7 Best Alternatives of Uber App in 2017

Taxi services is one of most convenient way of travelling for middle class, sometime it needed for higher class as well. Before taking any ride, you always look of level of satisfaction that a taxi service gives. It includes time take to arrival, fare of ride, safety and comfort of ride and several other factors.

No doubt Uber is best ride-hailing taxi service across the world but if we look locally then there is many other Apps like Uber available that provides even more satisfaction than Uber either in terms of fare, comfort and safety or time of reaching etc. Now you might be in dilemma that which is best taxi service in United States or top rated ride-hailing app across the globe. Uber is best cab service across the globe spread along maximum corner of world.

best cab services in USA

Sometimes a big brand cannot give their best as a local service provider can give. So here I am going to provide you the list of best cab services in United States, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom and many other countries of globe. You will get best alternative of Uber App by which you can reach your destination timely, safely, smoothly and cheaply as well.


7 Best ride-hailing apps like Uber

#1: Lyft

lyft logo

Lyft is biggest competitor and most popular cab services in United States after Uber. It covering 60 different cities of United States by providing safe and comfort ride with low prices. A person who traveling with cab, always want to safe and comfortable. The drivers of Lyft cab services are well trained and verified. All drivers have driving license, DMV checks, Background and Criminal check which ensure your safety while taking any rode across the city. According to a report by Zebra Magzene, average waiting time of Lyft is 6 seconds less than Uber.

Lyft App has simple interface like Uber, available for both Android as well as iOS devices. Inside the app only, you will get all information about your ride such as tracking ride and driver details. Sometime it happen that, you need to back a cab for group travelling, Lyft app has provision to book a cab for group of six people. All these six people can share their ride together.  Lyft covering 65 cities of United States which allow three different type of ride, Lyft, Lyft Plus and Lyft Line.

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#2: Gett

gett-uber alternative

Gett, formerly known as Get Taxi is one of the fastest growing cab-hailing services in the United States which provides safe and comfortable ride in cheap prices. This is another great alternative of Uber cab service in United States. Gett cab services is also restrict in matter of safety, all drivers are TLC verified and experts in riding. There is another great feature of Gett taxi services for New Yoke City, it provides 20 percent OFF on all ride across NYC. Gett also offered promotional offers like $10 rides anywhere below the 110th street in Manhattan and a flat fare of $10 in Midtown.

The interface of Gett App is also simpler which provides additional information about estimated arrival time for your taxi with driver information. Gett also allow cashless payment which provides you more comfort in payment as well. Apart from all those Gett has great customer support and fast complaint solution.

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#3: Easy Taxi

easy taxi apps like uber

Easy Taxi is another best alternative of Uber which serving in 420 cities of 30 different countries across the globe. It has around 17 million of users and 400,000 verified and experienced drivers across the world. Easy Taxi is really a cheap cab service which regularly update new and attractive coupons. Syncing your Easy Taxi app with the Facebook applications makes it easy to redeem coupons and vouchers that you have for your rides. Easy booking and great support of Easy Taxi always keep it up in market competitions.

Easy Taxi App has simple interfaced integrated with Google GPS system, allow you to track all information about your ride. Having won multiple awards for being one of the safest and reliable taxi-hailing application, Easy Taxi makes a great case for an amazing Uber alternative. Easy Taxi allow to pay your fare via Easy Taxi app itself.

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#4: Hailo

Hailo ride-hailing app

Hailo is UK based ride-hailing service which cover eight cities of five different countries. It includes four cities of United Kingdom, two cities of Spain, one city of Ireland, Japan and Singapore. Hailo is a fastest growing cab service in United Kingdom. It has provision of guest booking as well by which you can book a taxi on behalf of others.

Hailo has electronic paying option by which you can pay directly from App. It is best alternative of Uber in United Kingdom which pickup you fast from your destination. All drivers are tested and CRB verified that ensure your safety while riding. Hailo app has huge downloads on Play Store and App store of Apple. You can book your ride with android, iOS and Apple watch as well.

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#5: GrabTaxi

apps like uber and lyft

GrabTaxi is biggest competitor and great alternative of Uber in Southeast region of Asian continent which has 3.8 millions of download on Google Play Store. GrabTaxi is the only cab service which is highly rated for safety and comfortable ride by users. 75,000 experienced and tested drivers serving in 21 cities of six different countries across the globe. This is the only alternative of Uber which organise pre-screening of drivers to check their background, criminal cases and skill of driving. These filtration ensure safer ride for customers. GrabTaxi app is available for Android, Blackberry and iOS devices which allow you to track your ride over the screen.

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#6: Ola Cabs:

ola cabs services india

Ola Cabs is biggest competitor of Uber cab services in India. Ola Cabs serving 80 cities of India with lowest fare and regular attractive discount offers. The level of customer satisfaction, made Ola cabs as most popular within very short interval of time. Ola cabs are invention of a group of student from IIT Bombay with amazing way of marketing strategy. In start, they were proving INR.200 free ride and still they are providing regular discount coupons. The level of comfort and safety during ride is really appreciable.

Ola Cabs recently bought Taxi For Sure, another popular cab service in India. The app interface is really very simple powered with GPS system that instantly give you information about nearest car around you. It also provides estimated time needs to pick up you from your place. Verified drivers, comfortable ride and fast reaching time is positive point of this taxi service in India.

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#7: Didi Dache

Kuaidi-Dache uber alternative apps

 Didi Dache is best alternative app of Uber in China covering more than 300 cities across the country. Didi Dache gets three millions booking in a given day. It has 100 million of registered users. Although Didi Dache is priced a bit higher as compared to Uber, it is one of the most efficient and reliable cab-hailing service offered in China. With over 1.5 million registered Taxi drivers, Didi Dache is the to-go service for taxi-hailing in China. Taxi hailing, Hitch, and Express, Personal car service, ride tracking, driver rating, Android and iOS applications, and much more.

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Sometimes it happens during journey, you need to book any cab service for comfortable and safe ride but… If you are new in that particular city, you must have knowledge about top rated cab services for that particular city. After reading this article, you have got much ideas about best cab services across different cities of globe. No doubt Uber is a good international cab service but you must have knowledge of alternative as well.

Your suggestions and appreciations are highly welcomed in comment box below. You share will help many others to decide a best taxi services except Uber. Thanks for reading this article, soon we will back with another daily life solutions on feedback of our readers.