Top Custom Gun Safe Accessories To Make It Unique

Buying a gun safe to secure your valuables like guns, important documents, jewelry, etc. As a gun owner, it is your duty to keep your guns safe from theft and many other unhappenings. If you want to keep your valuables safe from all these uncertainties, you need a gun safe. If you own a gun safe, then there are various ways to improve your gun safe’s longevity and space- efficiency. 

Due to the price and limited availability, custom gun safes are not always available. There are many other ways to manufacture your safe according to your needs. This post will discuss the various safe accessories you can add to your safes and make them unique.

Fire Resistant Bags 

Various modern safes are fire-resistant, which helps to keep your valuables safe from fire, but the long exposure to more heat can still damage your documents. If you want to prevent your valuables safes, then you have to choose fire-resistant bags for your gun safes. These bags are the best way to further protect your guns, paper documents, jewelry, etc., in case of a fire. The main quality of this bag is that they have fiberglass insulation and a fire-resistant coating, which helps keep your valuables from flaming.

Jewelry Boxes 

To organize and manage the space of the gun safe, you have to need the jewelry boxes. Various jewelry comes in rounded boxes that cannot stack on each other. Loose jewelry is very painful so keeping it safe is your responsibility. When you have not stored your jewelry, there is a high chance of being damaged or misplaced. To combat this situation, you have to purchase the jewelry box and insert it in your safe, which helps to keep your jewelry organized properly. You can buy the jewelry box as per your choices to make a perfect custom gun safe. 

Lighting Kits 

The main purpose of lighting kits is to provide light to the inside of your safe. Various safes come with already installed lighting kits, but the custom home safes do not have installed lights, so that you can purchase the add- ons in the form of a light bar. You have to buy those that need to be plugged into a wall outlet and others that can use battery packs. Various lighting kits also have different types of motion and light sensors. So, when you open the safe, the lights will automatically turn on, and when you close the safe, the lights will turn off.


The safe desiccant bags can get the right job, but they are not long-lasting or the best way to keep your guns safe from humidity. So, you have to buy dehumidifiers, and they are highly effective and reusable. You can plug the dehumidifier when the sensor light comes on and let it dry out before putting it back.

We hope this article will give you an idea about the accessories you need to buy for your gun safes.

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