Psiphon Apk Download For Android [Updated]

You might be in the situation, what the heck this Psiphon is? Okay! I am trying to help you out… Psiphon is the most reliable circumvention tool which is trusted by millions of users globally. This tool is traditional means to access web pages which are blocked by the government because of any reason and around 200 countries people are using it. Initially, Psiphon was released for Windows and Mac users only, but after getting huge popularity, developers worked hard and presented Psiphon Apk for Android and Psiphon for iOS also.

How Does Psiphon APK Work?

We can understand this by taking an example of VPN (Virtual Private Network) although, Psiphon has more advance feature than a typical VPN which I’ll explain in the later paragraph. So let me explain the basic of how Psiphon works?

psiphon apk download

In above picture you can see that, we are not directly interacting with end web server, there another layer of a filter (rather say mediator in simple language) which interacting to the global world wide web and delivering whatever we requested from our Laptop, PC, Mobiles phones, etc. I hope you got a basic idea about how VPN works, now let’s move forward and understand how Psiphon Apk or other Psiphon products works.

The normal Virtual Private Network providers like NordVPN are providing an option to select the server country. For example- if you are trying to access some YouTube videos which are not available in India but available to access in the United States of America then we can select USA in our VPN server settings but what if we don’t know whether it’s available in the USA or not. In that situation, Psiphon comes into the picture, and it automatically selects the server location and finds that content for you.

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Features of Psiphon circumvention tool

  • It is the best circumvention tool which enables you to access any country censored contents and videos.
  • Encrypt your browsing data and secure it from hackers. Also provides peer to peer protection of your identity and data.
  • Psiphon Apk is also available to download it on Android phones.
  • Pro version provides additional features and extra layer protection.
  • It selects protocols which provide efficient and reliable circumvention automatically.
  • Enables to track in-app data how much traffic you are getting.
  • Almost 10 million users trust on this tool.
  • Highly popular among tier -1 countries like the USA, UK, Canada although Psiphon is used in nearly 200 different countries.
  • Featured on the world most trusted and popular VPN reviewer website

So, these are some highlighting features of Psiphon VPN (rather say advance and automatic circumvention tool to access the internet securely). This can easily be downloaded on your Windows-powered machine as well as Android and iOS powered smartphones.

How To Download Psiphon Apk for Android Phones

In above paragraph, I already mentioned that Psiphon app currently been used in 200 different countries with more than 10 million users globally. Initially, the tool was only developed for Windows PC only, but after getting immense popularity in the market, developers worked on Android as well as iOS powered devices also.

Download Psiphon Apk

Now, we can download Psiphon Apk on Android smartphones and access any blocked pages which are censored by government and Internet Service Providers (ISP). We have uploaded free download Psiphon app link here along with complete installation guide. So, follow the step by step guide to download Psiphon App.

Before heading over to installation guide, let me tell something- it might be possible that you can’t find Psiphon app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in your country but with the help of Psiphon Apk download link, you can download and install it on Android phones.

Steps to download and install Psiphon Apk on Android phones

Step #1 Enable your Unknown Source option to install external apps

As we know that Google Play Store is default app store for Android Operating System, although there is a freedom to give install external portable Android apps also. It requires some changes in device setting and that setting can be found in Device Security settings in most of the devices.

Just click on setting icon on your Android apps menu and navigate to security settings. In the security setting, you’ll find an option to enable Unknown Sources. By default, this option is disabled to provide an advanced layer of protection to Android phones, but if you install any application from the trusted source, it’s safe.

Here you can find Unknown Source option: Settings> Security Settings> Unknown Sources> Enable

Step #2 Download Psiphon 3 or Psiphon 4 Apk

After enabling Unknown Sources, your device is ready to take any external Apk file. Now you need to download Psiphon 3 or Psiphon 4 Apk from below link to proceed forward.

Download Psiphon 3 Apk | Download Psiphon 4 Apk

Step #3 Allow Apps Permissions

Click on Psiphon Apk file which you downloaded from this link and tap the install button. Now, it will give some instructions, just click on Next button until installation is finished.

I don’t know which Android version your device is running on, but it will ask for some permissions at the time when you open it for the first time; just allow all permissions.

Step #4 Enjoy accessing any content on web anonymously

Open the Psiphon app on Android device and access any content on web securely. It will provide in-app data usage stats.

That’s it! You are free to access any censored content by government and ISP.

Final words

This is how you can download Psiphon Apk on Android phones and get access to all censored content on the internet. Psiphon Pro App selects the optimum location automatically and gives you freedom and security. Keep visiting this area for a more useful guide on Psiphon for PC and Psiphon for iPhone and iPad. If you liked it, please do share with others also.

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