Perfect Bedside Lamp Ideas for Kids Room to Make Bedtime More Fun

Lamps are an essential part of the decor as it’s a source of light. Anything that glows and emits light automatically becomes the centre of attraction. So, if you have well planned the room’s entire decor, you simply cannot compromise on the lamps because they will definitely look weird. Selecting lamps is easy; you just need to know which room it is for. The choice of lamp differs depending on the room the lamp goes in.

Lamps do much more than just lighting in the room. You know everything you put in your child’s room will play a key role in his or her development. That’s why the variety of lamps for the kid’s room will be totally different from that of the parent’s room. You can even replace it with custom neon lights signs as well to make it a dreamy place for your kids. There are a plethora of ergonomic lamps available for your kid’s room. Here are some cool lamps you can select from for the kid’s room. 

Big hero 6 lamp

Never heard this name? Don’t Worry; your kid is well aware of this white guy. It’s a famous character from an animated superhero comedy movie. It’s very famous amongst the little kids (even some adults) thus, you kid will bounce with joy to find the big hero as his or her lamp. The lamp is officially licensed by Disney and you will find it online easily.  

Book shaped night lamp

Books are other things that are associated with kids. A book inspired lamp that illuminates beautiful natural white light is an ideal choice of lamp for your kid’s room. If your kid is always hiding behind the books, a book-shaped lamp will stimulate the look of their favourite reads since it reflects an open book, its casts light at 360 degrees illuminating the whole room. 

Custom neon light signs

Then comes the option to replace the ordinary bedside lamp with custom neon lights. People are obsessed with neon lights because of their suitability for any place. The amount of light emitted is neither too bright nor too dull. Now, with the facility to customise it in your own way, you can get your kid’s favourite cartoon characters customised as a bedside lamp. These dreamy neon lights will feed their imagination. Also, you can select the colour of neon light in the sign. 

Moon themed lamp

This interesting choice of lamps will make his bedtime extra fun, and he/she will not give you a tough time going to bed. The lamp is designed to look exactly like a full moon when switched on. 

Star-shaped night light

Little kids are always excited about stars, clouds and all these dreamy things. So, a star-shaped night lamp is also a fantastic choice. 

These are a few bedside lamps suitable for your kid’s room. Also, make sure that whichever lamp you choose solves the primary purpose of lighting up the place. 

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