Top 10 Social Media Wall Tools For Event Engagement


Events have become immensely popular in the marketplace today for brands & marketers as they are the prime channel for marketing & communications in the offline environment. 

But as the world is moving towards greater digital influence and engagement, the event marketers face a challenge of diminishing engagement & influence of their events over the audience. 

To counter these challenges, there are many tools and technologies that event planners and marketers use to drive engagement & deliver a successful event and one such tool is the social media wall. 

What Is A Social Media Wall?

A social media wall for events is generally a wall (feed) of content that has been collected and curated from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. into a single feed. 

This wall is then displayed on digital display screens at events, venues, and activations to engage the audience and make the event more powerful and impactful. 

You can aggregate content from many social media platforms and there are vast possibilities to make your social wall more attractive & intriguing. A social media wall is also popularly known as the social wall, social media feed wall, social feed wall, UGC wall, etc. 

Social media wall tools enable you to create & display these walls along with many more functionalities & features. So, here we have listed the best social media wall tools to drive your audience engagement at the event. 

10 Social Media Wall Tools

Top 10 Social Media Wall Tools For Event Engagement
Top 10 Social Media Wall Tools For Event Engagement

1. Taggbox Social Wall

Taggbox social wall is a product of Taggbox dedicated to creating and displaying social media walls. With this tool, you can aggregate content from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and much more. 

The tool also lets you customize your social wall with beautiful themes, creative fonts & layouts, design elements, etc. Also, you can moderate the content to decide what content you want to show and what you want to remove from the wall. 

Besides, you also get real-time updates, content play, live streaming integration, measure performance with insightful analytics, easy & simple management, and much more to make your event engaging and memorable. The tool also provides you with a 2-week free trial as well. 

2. Tagboard

Tagboard is a social media wall tool that makes it easy for the event planners & marketers to display the content from social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter using hashtags, handles, etc. to your event digital screens. 

You can even track the performance of your event hashtags with this tool. Also, the tool comes with powerful content search, design & produce creative walls, and displays it interactively across the events & venues. The tool is quite simple, intuitive, and easy to use. 

3. Everwall 

It is one of the most exciting tools to create and display social media walls in your events & venues. The tools allow you to create a creative social media wall with beautiful customization & designing to engage your event audience. 

Also, the tool provides you with real-time updates to keep your wall fresh & unique. Besides, you can also create leaderboards & contests with this tool and it is quite easy to use & install with no requirement of any comprehensive technical expertise. 

4. Hootfeed

You might have heard about the social media management tool called Hootsuite so Hootfeed is the product of it and is dedicated to creating social media walls or more specifically a Tweet wall for the digital displays. 

Hootfeed lets you create beautiful and creative tweet walls with diverse customization options and the tool is easy to use. The tool also provides various features like profanity filter, full-screen display, easy screen scalability, seamless sharing, and much more. 

5. PresentersWall

Presenterswall, as the name suggests, is a social media wall tool that allows the event audience or the public to share and submit their questions so that the event speakers or panelists can answer their questions.

Using this tool, you can also ask the audience to poll, vote, and engage more using access to the wall on their smartphones. The tool also provides you with the moderation features and the event audience can also provide ranking to the submitted questions based on rating.


A popular social media wall tool, allows you to creatively create and display your social walls at the events and venues. You can aggregate content from different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. 

The tool has a powerful moderation feature allowing you to restrict the irrelevant content from your social media wall. Also, it has many customizable features to make your wall interesting and engaging for the audience along with the access to analytics. 

7. CrowdScreen

Crowdscreen is a digital event technology platform that lets you display social media walls to drive event engagement along with digital reach magnification and earning sponsorship revenue from such events. 

The tool provides you with customizable social media walls along with robust moderation to display the best social media content to your audience and engage them in the event. It also comes with the flexible display size compatibility and guest list management as well. 

8. The Wallrus

The Wallrus is an event technology that lets you create social media walls by fetching content from Twitter and Instagram specifically and display it as live feed through screens to boost audience engagement & experiences.

The tool provides an easy and simple installation process along with customization features like a library of themes & layouts. Also, you can curate content, display ads & sponsored posts, moderate content, and much more to make the wall exciting and engaging. 


These were some of the best tools that you can leverage to create & display live social media walls in your next event to make it engaging for the audience and deliver memorable experiences.

Some of these tools also provide you with a free trial as well so that you can try it for yourself and explore the possibilities of it for your brand growth and success. 

So, get started now by choosing the best tool that suits your purpose to maximize your event impact and success. 

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