Wahl Clippers Corporation is most popular industry in grooming area which was established in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl and well known for its quality products and in average price range. They always looking for innovation and superior customer service. There are millions of customer satisfied with Wahl’s products and writing great reviews about their grooming products. If you are also looking for a best Wahl electric shaver then this article is only for you.
Here I am going to write about best electric shaver that make your shaving task easy and comfortable. No doubt Wahl’s shavers are best option for you, if you want a good electric shaver and trimmer in mid-range price. The best part is, all these electric shaving machines are certified products and of good quality. Their durability, easy and safe to use, multi-functionality and energy saving features are well popular among customers. My personal recommendation is in favour of Wahl’s electric shavers.

Features of Wahl’s Electric Shaver

No doubt, Wahl’s Clipping Corporation Ltd. Providing best quality products and outstanding supports to their customers but there are three major features of Wahl’s Electric Shavers:

  • #1- Coated hypoallergenic foil
  • #2- Super-close bump-free shaving
  • #3- Cord or Cordless Operation

Why you should go for Wahl’s Products?

The true test that certify the quality of product is represented by the reviews and feedback of actual customers and Wahl’s products has got outstanding positive feedback by their buyers. There are hundreds of people whom I personally know are using Wahl’s electric shavers and other grooming products. Their feedback pushes me to go for their products and on this birthday of my father, I gifted Wahl Rechargeable Custom Shaver #7367-200 to him. He is also well satisfied with the product.

Few days back, I was collecting the Wahl’s shaver review from my friends and others who are using their products and today’s article is all upon their feedback. So I think this will help you to choose a best electric shaver for yourself or someone else. Here are top 5 Wahl’s shaving machines which are working great at customer end.

5 Best electric shavers by Wahl’s Clipping Corporation

#1- Wahls Professional 8061 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper:

Wahls Professional 8061 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper has great feedback and that’s why I kept this product on top list. I personally asked from customer and 97% of customers are satisfied with this product. I also checked various forums and other resources, Wahls Professional 8061 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper has got five star ratings from customers. Over 1600+ people has rated as most recommended electric shaver on Amazon.

This would be a perfect choice if you want to be done everything on single button, this is programmable product which is two times faster than normal shavers. Apart from everything, it has 50% more efficient which saves 50% energy than normal one. It comes with AC adapter that plugs into the button of shaver.


  • Super-close bump-free shaving
  • Coated hypoallergenic foil
  • Cord/cordless operation
  • 2 times faster
  • 50% efficient and energy saving ability

#2- Wahl Rechargeable Custom Shaver #7367-200:

This is the one which I gifted to my dad on his birthday and he gave me outstanding feedback about the product. You will get 70% faster shaving than other electric shaver. The best part is, this is easy to use, handy and durable product in the price range of $60-70. When I bought this, costed around $67.95 from Amazon.


  • Ergonomic shape and soft touch grips
  • Three head system: Sensitive, Comfort close and ultra clean
  • Pop-up trimmer extends to provide high-visibility trimming of sideburns and beard.

#3- Wahl Cord/Cordless 5-Star Shaver:

Less energy consumption and high durability is the most popular feature of this Wahl electric shaver. This product is not much handy as compared to Wahl Rechargeable Custom Shaver #7367-200 but still a better choice electric shaver in range of $55 to $65. This product has coated with anti-allergic gold foil which added an extra level of safety on your skin.


  • Convenient trimming function
  • Anti-allergic gold film coated
  • Deluxe rechargeable cord/cordless beard trimmer and shaver

 #4: Wahl Professional Bump Free 5 Star Shaver Shaper + Charging Base:

According to customer feedback, Wahl Professional Bump Shaver would be s best budget friendly electric shaver for you. It makes your shaving process quicker and easier than ever. It has 3 time faster shaving capability and energy shaving capacity. It also comes with anti-allergic gold foil and other great features.


  • Cutting system that trims super close
  • Anti-allergic gold film coated
  • Deluxe rechargeable cord/cordless beard shaver
  • Included with Recharger, operation instruction manual and cleaning brush

#5: Wahl 5-Star Shaver:

Yet another good Wahl electric shaver which makes your shaving process faster and easier. The energy shaving feature is most important and two in one feature which keeps it out of competition. You can do shave as well as shape without spending any extra penny. This would cost somewhere around $50 to $55 which is affordable for everyone.

Final Verdict:

So these are best Wahl’s electric shaver about which I personally collected feedback from customers. If you are looking in cheaper range then last one would be a better choice for you else first one is best electric shaver machine by Wahl’s clipping corporation. I didn’t faced any bigger issue while using Wahl’s product so you do not need to worry much about durability.


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