Reason of Popularity for Xiaomi Smartphones

When Xiaomi entered the Indian smartphone market in 2014, nobody had an idea that this Chinese brand will dethrone Samsung and become the market leader.  As things stand today, the market share of Xiaomi is 25.5% and is the numero uno mobile phone brand in India. But what have been the reasons behind such immense … Read more

Important Tips For Facebook Marketing Effective

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Is WhatsApp monitoring app helpful for parents?

Traditional parenting has its importance since mankind has made their existence on the planet earth. Nowadays, after such a massive revolution has been taken place there is another form of parenting that is too important for parents known as digital parenting. Parents have to keep an eye on children’s real-life and as well as online. … Read more

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Monetization Strategy

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5 Reasons to Choose Swift for iOS App Development

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4 Metrics That Enhance Your Mobile App Development Strategy

In today’s modern era, mobile apps are used by different enterprises and companies for various purposes. Companies are relying on mobile apps satisfying different needs, to some businesses it’s a source of revenue, a communication tool. It is an effective way to enhance awareness of the brand or connect with customers around the world. The … Read more

4 Factors that are Killing your Website SEO Results

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27 Top Google Gravity, Anti Gravity, Underwater Tricks

I am 100% sure that you are using Google for a very long time. But only few people know about Google Gravity, Zero gravity and Anti gravity tricks. Whenever you open the Google homepage you find a button “I’m Feeling Lucky” but have you ever tried this? If not don’t worry, you can try it today! Before … Read more

Odin Download (3.13.1) – Best Rooting Tool For Samsung Smartphones

Odin is a ROM flashing software for Samsung smartphones. If you want to root your Samsung phone, then Odin is a must tool required to flash the ROM and install custom ROM. The next biggest question comes in mind that, why we need to flash the ROM? What role Odin Tool play in flashing Samsung smartphone … Read more

5 Best Android Background Removers in 2019 [Easy & Fast Tools]

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(Top 10) Best Android Emulators for PC Windows 7/8/10/XP

I have seen that many people are running Android Games and other utility android apps on their computer or PC. Best example is TV applications like HotStar, Vidmate App, SNAGFilms etc. All those android application is running on Android Emulators. The most popular android emulator right now is BlueStacks. But have you ever think about other android emulators than BlueStacks? … Read more

7 Best Proxy/VPN sites to Unlock Facebook Restriction

Can you even imagine to stay without Facebook for one month? If your answer is YES! Then you are either a liar or an extraordinary person who came from Mars. Wait I am not insulting you but this is the truth. How can someone imagine to stop doing a task for one month who perform it on daily routine? Whenever … Read more