3 Things To Consider Before Buying Used Golf Course Mowers

A mower plays a vital role in the maintenance of a golf course. Not just one but two to three types of mowers are essential for maintaining the grass. As golf course mowers are an expensive affair, choosing used mowers that are available at discounted rates is a wise choice to make. So before you buy used golf course equipment for sale and invest a heavy amount, here are some specifications that need your attention.


Brand plays a vital role while buying used golf course mowers. Brands like John Deere and Toro are two of the best brands that you can consider buying. In case there is any other brand, always check out the precision quality of the mower during surfing maintenance. If the precision is high, the used mower is in good condition. You can also do some search before buying. Find the high-rated golf course equipment companies that resale the mowers and other equipment. Never compromise on the brand because bad quality mower will not only work inefficiently but will also damage the turf. So buy used golf course mowers for sale that belongs to a renowned brand.


Warranty against the manufacturing defects and other issues depends on company to company. Some of the companies that sell good quality products give a warranty on the internal parts whereas others do not. When you buy used golf course mowers for sale, there might be chances that the mower has exceeded its warranty period. Do not buy a mower that is too old or has gone too far its warranty date. Make sure the reseller gives at least three to four months of warranty against any technical issue that occurred in the used mower.

Extension Blade Mechanism

Golf course mowers are generally divided into two different categories, depending on their mechanism. There are reel mowers and rotatory mowers. If you are looking for sustainable turf maintenance then you need both. As mentioned above not just one but two to three mowers are needs for proper maintenance of a golf course turf.

Reel mowers mower work horizontally with high precision. They are great to attain the best level of trimming. While rotatory mowers are well known for quick movements in greens. Unlike reel mowers, they are great for rough areas and during terrain conditions. So buy as per your preferences and budget.

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