4 Swimsuits That Can Brighten Your Beach Days At Vancouver

Vancouver is home to ample swimsuits and swimwear designers. From the local markets to the designer lanes, Vancouver swimwear is wherever you see. Whether you are going to the beach or on a trip with your friends to some five-star hotel, you definitely need a swimsuit that can make you stand out. Here are four different types to consider for the same.

Old School Romance

Vancouver swimwears are a nod to the ultra-feminine swim silhouettes. They define the delicate version of a woman who loves being in her fantasy world. From being a sexy swimsuit to a more exposed one, you get all in retro romance swimsuits. Women in Vancouver are a fan of these swimsuits for the flirty look they create. You can try halter or strapless versions, sweetheart necklines, etc for these swimsuits.

Say Yes To Prints

When we talk about women’s swimwear, there come two basic types. One is on the classy and subtle side whereas another one is more of the sweet and sexy printed swimsuits. Of course, the classy ones that have one bold or pastel color are evergreen. They are one such timeless fashion trend in swimsuits that can be worn on any beach day. But when we talk about prints, there is a lot of fun element which gets added to your beach fashion. Prints have a vast range to choose from. Abstract, funky, floral are a few of the most common prints that women generally prefer. Do give them a try.

Sporty Swimsuits Are Always In

When we talk about water sports, coverage plays a vital role. As you know surfing or any other water sports demands a functional swimsuit. So choose a swimsuit that provides proper coverage and does not cause hindrance during any of your activities. If style comes along with functionality then there is no harm in that but a functional swimsuit is always in. Beach trends are a combination of functional and fashionable body positivity swimwear. It should be brought with a motive of making oneself feel more confident by making all women realize that each body is a beach body.

Sexy Crafty Crochet

The woven trend has always been in fashion for ages. Whenever a woman steps out and plans to get sun-tanned at the beach, she prefers wearing a fashionable swimsuit which makes her feel comfortable and confident. Crochet is exactly the same, They are fashionable and will never take away one’s comfort. The best part about these crafty swimsuits is they are ready to wear. You do not have to take the pain of making bralette adjustments, pulling your bottoms every now and then, or any such thing that can make you feel uncomfortable.

Shop for Vancouver swimwear that is not only comfortable but fashionable too!


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