What Song is this? This article is all about top song finder apps available for android and iPhone that recognize any songs name. These apps will help you to solve your query “What Song is this” which you are looking for.

What Song is This

what song is this song finder apps

In the fast growing technology, many things getting complicated nowadays. Many times it happens that, you are sitting in music club, pub, malls, shops or anywhere and some sweet music comes in ear. At that moment you think that, what song is this? I also want to download this song in my smartphone. But the problem is, you didn’t get the lyrics of that particular song. In that case you feel very bad. Even you cannot ask about what song is this from anyone else it will looks pretty wired.


Now your problem no longer exist after reading this article because here you will get top rated music recognizing apps that help you to find the songs name without knowing its lyrics.

These song finder apps will help you to recognize song name and you can download it on your smartphone. You only need to open any of these apps near music source, it will automatically fetch the data from internet and brings the song name infront of your smartphone screen.

Note: Make sure that you have working internet connection before running any of these song finder app.

How to Find Which Music is Playing – iOS

iOS is second popular platform after Android. This OS is owned by Apple. There is hell lot if users available in market who are running on iOS, so let’s start with this platform only. Here iOS can recognize anything via Siri Software. Siri is highly popular among tech users due to its efficiency and decision-making capabilities. The powerful interactive software has many featured uses. Finding music is one of them which can solve your query about “What Song is this” or “What song is playing”. Here is how you can find the name of the playing song.

How to recognize what song is this via Siri Software for iOS platform

You can find any song name without knowing its lyrics by Siri. You need to follow these simple steps-

Step #1:

First of all long press the home button to open and initiate Siri software.

Step #2:

Now place your iOS device near the music you are trying to identify and Speak out “What song is playing” or “What song is this“.

Step #3:

Wait for some time and leave your headache on Siri. This feature is provided by Shazam and you don’t need to install any app for this.

Done! That song is infornt of you…


What’s This Song – Android?

As I told earlier, android is most popular and widely used operating system for mobile phones. So here is trick to find what song is this playing without installing any app. Do you heard about Google Voice or Google Speech Recognition feature? Off Curse you heard… So now utilize this feature to finding songs name without knowing lyrics.

How to recognize song name without knowing lyrics in android

Android comes with speech recognition system and not many of us know how to make perfect use of it. For finding any song name, speak out, “ok Google, What song is playing” and there you go with song results.


Find the Name of Song in Windows

Windows is first widely used platform for computer world. Few years back many smartphone manufactures developed many smartphones based on this platform. So here this trick is for those users who are looking for “what song is this” on windows smartphones.

Windows has recently launched an integrated feature named as Cortana. It has great tagline “Hi, I’m Cortana, Ask me anything”. Cortana is a new smart software but powerful enough to solve your queries. Similar to iOS and Android. Speak out your query and Cortana will provide you walk through. Open Cortana and Say “What song is this” and let’s wait for result.


Top Song Finder Apps for Android and iOS Devices

So above I have discussed about how to find song name without knowing its lyrics. But here is permanent solution of your query. Install any of these song finder apps on your smartphone and recognize any song name at anywhere.

#1- Shazam:

shazam song finder

Shazam no doubtfully a best song finder app available in market. It has huge library of songs that can help you to find any song name without knowing its lyrics. This is most popular and widely used music recognition app among users. My first recommendation of your query about what song is this is Shazam. Shazam will find your need and present before you with songs names along with artist name. You can recognize any music playing near you either on TV, Radio or in a shop etc.

Apart from huge record of database, Shazam has another great feature, it integrate you through YouTube, Amazon, Radio, Spotify and iTunes, to buy or listen the song. Shazam comes with two different option, one is FREE version and other is paid.

Now you are thinking about what’s the difference between these two, wait here I’ll help you out. Off course, there will be limitation in functionality in free version of Shazam music recognition app. You will have freedom to find five songs in a month but when it comes to paid version which cost you around $4.99 per month, you can find any number of songs without any limitation.

Shazam is available for all major operation platform of smartphones such as Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhones and other Nokia smartphones such as Symbian devices. Only you need to maintain internet connection while recognising any song with Shazam Song finder app. Even there is functionality of saving tags if your device has not proper working internet connections. It will start their work as soon it got internet connection on device.


Download Shazam For: Google Play | App Store | Mac | Windows Phone | Windows PC Desktop


#2- SoundHound:

soundhound music reconizing apps

After Shazam music finder, SoundHound is most popular and free song finder app for android, iOS devices, Windows Phones and Blackberry devices, which help you find song name without knowing its lyrics.

Many latest of devices already included this Song finder app in supportable smartphones. If any of songs keep hammering your mind but you can’t download it just because of you don’t know lyrics of that song, SoundHound is best solution for you. In this song finder app you will get option to save your tag for future and can share that song on Facebook and Twitter in one click.

According to statement and experience of users, SoundHound gives more accurate and fast results as compared to Shazam. The fast server response of Sound Hound makes it more popular. Here you do not need to pay any money for getting this song finder app for your smartphones. You can download SoundHound song recognition app to your devices by following these links.


Download SoundHound on: Google Play | App Store | Windows 8 Phone | BlackBerry


#3- Midomi:

Midomi is another great tool for recognizing any song lyrics while playing without knowing song name. This is cloud based music recognition tool which gives you accurate result within a short span of time. This is basically a web-based song finder that solve your query, what song is this?

You can use microphone of device to sing or hum the part of any song to begin the magic. Alternatively, you can play the part of music and let Midomi perform its task. Midomi is powered by a unique search engine that can recognize the song that you are humming, singing or even whistling. You will have an Amazing experience. Give it a try now.

Visit Official website here: Midomi


#4- Hound:

Hound is another great music recognizing software which helps to recognize any songs name from playing music. It is born child of SoundCloud an amazing mp3 music playing website of huge library of songs.

Hound gives you the opportunity to tell the name of the song you’re looking for, or the name of the artist and instantly the app gives you their biographies, top songs, tour dates etc. Apart from music recognition this app also goes on to show their Facebook updates, latest tweets and any major social media activity, also shows you similar artists so you can discover more songs to your liking.

Hound song finder software is available for Android as well as iPhones. You can simply download it from the link given below:

Download Hound Free Music recognition app on: Google Play | App Store


#5- MusiXmatch (Free)

This is indeed a creative app that does not work on voice recognition but lyrics recognition. You can find out your favorite song by just typing the lyrics of the song. This app also lets you save the lyrics for offline mode and share them with your friends as well.

Not only this, this app is compatible with almost all third-party audio player and will help you sing along by fetching you the lyrics of the song that you are currently playing. The only drawback is that you need have lyrics in your mind by which you can type it in search box.


#6- WatZatSong:

Wait!! Are your query “what song is this” is still unsolved here is right solution for you. When all the above method deceives you, do not need to get demoralized because an innovative idea is put up by WatZatSong that will help you when the computer fails to recognize your music that you have listened in Pub or TV or any shop. With this platform, you can ask other individuals to help you out who would provide you with the details you are looking for.

WatZatSong means, what is that song, a site, where you have the opportunity to upload an MP3 song file, either a loosely recorded mp3 or a well-recorded song. Members of that website then suggest the name of the song, and the questions are virtually answered in pretty much short time.

Members of the website can give more details about the song posted by giving important details, such as the language in which the song is sung, the music genre, the year it was released, etc. WatZatSong allows you to connect socially to get the quotes from Facebook and Twitter.


#7- Tunatic:

And finally in the list of best song finder softwares, Tunatic is our last product that help you to resolve you query about what song is this? Rather than as a web-based service Tunatic is free downloadable song finder software for PCs and Macs that needs Internet connection to access the database to find the song. With a simple, thumbnail-size interface, you only need to click and use your mic with the tune you want to be identified. Tunatic shows interesting results within seconds, along with the artist details that were not quite correct.



I am pretty sure that after these 7 best song finder apps and website you do not need to looks for any alternatives. These are top rated song finder software’s which helps in order to solve any query regarding what song is this or which song is playing. Well my recommendation is go with Shazam music recognition app first on smartphone but if you didn’t like it, move on to other Shazam alternative to recognize any playing songs near your location. There are a lot of apps that can recognize the music by the tune or by the part that you play. You can try these apps to locate, what song is this. If you have any query, do comment in the comment box.



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