Wayback Machine Alternatives:  Best Domain History Checker Tools

Are you a blogger? You must heard about PBN (Private Blog Network). For Private Blog Network, people usually refers expired domains to utilize their authority but before choosing any expired domains for PBN it must be spam checked. For that you must have history about that particular domain name. Archive Wayback machine is one of best domain history checker tool which enables you to know every single history of that domain name.

But this article is not about Archive Wayback machine but here I am provide some other alternatives of Wayback machine. With these tools users checks all deleted data about that domain name for creating business strategy.

Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives


#1- ScreenShots:S

The name itself suggest about its functionality and this is best alternative of wayback machine. The crawling rate is bit lower than internet archive wayback machine. It saves the database of a particular domain name like what purpose for that are used in past.

#2- Archive.is:

Archive.is is another best alternative of wayback machine because of its faster rate of web crawling. It has got huge database of domain history available on internet. You will get two simple search bar once you visit to www.archive.is where you can check all history of any expired domain. The best part of this domain history checker is its simple to use interface. Another good feature of this tool is, you can download the screenshot and content directly to your local storage.

#3- Pagefreezer:

If we are talking about wayback machine alternatives then pagefreezer must be in our list because it offers lots of functionalities. If you want to check strategy of your competitor then simply sign up with a new account and login in. The best part of this tool is it’s easy to use interface among users, even a newbie can also perform analysis task easily.

#4- Competitor Screenshots:

Yet another cool alternative of internet archive Wayback machine which offers lots of tools a single platform. You can find screenshot of any domain in just few seconds of operation. Once you sign in with an account, it allow you to access screenshot, emails and few other cool features. The best part is, maximum of feature are available for free of cost.

#5- iTools:

In the last but not least, iTools is another great alternative site of internet archive Wayback machine which allow you to access all information of any domain and its Alexa database. Domain popularity, traffic stats and much more things you can check easily.


So it’s time to summarize the whole things quickly, these are top 5 internet archive Wayback machine alternatives which I personally used and ScreenShots is most similar to Wayback machine. After that iTools is one of my favorite tool because it covers domain popularity and traffic stats of my competitor. No doubt, rest of others have their own significant and unique features.