How To Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 in HD [High Quality]

Microsoft; the biggest company in the world and Windows is the operating system which made the Microsoft famous. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, and it becomes the biggest company in IT sector. Currently, Satya Nadella, an Indian electrical engineer, is the CEO of Microsoft.

Microsoft releases various updates and upgrades in Windows operating system, and Windows 10 is the latest one. Due to the new interface, people suffers from the latest features, and I have seen many people were asking about how to take a screenshot on Windows 10. So, here are steps by step guide to take screenshot on Windows 10

There are lots of shortcuts and tricks by which you can take screenshot and save it to your hard-disk but let me cover simplest ways only-

How To Take Screenshot on Windows 10

how to take screenshot on windows 10Follow any of these steps by step guide to take screenshot-

1- The Keyboard Shortcut – PrtScn (Print Screen):

You probably used earlier versions of Windows and via PrtScn keyboard shortcut is well famous for taking a screenshot. This method works too on Windows 10.

Firstly, open the screen which you want to save as image file and then press PrtScr button from your keyboard, your screenshot will automatically save to the clipboard.

Now, open any image editor (I prefer Paint) and paste that image from clipboard. You can do it by pressing Ctrl+V.

Now, click on Save button from navigation menu of Paint or press Ctrl+S and choose your image file format like PNG, JPEG, etc…. and select your desired file location. That’s it… You took a Screenshot on Windows 10.

2- The Shortcut Key; Alt and PrtScr:

The second popular way to take a screenshot on Windows 10 is by pressing Alt+PrntScr keys together. This process also saves your screenshot in clipboard that you can save by opening in any image editor like Paint or Photoshop.

Follow the above steps to paste the copied screenshot from the clipboard.

3- The Keyboard Shortcut – Windows + PrtScn:

Next trick to take the screenshot on Windows 10 is, press Windows+PrtScn. Your screenshot will be directly saved to picture gallery of your PC.

4- Via Snipping Tool:

Snipping tool is one of the most popular tools for taking the screenshot. This tool can also be used in Windows 10 for taking a Screenshot. If you have installed Microsoft Office, then you can find it preinstalled on your PC. Simply look for Snipping Tool in the search bar of Windows and click on New. Now select the screen by swapping it and save to your computer.


These are most popular ways to take a Screenshot in Windows 10 and Alt+PrntScr is my favorite out of them. Somewhere I feel that Snipping Tools decrease the quality of the picture, but there is no such kind of issues in Alt+PrntScr method. You can try all of them and use the one who you like most and also share your experience here in the comment box.