorite image as your WhatsApp DP without crop. There is no rocket science behind this but if you still facing any problem in these steps, feel free to comment below. I’ll resolve your issue as soon as possible. Keep visiting this blog for more tips and tricks of WhatsApp and Facebook. Thanks for reading this article. Cheers!!