Omegle Alternatives: 10 Sites Like Omegle To Chat With Strangers

Do you love to chat with people? Omegle is a great platform to talk with strangers across the globe. There are millions of users of Omegle from all around the world including both male and female, so I think this would be a right platform where you can share your views with audience. As this is free video chatting platform, people use it for adult purpose as well.

Omegle is identifying you through your IP locations and brings you a real person of your choice, but many time it happens that you could not continue to chat, just because of IP issue then you look at other sites like Omegle, rather I would say, you start looking for Omegle alternatives.

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I also from those people who always look for something new and experiments is my profession as well. I came to know about Omegle in 2012 and enjoyed a lot, but later on, I went through other sites like Omegle which provide free video chat facility.

I have seen many forum that people was looking for best Omegle alternative and here I have a bunch of sites like Omegle that I am going to share with you all. I hope you also enjoy these free video chat websites like Omegle along with me.

Sites Like Omegle | Omegle Alternatives

sites like omegleHere are those sites like Omegle which I personally tasted and found it appropriate to share with you all.

#1- Tinychat Video Chat:

tiny chatTinyChat is one of best alternative of Omegle having thousands of chat room every day. This is one of biggest video and voice chat services in the world. TinyChat allows up to 12 video feeds per chat room and uses an API where users can stream live video of shows hosted on the service, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Friends can come together online and watch a show and converse about the show at the same time.

#2- Camfrog:

CamFrog-Omelge-AlternativeCamfrog is one of biggest competitor of Omegle in the United States. Basically, this is an old messenger, and it was made in competition with Yahoo chat messenger. After Yahoo had discontinued its chat room option, most of the users migrated to Camfrog. I think you would like this Omegle alternative for sure.

#3- CamStumble:

camstumbleCamStumble is yet another site like Omegle having millions of user from United Arab Emirates, United States, and India. If you want to chat with strangers from these countries, then CamStumble would be a perfect alternative of Omegle. You can chat to anyone from these countries anonymously, and I personally suggest you, do not disclose your personal details while chatting with any strangers online.

#4- Chatroulette:

chat with stranger 2Undoubtedly, Chatroulette is best alternative of Omegle online video chat with strangers. Once you are facing any problem while talking with a stranger over Omegle, only close that windows and type Chatroulette in Google search bar and open the top website which is ranking. Why I am saying this site as best alternative of Omegle, just because Chatroulette never disclose any privacy with other unless you sign up and verify your mobile number and email address. It means you can chat with any online strangers across the world without creating any account over it.

#5- BazooCam:

bazoocamIf you are looking to talk with any French friends, BazooCam is the best Omegle alternative for you. This is basically a France-based online video chat website which allows the users to chat with random people across the globe. BazooCam filter your IP and detect the geographical location and provide a better result for you. Even it also takes instant action on individuals who misbehave like doing any nasty stuff.

#6- FaceFlow:

faceflowFaceFlow is another similar site like Omegle which provide freedom to chat with random users across the world. The main features of face flow are Text Chat, Video Chat, and Group Chats. This Platform is more similar to TinyChat. This would be a perfect website to chat with strangers online when your Omegle is banned.

#7- Camzap:

camzapI’ve stumbled upon cam zap while searching for Omegle‘s alternates, and You can zap people if you’d wish not to talk to them,

Disclaimer: Do not share information (or) anything related to your personal life with strangers.

#8- Chatrandom:

chat randomChatrandom, the name itself suggest that this is another best random online chat sites like Omegle. This is cloned of Yahoo messenger’s chat room, and there are various groups where you can find people of like interest.

#9- Tworl:

This site claims to make it easy to connect with new friends in ways that are not currently possible on Facebook or other social networks. They do this by randomly connecting users with their instant messenger, right in your own browser.

While not offering video or audio chat, this is more like the AOL instant messenger. Users will create a profile which will then be searchable by other members, but you will control what information is available. It’s a fun way to meet and talk to strangers.

#10- Chatrad:

In the last but not least, Chatrad is another website like Omegle. These guys claim to be a G-Rated version of sites similar to Chatroulette and are pretty tough on users that misbehave. They want people to behave as they do in the real world and the real world, people don’t go running around naked or trying to expose themselves at every opportunity… at least not in my world.

Chatrad is still a random video chat site but with its 24/7 team of moderators, they are keeping it clean and staying on course with its vision of a site where those under 18 can enjoy chatting with people in a safe environment and protected from adult behaviour, as well as a site for adults to connect with special interests rather than sexual proclivity.


That’s all; here you have the list of top 10 sites like Omegle which allow you to make new friends and establish a video chat option between both of you. Chatroulette is the best alternative of Omegle I ever experience. Apart from Chatroulette other Omegle alternatives are also good and providing a platform to talk to strangers online. If you want to make a new friend from all around the world then simply go to any other these websites and start making new friends and chatting with them. I hope you enjoyed this post and be in touch because my next article would be, How to get unbanned from Omegle. So keep visiting here.


  1. I am regular user of Omegle and this is best site to chat with random strangers globally but sometimes it block ip address after too many usage.
    Truly I was looking for some best Omegle alternatives and you helped me in this. Thank you very much for this article.