It is a must for you to drink water. In fact, drinking water is the way to keep your health. Before that, you need to make sure that you have water dispenser. The water dispenser has to be supported by water filter pitcher. What you need to know that there are hundreds of water filter pitchers available and it makes you confuse. Before purchasing a water dispenser with filter pitcher, it is better for you to find the best water filter pitcher. Here, you can learn more about water filter pitcher as long as the information about the best water filter pitcher you can purchase.

What is Water Filter Pitcher?

Before learning about which best water dispenser with filter pitcher you have to use, it is a must for you to learn more about what is water filter pitcher. Water filter is a kind of system to get fresh and clean water. By using water dispenser with water filter pitcher you can drink the water directly from the faucet without cooking it first. The different is that the water from water dispenser with filter pitcher is free from bacteria so it will be healthier and safe to drink. As the result, you can also get the maximal result of drinking fresh water.

Advantages of Water Filter Pitcher 

Of course, there are several advantages of using dispenser with water filter pitcher. The first advantage is that the water is cleaner and it contains of high level of mineral. Drinking water with mineral can boost your health. The second advantage is that water filter pitcher is easy to install. You just need a few second to install and you can directly feel the positive impact. The third advantage is that this type of product is affordable to buy but it gives significant positive impact to the quality of water and your health. The most important thing is that you can control the quality of water you want to drink.

Review of the Best Water Filter Pitcher on the Market

1- PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS Now, let’s talk about best dispenser with water filter pitcher on the market. First reference is PUR 18 Cup Dispenser. This is considered as best water dispenser because the water is ready to drink and the water is without dangerous chemical, bacteria, and bad odor. The most important thing is that it is using advanced filtration system which makes the water is of its high quality. As the result, the taste is good and healthier for you. The design of this dispenser is also compact and sleek so you can put it anywhere around your house. This water dispenser is also designed with a particular design so it can be easy to fill and to carry. By using this type of machine at home, you will have up to 40 gallons of fresh water at home which you can drink anytime you want. Most users said that this machine is easy to use so they can get the healthy and fresh water quick. They also said that the taste is great so they are drinking the water happily.

2- Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter PitcherIf you need to get more reference, you can just buy Brita 10-Cup water dispenser. What makes this water filter special is its ability to reduce the level of chlorine in the water without boiling the water first. Moreover, the water which has been poured in this water filter, the water will have better taste and odor. This is because this water filter also reduces the level of zinc, copper, mercury, and cadmium. Those compounds are dangerous for your health and by using this filter the water will be very healthy to drink directly from the faucet. The design of this water dispenser is unique in which it makes this product easy to fill and handy enough. There is also an indicator to tell you when you have to change the water filter. The rest of the water can be put in the refrigerator because the size of the water dispenser is fit.

3- MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration PitcherDo you want to have a stylish water dispenser with filter pitcher you can just choose MAVEA 100112. Just like the name of the water dispenser, this water dispenser is applying advanced water filter. Interestingly, this water dispenser is available in 6 different colors. Those are black, white, tangerine, sage green, eggplant, and ruby red. The design and the size are designed perfectly and it fills the need of comfort and handy high-tech water dispenser. It will be a common thing if the taste of the water is delicious and fresh. The most important thing, the water is healthier than before. To make you sure about its ability, this product has been received WQA Gold Seal in which it is show that the product is passing the tests for quality and safety. The main material of this water dispenser is plastic, but you don’t need to worry because this product is also considered as BPA free product.

4- ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher

ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup PitcherOne more water dispenser which considered as the best water dispenser with filter pitcher is ZeroWater ZP-010. The best part of this product is on its advanced filtration system. By using this product, the water will be filtered up to 5 stages and it makes the water free from solid material, which is dangerous for your body. At the same time, the filtration technology is also helping you to reduce the level of lead, chromium, mercury, and hydrogen sulfide. This product is also supported by TDS which is useful to know the time when you have to change the filter. The design is following the contemporary design but it is sleeker and easy to use. You can also, safe the water dispenser in the refrigerator if you want to drink fresh cold water. This product is also using a cell battery and it helps you to see the condition of the filter.


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