Things are getting more easy and comfortable with fast growing technology, and even it became more experimental too. After launching the Android platform by Google, it became a miracle in itself, but our sparking minds did too many experiments with it. Rooting the Android operating system is one of them.

When we buy a new Android smartphone, it is non-rooted, and on that phone, the manufacturer has full control. But after rooting the device, we get full control over it. You have seen that many pre-installed apps when you buy a new smartphone. You might try uninstalling it too but can’t because your phone have full control of your manufacturer. After rooting the Android, you can uninstall company apps too. There are so many other benefits of rooting, some of them I listed below.

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Benefits of Android rooting-

  • Full control of yours over the Android operating system.
  • You can install custom ROM’s like Cyanogen mods.
  • You can uninstall unnecessary company installed apps that reduce your phone performance.
  • Your battery backup also increased because you uninstalled unnecessary apps which consuming your battery in the background.
  • You can install the latest operating system of Android (Latest one is Android 7.0 Nugget).
  • You can experience better operating speed because fewer apps are running in the background.
  • Your phone also utilize less RAM.
  • You can access blocked features.
  • You can install the mod version of latest games like Pokémon Go Mod APK etc.

Cons of Android Rooting-

There are several adverse effects of rooting your Android phone too, some of them are listed below-

  • Your phone will no longer cover under company warranty.
  • Your phone might damage if you follow the wrong step of rooting, so make sure you are using the right method to root your android device.

Yes! You heard it right; sometimes Android phone get damaged when you follow wrong methods. Here is the correct method of rooting your Android smartphone. Follow the steps explained there carefully and read every single steps, instruction, and guidelines.

So coming back to our main topic that is, five amazing apps for rooted Android phones, so here are those apps that you can install on your device and experience the freedom of rooting.

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apps for rooted android phone
Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones

#1- Device Control-

Device control is one of the necessary apps for rooted Android mobile phones which control some basic features. Few of them are app manager, tasker, editor and wireless file manager. The name of this app itself suggests that this is one of the best apps for rooted android mobile which controls many tasks simultaneously.

Few notable features of Device Control App for Rooted Android Phones-
  • Device control enables you to manage your screen color temperature, vibration strength, background running apps, etc.
  • It also provides you freedom to tweak anything like Knock-On feature, CPU and GPU frequencies and I/O scheduler, etc.
  • You can control your voltage and fast charging option with the help of Device Control.

#2- Root Explorer:

Root Explorer is another important app that enables you managing your internal storage and SD Card data like mp3 songs, video songs, and document files. The app provides you easy interface and lots of features like Sharing via, Copy file, Move file, Rename File, File Properties, Delete File, etc. by pressing and holding on a file.

#3 Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is one of the most trending apps in the market which provides the hell lot of features with the rooted device. After launching the modern game Pokemon Go, people started searching for a way to play Pokemon Go without walking, in that case, lots of developers come with Mod APK file of Pokemon Go game, but for activation purpose Lucky Patcher needed. With the help of Lucky Patcher, we can enjoy premium features of all paid games and apps from Google Play Store or another app market. This is the safe tool to use for license activation of premium apps.

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#4- Greenify:

A perfect solution for the fast draining battery in rooted Android mobile phones. Greenify is one of the best apps for rooted Android mobile phones, and users also rated with positive feedback. Greenify shows the apps running in the background of your phone and how many times it wakes up your device. It also gives you an option to hibernate the background running apps to save battery life for longer. If you have rooted device, I recommend you to try this once in your phone. Even they have released for the non-rooted device too, but you can see lots of limitation in that.

#5- SetCPU:

Another excellent app for rooted Android phones that are most popular among games community. It provides full control over Battery life and device performance. With swiping your finger, you can control the battery life and device performance. In case you want to get high performance (especially while gaming) just swipe up and in case you want to bigger battery life, just swipe down.


Coming to the final verdict, as I am a game lover so I use SetCPU for managing device performance at the required rate, apart from it Device control and Lucky Patcher is always my favorite because I always try to do some experiments and Lucky Patcher gives me access to get the license of premium apps. You also can try these apps according to your need.


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