Rooting Android and Jailbreaking iPhone was an earlier fashion now no need of that to download premium apps and games for free. Sometimes, Android smartphones get damaged while rooting, and the same condition was with iPhone Jailbreaking. So, developer thoughts about any alternative to iPhone Jailbreaking and Android are rooting. They come with modifying Apk files only instead of rooting Android.

The result came with lots of third party application stores popularly known as Google Play store alternatives nowadays. But, there are lots of Apk stores available in the market and now its tough to decide which one is best? Well, the picking only one is not possible because every store has some unique characteristics. Like, suppose you are game lover then you must look for the app store which has a wide collection of games if you like utility software on your phone then you will look for those stores which have the vast collection of utility software’s’.

So, I am assuming you like a game lover and moving forward with the article. Tutuapp is best app market for Japanese games and Chinese games. Even they started serving English worldwide famous game also, but Tutuapp is specially made for Japanese, Korean and Chinese games.

Tutuapp has the broad collection of region targeted games and its mod app’s too. It means you have freedom to play some tweaks with those mod games. Top popular games like Pokemon Go, Minecraft, and Miners Need Cool Shoes are also available on Tutuapp apk store.

Tutuapp Pokemon Go is world famous game apk which users normally search it for playing Pokemon Go without walking or moving. The best part of TuTuApp apk store is, all apk files are trusted (as per official statement) to download and install. But we still not recommend you to trust blindly on mod apk of any game.

Before downloading any game or apk from Tutuapp or QooApp, I scan with the total virus and other antivirus software to make sure that, those files doesn;t contains any malware or harmful file in the package. Although, I didn’t found any harmful file in those package till date still I recommend you to test with yourself.

Is Tutuapp Safe to use

There are lots of debate going on popular question-answer sites like Quora and Yahoo Answer that is tutu app safe to use? Some people are saying that Tutuapp is not safe to use if you are doing any online transaction daily but most of them are saying that Tutuapp is safe to use.

I don’t agree with this statement that Tutuapp is completely safe to use because when a developing agency is cracking any apk security how can ensure that they are providing the completely safe file. So, tutu app is not completly safe to use but Yes! Till date, I haven’t found any malicious component in the file downloaded from Tutuapp Apk market.

Download Tutuapp Installer

Tutuapp installer is the best installer which gives access to lot’s of premium apps and games for Android as well as iPhone. If you are a game geek, then Tutuapp store is the best place for you to download various games on your device. It gives full access to any paid games for completely free. I am using Tutuapp since seven months, and I played some popular games like Pokemon Go and Minecraft.

Download TutuApp Apk

tutuapp-apk store
Some unbeatable features of TutuApp Apk Market-

  • Completely free to download for Android and iOS.
  • App base is expanded daily to provide one of the most comprehensive sources of apps for iOS users.
  • High Download Speed.
  • Unlike many other app installers, Tutuapp can be installed on your iOS device whether it is jailbroken or not.
  • Full access to a whole range of paid content for free.
  • Full optimization for both the iPhone and the iPad [ all models, as well as support for desktop use ].
  • Built-in memory optimizer and a cache cleaner.
  • Easy to install

With the lack of jailbreaks these days, TutuApp VIP installer is very welcome, providing full access to just about any type of content you could possibly want. Anyone can download and install Tutuapp, making it perfect for those who are waiting for a jailbreak, those who already have one and those who don’t want to jailbreak. the only downside to Tutuapp is that, at the moment, it can only be downloaded in the Chinese language but we will be providing you with a full guide on how to download it.



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