SOC-as-a-Service For Accelerated And Accurate Threat Detection!

Are you an owner or a functional manager of a firm that deals with confidential customer data every single day? Are you concerned about the security functioning within your organization? Worry no more!! It is time for you to invest in the best in class security operations center! 

Considering the growing concern about data and security threats, businesses are increasingly seeking the help of SOC-as-a-Service providers. These professional entities help with the 24/7 threat monitoring and response. Before diving any deeper, let us have an in-depth understanding of SOC as a service.

What is SOC as a service?

SOC as a service is a subscription-based model or service for monitored and managed threat detection and response. Businesses no longer have to get frustrated while building, staffing, and managing threats in-house. The dedicated 24/7 SOC cloud-based services can be availed over the cloud and can be managed offsite. Regardless of which industry your business operates in, you must choose defenses and expertise to monitor threats at every hour of the day. The companies providing SOC as a service provide end-to-end detection and response solutions to organizations at reasonable prices.

What are the benefits of SOC-as-a-Service?

The features of SOC-as-a-Service go beyond traditional security service providers. They have the potential to provide advanced security operations center (SOC) capabilities for threat detection and response. Furthermore, more comprehensive, transparent, and flexible threat detection approaches make SOC-as-a-Service stand out from the rest. Here are some benefits offered by SOC-as-a-Service:

  1. Businesses no longer have to hire in-house threat detection teams as SOC-as-a-Service offers round-the-clock solutions. SOC-as-a-Service uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to accelerate detection and deliver high-confidence alerts, which are more efficient than the traditional solutions.
  2. The SOC-as-a-Service providers eliminate the chances of data breach and associated costs, including(legal fees, regulatory fines, etc.). Thus, you can successfully avoid your brand getting damaged by external or internal invaders and lower cyber risk by adopting SOC-as-a-Service at manageable prices.
  3. In addition, since businesses do not have to hire individual team members to do the job and provide the required infrastructure to them, managed SOC-as-a-Service proves to be a cost-effective solution. It helps to secure business growth, and the outsourcing of the SOC-as-a-Service providers delivers supreme quality solutions as desired. 
  4. As discussed above, businesses can witness a significant reduction in the costs as they only have to pay monthly operating expenses for SOC-as-a-Service and no other trailing fees.

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