Total VPN Review- Is it Best VPN in 2017?
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So this article is all about the Total VPN Review, and I know you are also looking for same. I am using Total VPN from last two months and today I decided to share my past two month experiences with Total VPN with my readers. Here in “Total VPN review” I am going to cover, why I decided to take a try with Total VPN and how much I satisfied with this product. But before moving deeper, first I’ll cover what a VPN is and why it need while browsing for better knowledge of those readers who are entirely new in VPN kind of stuff.
So let’s begin with starting…
Wait let me present you the table of content that I am going to cover in this Total VPN review because this will make ease while reading this.


Table of Content

• What is a VPN and why it needed?
• Overview of Total VPN.
• Features of Total VPN.
• Security & Protocols.
• Location of Servers.
• Pricing and Plans.
• Customer Support.
• How to Sign up with Total VPN?
• How to Install Total VPN on Windows 8?
• How to Use & Configure Total VPN?
• Pro and Cons of Total VPN.

What is a VPN and why it needed?

As from the table of content, the very first topic is what a VPN is and why it needed? Well if you know well about VPN then you can skip this. These basics I am covering because I got few emails that and found that newbies still have some fundamental doubts that are the only reason to cover basics about every article.
So let’s roll on with what a VPN is…
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. From the full form, only you can predict 30% of what exactly a VPN is. A Virtual Private Network hide your personal information while browsing and provide you more security. It will hide your IP location. It means you can browse anything without leaving any trace on the internet.

Why a VPN needed while browsing?

Whenever you are making any online transaction, you need security. A VPN will ensure your safety during any online payment. Let’s take another example to clarify that what is the need of virtual private network? If you are living in India, you might be faced some websites are restricted to browse. You got a message whenever you try to open those sites as “The site you are trying to access blocked as the instructions of Department of Telecommunication of India”. Have you ever got such kind of message? 😉 If not then you are a decent guy ;). You might be thinking, and you only got if you browse some illegal sites especially Porn sites. If you never got such kind of warning, then you are a good guy as I mentioned above.
Have you ever think how someone traces that you are using that particular site which banned in India? The answer is, your ISP(Internet Service Provider) traces you IP(Internet Protocols) and come to a conclusion that you are browsing from India… and they are strictly got the instructions from Department of Telecommunication, India to ban those websites.
But think, you are using a good VPN that is hiding your IP and showing that you are browsing from anywhere in the world say the USA. Now your ISP is not fetching your location, and you now banned from browsing any website.
I think you cleared with the core functionality of Virtual Private Network. Let’s move on our new topic from the table of content. So our new topic is Overview of Total VPN.

Overview of Total VPN

toal vpn overview

ATTENTION! To those who skipped the above paragraph. Now we are moving to our most important subject. First of all, let me give you the overview of Total VPN.
Total VPN is fastest growing VPN which launched in 2014, owned by Pseudio Ltd DBA. Total VPN has currently 30 servers across the globe but wisely distributed in 7 continents that ensure the speed and security of your browsing. 11 servers of Total VPN located in North America. 17 Servers are in Europe and five servers located in Asia. All servers are composed over 150 different IP’s which encrypt your browsing safer.
One server of Total VPN also located in Mumbai which I have seen the first time for any VPN. Apart from above, it also allows Peer-to-Peer file sharing option to the user is best known as P2P file sharing. Total VPN allows three simultaneous connection with a single account with 99.99% uptime guarantee. You will get unlimited bandwidth in Total VPN encrypted with PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and IkeV2. PPTP is encrypted with 128-bit encryption and rest other security protocols are on 256-bit encryption.

Features of Total VPN

total vpn features

These are the following features of Total VPN:
• Low price.
• Supported on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and coming soon for Chromebook.
• Fantastic security protocols, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and IkeV2.
• 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.
• 128-bit encryption over PPTP.
• 256-bit encryption over rest security protocols.
• 30 Server located on all part of the globe.
• All servers composed over 150 different IP.
• Unlimited Bandwidth.
• Unlimited Speed.
• Unlimited Server Switches.
• Download speed was varying from 4.87 to 5.10 Mbps in my case.
• Upload speed from 0.69 to 0.72 Mbps in my case.
• Peer-to-Peer file sharing allowed.
• 24/7 Live Support.
• 30 Days money back guarantee.
• Fully user-friendly.
• Multiple Payment Methods.

Security & Protocols

Total VPN doesn’t keep the logs of user’s activities and also do not track which website you are visiting. It means your activity is completely encrypted, and there is no trace of it. Apart from it, Total VPN offering all those major protocols that you would expect from a company listed anywhere near the top of our rankings. Total VPN provides PPTP, L2TP or IPSec, OpenVPN and IKEv2 to all users. SSTP is another protocol that is going to be added soon in Total VPN features.
PPTP is a fast protocol but not much secure. L2TP and IPSec. are secured protocols but because of use these two protocols the speed reduces. OpenVPN is the most secure protocols till date which already included in features of Total VPN. It means you are totally secured while browsing anything from the world.

Location of Servers

total vpn server location

This nothing much to discuss because I have already listed the basic overviews of server location on Overview and Features section of this article. But here in this paragraph of Total VPN review, I am going to provide the detailed information about server locations of Total VPN.
• Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Sydney, Australia.
• Vienna, Austria.
• Bruges, Belgium.
• Toronto, Canada.
• Paris, France.
• Frankfurt, Germany.
• Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R.
• Keflavik, Iceland.
• Mumbai, India.
• Dublin, Ireland.
• Tel Aviv, Israel.
• Milan, Italy.
• Tokyo, Japan.
• Amsterdam, Netherland.
• P2P, Netherland.
• Warsaw, Poland.
• Bucharest, Romania.
• Singapore, Singapore.
• Johannesburg, South Africa.
• Madrid, Spain.
• Stockholm, Sweden.
• Zurich, Switzerland.
• London, United Kingdom.
• Atlanta, United States.
• Chicago, United States.
• Los Angeles, United States.
• Miami, United States.
• New York, United States.
• San Jose, United States.
• Seattle, United States.

So these are the 30 server locations across the world of Total VPN. You can only use 3 locations namely Singapore, Amsterdam and Keflavik in trial/free version of Total VPN. There is also speed limitation in a free version of Total VPN you can only use up to 2Mbps in the free version.

Pricing and Plans

Total VPN Pricing

Total VPN is straight forward on pricing and plans, and this is what I like. There are only two options one is Free, and another paid. The free version had hell lot of limitation but paid one has great features, and I love this.

If you want full freedom to use Total VPN then above is three plans of it. First one is the monthly plan in which you need to pay $5.99/month. In year plan you only have to pay at the rate of $4.79/month, and if you are planning to buy it for 24 months, then there is enormous discount. In this plan, you only have to pay at the rate of $3.99/month.
Note: If you want 60-70% discount on Total VPN then just follow the link below. The discount coupon will be automatically applied when you follow the link.

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Customer Support

Whenever you got any problem in using any product or services, you look forward to customer support. How do you feel when you did not get a quick reply or in 24 hours or 48 hours? Just to fu*k that particular product or service provider. In the case of Total VPN, you didn’t need to wait for a long time because you will get the reply within 1 minute because here you will get the option of Live Support.
Total VPN has fantastic support, and it usually gets the quick response within a minute. Apart from live support, there is another option by which you can register any complaint regarding your issue. I usually get reply on my ticket within next 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Overall I have got the great experience with customer support of Total VPN.

How to Sign up with Total VPN?

Signing up with Total VPN is much simpler than any other VPN provider because Total VPN has simpler website design. Just you have to click on sign up button from top right corner of the site. Now you will need to fill your name, email address, and password. After filling of all details, just click on sign up button.
Once you one with above steps, you have to confirm your email address. Just log in to your email account and click on the link given for verification. Once your email address verified, you will get a download option in your dashboard. Now just select your platform such as Windows, Mac OS, etc. and click on proceed link. Now you will be asked for which plan you want, just choose it and pay with the payment option given below. That’s all.

How to Install Total VPN on Windows 8?

total vpn login to windows 8

Installing Total VPN is simple like any other software installation process. Just you have to download Total VPN Exe file from the official website and double click on that downloaded file. Now you will be asked, whether you want to continue or cancel the in installation process. Click on install button and follow the instructions to continue installation. Now once you done with this process, you have to log in to Total VPN by using your email ID and password which you used during signup process on Total VPN website. Is this simple or not?.

How to Use & Configure Total VPN?

Once you are logged in into your Total VPN application, there you will get a dashboard where all servers’ locations are listed. Now you just need to click on particular server location from where you want to browse. Now you will be connected with that particular server. In setting option, you will get which type of protocols you want for encryption. Just choose your choice from there. That’s all.

Pros and Cons of Total VPN

And finally I came to the most important topic of Total VPN review is pro and cons which I have faced during last two months. Let me continue with Pros of Total VPN.
• Advanced encryption with all security protocols.
• Secure encryption algorithm.
• Fantastic 128 bit and 256-bit encryption to ensure the level of security while browsing.
• Peer-to-Peer file sharing allowed.
• Good 24/7 live support. (Quick reply within a minute).
• Unlimited speed and bandwidth.
• 5Mbps average download speed.
• Lifetime Free trail over three servers @2MBPS Bandwidth.
• 20% discount on initial subscription.
• Not bottleneck or buffering while watching Netflix.
• Multiple Payment Methods.

• The free version is limited to 3 servers only.
• Privacy Policy needs studying.


And lastly, I came to the conclusion of this Total VPN review. Once thing I can proudly say that, Total VPN is an amazing Virtual Private Network, spreading great service even after being new in the market. I have need seen before such great speed while using any VPN even after incredible security encryption. I would recommend my reader who is looking for best VPN/proxy apps for their personal as well as business use. They are only lacking in the limited number of servers but even after that; the service is great and decent speed while browsing. My thumb is up for this product. Go with Total VPN if you want best VPN for your need. Thanks for reading this Total VPN review. I hope you enjoyed this article while reading. Stay tuned with reviewspub for regular updates and don’t forget to shoot your valuable comments and suggestions in comment box given below.