I can bet on it that you must use emoji while chatting with friends on Facebook but do you know all emoji meanings? Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are most frequently places where we use few popular emoji while chatting with friends and family members but there are still many confused people who don’t the real meaning of emoji, wait I am not telling that they don’t know every emoji meanings. Obliviously they know the meaning of popular emoji but still many unpopular emoji available which you might know the meanings.

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Here in today’s article I am going to cover every emoji meanings which we use in chat on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Emoji is enough to convey your message to next party but for that you must know the maximum number of emoji meanings. If you’re thinking, here I will teach some rocket science then you are wrong because most of the emojis are easy to understand, some are confusing. Keeping that in mind, I am listing down the meanings of emojis, that you use all the time.

All Popular Emoji Meanings

#1: Nervous-

nervous emoji

Hey what do you think when exams are near? Isn’t nervous? It might happen during interviews. So that you can use this emoji while any of those situations.

#2: Happy-

happy emojiHave you got increment in your salary? Isn’t this a happy moment for you? This would be a perfect emoji to express your happiness.

#3: Laughter Tears-

Laughter TearsThis is the perfect “LMAO” emoji you can use for most of the hilarious situations.

#4: Excited-

excited emoji

How do you feel about your first date? Isn’t it exciting moment for you? This would be a better way to express your excitement with your friends, room-mate or flat-mate.

#5: Happy with smiling eyes-

Happy with smiling eyes emojiAnother great emoji to express your happiness with your friends, family or lover.

#6: Big grin-

Big grin emoji meaningThis is the perfect emoji to express a little laughter or a big grin.

#7: Wink/Flirt-

Wink emoji meaningA great supplement while flirting with your crush… Use it while talking on long time over Facebook. Even it would be better if you pass it with a flirty pickup lines.

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#8: Sweating with laughter-

Sweating with laughter emojiMany times it happens when we laugh so hard that we start sweating. Well, this is the perfect emoji to express it over texts.

#9: Angel-

Angel emojiIf you did something extra for someone without expecting anything in return, this emoji would be perfect to express those feelings, isn’t it?

#10: Laugh-

laughLooking to express laughter that’s not too much or too little? The laugh emoji hits the perfect balance between the different laugh emoji’s.

#11: Content smile-

Content smile emojiThis is another very popular emoji which are used in daily chat. Basically the meaning of this emoji is to show your feeling when someone touched your heart. For example, if you are helping out anyone without expecting anything in return and he gave you compliment then this emoji would be a perfect option to express your feelings.

#12: Smile-

Smile emojiThis is latest emoji, added in various chat platform. Basically this will show the happiness of yours but only those who don’t want to share a wide smile. If I become more funny then, I would say this emoji would be a perfect to express constipation smile 🙂 :p .

#13: Inverted smile-

Inverted smileWhen you are on gun point of someone comment during sarcasms discussion then this would be a perfect reply from your side.

 #15: Blush-

Blush emoji meaningA perfect smiley to express your feeling while talking to someone special on some special topic.

#16: Goofy/Savoring delicious food-

Goofy emojiThis is best emoji to show your expression when you got something delicious. Rather people generally use it when we talking to his/her girlfriend or boyfriend. I hope you understand, what I am trying to say. If you couldn’t catch it, go and watch PoGo 🙂 .

#17: Shy smile-

Shy smile emojiAnother emoji in smile category. You can use it while chatting with your friends.

#18: In Love-

In Love emojiYou can use this emoji while chatting with some beautiful lady. Just to show your feeling that “You are looking gorgeous”. However, don’t over use it, as you might come across a little creepy.

#19: Blow a kiss-

Blow a kiss emojiWant to blow a kiss to someone without getting into too much trouble? Try this emoji, which expresses a kiss with a naughty wink, so that people don’t take you too seriously.

#20: Kiss-

kissThis is the kiss emoji, no questions asked. Just go ahead and plant one, without any doubt. A perfect emoji to show, what you think about your lover.

#21: Crazy-

crazy emoji meaningSaid something weird, insulting or crazy and want to act as if you were simply trying to be funny? This emoji should bode you well.


So these are most popular emoji that we uses in our daily chat and clearly I have mentioned all emoji meaning along with examples. I hope this article will add some value in your daily chat, and if possible please share this article on your social media profile as well. Your share will encourage me to come up will more latest useful article for you. If you are still confused at any emoji meanings then please leave a comment below along with query. You suggestion will energize me to double my efforts. Thanks & Don’ FORGET TO SHARE…CHEERS!


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