How to Secure Online Payments

Welcome reader, Are you looking to secure yourself while online transaction? Completely read this article “7 Cares must be taken while online transaction” to secure your internet banking purchase, debit car purchase and credit card purchase.

In this era, everyone are developed and want more comfort but are you sure that all your comforts are in your favor? Now you do not need to visit any bank for withdrawal of money even you do not need to visit any ATM machine to withdraw it. All you want, can be done from your home only. You can purchase anything from online shopping websites, you can pay your electricity bill from your home, and you can recharge your cell phone in just few seconds from your home, you can pay your water bill, you can pay your academic fee and many thing more from your home only. You do not need to visit any retailer when your phone balance become empty in 2:00AM while you are talking with your girlfriend 😉 . Just recharge your phone within a minute.

But the question is, are your all transaction are safe? Are your money safe while online transaction? If you have any doubt regarding your money safety just continue with this article because here I am going to reveal some important tips to secure your online payment.

Suppose your salary are credited but your account got empty in morning, what you will do?… nothing because you did not taken care of few things and you made a purchase online.. Well leave salary, what you will do, if you are planning to buy a BMW in morning but your account got blank in night? Nothing… because somewhere you lacked in safety of your account. It will take only 5 minute to read this article and you can free from all those threads.

This 5 minute is not precious than your BMW amount or your salary that you have earned in 30 days.. So my suggestion is waste 5 minutes of your life in reading this article. This will surely worth you.

So you are decided and ready to secure your online transaction, keep reading this article…

how to secure online payment

7 Tips to secure your online payment

Dear reader, here I am going to reveal these 7 tips that can save your BMW and Lamborghini money.. My suggestion is pick a blank paper and pen and write down it because these are important tips to save your huge money…


Tip #1:

Use virtual Keyboard:

virtual keyboard

The very first step to secure you online transaction is, always use virtual keyboard while typing your login ID, login Password and transaction password when you are making any payment. You are thinking about why I am saying to use only virtual keyboard? So let me explain it…

Have you heard about Key-logger? No? Don’t worry I am not going to make it complicated.. Key-loggers are software’s which record your keyboard while you are typing you internet banking password. You were thinking about who installed this key-logger software? Off curse you are not installed it but, attacker can send it in zip package while you are downloading anything from internet.


I hope you are cleared about it. So play safe and use virtual keyboard while making any transaction. Even banks also provide you virtual keyboard on your screen while you are asked to enter your login conditionals. So always use virtual keyboard.


Tip #2:

Always use your own PC:

Next tip to secure online transaction is, always use your own PC/Computer/Laptop while making any payment or paying any bills. Never make any payment from cyber cafe because those computers are not safe. Those computer are used by many users and anything may happen with your account. So keep this tip in mind of you want to secure your online payment.

Tip #3:

Use VPN/Proxy Apps:


VPN and proxies are software which allow you to browse anonymously. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” which provide you freedom to browse anything from world without leaving any footprint. None can track your transaction history if you are using VPN. So my recommendation is always use any good and trusted VPN while your online payment to secure your transactions.

Tip #4:

Clean your browser:

My recommendation is always clean your browsing history, cookies, saved password, auto fills and other data before making any online payment. There is nothing much to explain but this will help you to secure your online transactions. So make sure that you have cleared all browser data.

For clearing browser data in Google Chrome just follow these steps…

Click on browser option button and go to history or simply press CTRL+H to jump to history section and there you will get the option to Clear Browsing data. Simply click on that and you will get many options over there, select all and hit on clear data button.

Tip #5:

 Make Strong Password:

Password is most important thing that you should take care while making it. Always make a strong password that none can predict it. Use combination of Alphabets, Numbers and special character while creating your online transaction password. Never use continuous number like 12345 or 4321 and similarly with characters like abcde, pqrst etc. while making your password. Never use name, phone numbers, username as password.

Tip #6:

Never write your password:

Never write your password at anyplace which can be easily access by anyone. If you are unable to remember this password make sure wherever you written it, is secured enough. Don’t place it in your vault or on desk and drawers etc.

Tip #7:

Keep your PC up-to-date & use SSL enabled websites:


Keep your PC/Computer up-to-date with latest official update. Official update fix the bugs and release security update to secure it. Always update your PC with regular release.

Don’t make payment to any unfamiliar website for while purchasing anything. Before making any payment, make sure that the website has SSL certificate. If you don’t know about SSL certificate then just make sure that the website where you are making payment is open on HTTPS instead of http.


So here you have got all those #7 tips to secure your online payment. I hope you enjoyed this article and follow these while making any online payment. If you will all the above steps, your bank account will be safe. Keep visiting here for more tips and tricks. Please share this article with your friends by which he also can secure his/her online transaction. Thanks for giving your 5 minutes and I am sure that these 5 minutes will worth for you.

Your feedback and any doubt will be most welcome in comment box. Thanks for visiting here.


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