Pax Vaporizer Review + Tips (Buy it OR Not)

If you are someone who is only interested in getting hold of a portable vaporizer that others are using and recommending, then the Pax is the one for you. Hold on… Don’t go blind before any vaporizer, read the authentic review and then decide whether you should buy it or not… So, here is an exclusive and trustworthy review of Pax Vaporizer which helps you in deciding whether you should buy it or not… Just read the entire article!

pax 2 vaporizerWhy is that?

Well, because everyone knows of the Pax portable vaporizer, and of the many that are using it, they just can’t stop talking about it.

Now, where does the ‘Ploom’ part fit in?

Ploom is the Californian company that not only released the Pax vaporizer in 2012 for the ‘on-the-go’ segment of the market, but they are the same provider who revolutionized portable vaping with their ‘Ploom Pax’ device.

Widely acknowledged as the most influential portable vaporizer in the industry and one that was way ahead of its time, the Pax Ploom today is even more popular than ever and is one of the most sought-after vaporizers inside the vaping community.

Come to think of it, and the pax is the only vaporizer that we know of that has been acclaimed by heavyweight reviewer Business Insider.

This Pax vaporizer is so in-demand now that you have to purchase from a reputable supplier like to ensure that you are getting the real deal.

What this all means is that if you are looking for a seriously good portable vaporizer, the Pax vaporizer by Ploom is the leading industry benchmark.

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

The idea behind this portable vaporizer was that the creators went back to the drawing board and produced a PV that was independent of other brands and styles in the market.

As a result, the Ploom vaporizer review created a model that is superior quality and delivers only the best in the clean and pure vapor.

It’s difficult to see any Pax vaporizer review grading this PV as anything but the best on the market; it is;

  • Discreet
  • Lightweight
  • Easily carried
  • Durable
  • Very stylish in appearance.

Besides of its great looks and permanence, the Pax vaporizer is almost intuitive to use. It’s like the device almost guides you from charging its battery, to packing its chamber, to setting its heat level and then drawing in its incredible vapor. The Pax is just so very easy to use right out of the box for any level of vaper.

Of course, if for some reason you are looking for a Pax Ploom review that hails a portable vaporizer more than this product, then consider the peace of mind that comes with the Pax guarantee.

That is, if at any time the vaporizer gives you a problem, you protected under the product’s astounding ten year Pax warranty!

Features of the Pax vaporizer

The Pax is typically described as the Apple of the vaping world.

Sleek by design, it is compact yet holds some amazing features which ensure that while it heats, it never burns, meaning that you get the highest quality vapor from your puff. You won’t ever have to worry about smoke, and you’ll never be blamed for creating second-hand smoke.

The pax comes at a premium price of $249.99, but for that cost, you only load it up with your loose leaf aromatic blends and then sit back while you experience the greatest taste to hit your throat, bar none.

Parts overview

There is a range of accessories that you can buy with your Pax, including car charge adapter, replacement mouthpiece, and oven lid, charging kit, cleaning kit and screen kit. Straight out of the box, however; you get the following right now ready to go from Vape World;

  • Pax vaporizer unit
  • Screen
  • Mouthpiece
  • Oven lid
  • AC (wall) charger doc
  • Mouthpiece Lubricant x 2
  • Cleaning wipes x 5
  • Cleaning tools x5
  • User instruction manual

Features overview

One of the great features about the Pax is that it contains everything you need without requiring the attachment of acrylic pieces or flimsy glass to it. More specifically, here’s what you can expect from your Pax;

  • Size is 4 1/8 ” x 1.4” x 7/8.”
  • Exterior – anodized aluminum
  • Air chamber – stainless steel – medical grade
  • Heat up time – 30 seconds
  • LED light – shows heating status, battery status, and temperature setting
  • Power source – rechargeable
  • Never heats to combustion – pure vapor, no smoke
  • Battery – Internal – long lasting lithium ion
  • Power – retractable on/off mouthpiece
  • Oven surface – large, for even distribution of herb vaporization – magnetized cap
  • Temperature – motion sensitive – 3 pre-set heat levels; Low 370°F (yellow), medium 390°F (orange), and high 410°F (red).
  • Color – options are emerald, cobalt, onyx, and amethyst.

How the Pax by Ploom works

We have some great pax vape tips below to help you get the most from your Pax portable vaporizer. To begin, just remove the oven lid cap and load the heating chamber with your herb grind.

When the chamber is packed, replace the oven lid. Make sure you click up until the mouthpiece is extended enough to start the vape.

Expect a fast 30-second heat up time. When the Pax is warming, you will see a purple glow from the LED. When the LED changes to green, the temperature – and your vaping – is good to go. You can also adjust the heat settings if you remove the mouthpiece and press the inside button. As the temperature settings change, so will the LED colors.

The LED will change to blue if it is left idle, setting it into standby mode. This helps to save the battery life and quality of the herb.

Now, by reading this Pax by Ploom review, you are in the right place to learn some Pax vaporizer tricks that will help you get the very best out of your new portable vaporizer.

Clean your Pax regularly to keep it performing at peak level. By gently shaking your Pax, it will reveal temperature and charge status Use your Pax by Ploom manufacturer box as a vape case for easy carrying convenience

Use of lubricant will enhance the mouthpiece’s detection sensor and will ensure the breakup of any debris build up. You can expect at least 20 long draws by filling the chamber with 0.4 grams of finely ground herbs in its oven.


The Pax has a lithium-ion internal battery which is rechargeable. It will heat in less than 60 seconds and produce up to 2 hours of super impressive vapor. To recharge the battery takes less than 90 minutes, the same amount of usage time you have using the Pax on the red setting.

Pax Ploom Pros and Cons


The pax vaporizer review that we have shared here would not be complete without our summary of just some of the high-level benefits that have given this unit its worthy reputation;

  • It is known for being one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.
  • Produces fantastic tasting vapor quality
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely compact
  • Selection of heat settings
  • It is a fun device compared to other PV’s
  • It is very stealth


While you shouldn’t expect too many negatives with the Ploom Pax, you may want to be aware of the following;

  • There can be a little draw resistance
  • Peak performance requires a conscious cleaning effort
  • Price may prevent some potential Pax vapers from trying the unit

What people are saying about the Pax by Ploom

When there is a portable vaporizer as popular as the Pax by Ploom, you can be sure that the product reviews are freely flowing online.

It is not surprising then that most of the feedback we have seen is highly complimentary of the Pax vaporizer.

There has been the occasional consideration that the Pax device may be too complicated for the needs of certain vapers, but such part-criticisms appear to be directed from those who have not yet even used the vaporizer.

From those that have the Pax experience, they would prefer the price to be lower, but they can appreciate the features that it has and the amazing hits it provides.

For most that have compared this to their other vaping units, the Pax by Ploom receives their accolades as truly giving them the best vape for their buck.

Should you buy the Pax by Ploom?

Yes – you really should.

If you’ve been unhappy with your portable vaporizers up until this point, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this little dynamo.

If you can look past the immediate cost, then focus on the options and benefits that take this PV straight to the top of the class.

While it does require that you put in some conscious cleaning effort to maintain its peak performance, you will probably be like us and want to do the house-keeping so that you can continue to enjoy its incredible output.

The Pax by Ploom is a definite winner. Try it out and see if you don’t agree.