Every Windows user faces few troubles in accessing the internet and One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on This Computer is one of most common that people face. After hitting Windows Diagnosis option, we get this error. I have seen so many people were asking about how to fix one or more network protocols are missing on this computer and here I decided to come up with this tutorial.

A few days back I also went through this trouble while accessing the internet and found permanent solution of this error. So I decided to share all possible way by which you can fix this. Here you will get step by step solution to this problem with a proper screenshot. So follow these steps carefully.

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One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on This Computer

Admit it; this is a general perception that whenever we get such type of error in accessing the internet, we think the problem caused due to internet service provider, but many time the problem is at our computer end only. We can fix these problems by applying some standard steps, later on, we can contact our Internet Service Provider (ISP). We usually face One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on This Computer Error on Windows 10 and here is a permanent fix for it.

How to fix One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on This Computer on Windows 10

The first and easiest way to fix this internet connectivity error is by resetting your network adapters- this may help in fixing other errors too.

1- Reset Network Adapters:

The very first step to fixing any internet connection related issues are restarting network adapter of Windows machine. You should also perform this steps before moving to any advance methods. You can reset your network adapter by performing these measures-

#1- Open control panel of your device and follow this path Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections. You will get some dashboard like this-

network sharing center

You can do it via run command also, but this is a bit complicated (if you are totally noob in Windows commands). Fine! Let me present in easiest way-

  • First of all open run bar on your Windows device, you can open it by pressing Windows+R button together.
  • Now type ncpa.cpl in the run box and hit enter. You next window will contain your Network Sharing Center.

#2- Now right click on Network Adapter (whatever internet source you’re using like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and choose Disable.

#3- Again right click and Network Adapter and select Enable. That’s it. 

Now you can see that you will cease to face One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on This Computer error while connecting internet.

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NO?… Carry Forward with this article…..

If you still getting error in connecting to the internet, you can go through these advance steps-

2- Disable IPv6 Option:

You need to disable IPv6 for getting fixed with that error. You need to open Network Sharing Center Again, and from properties option, you can disable IPv6 connectivity. Didn’t get? Follow these steps-

IPv6 Disable

  • Press Window+R button together and type ncpa.cpl and press ENTER. You will drove to Network Sharing Center as we were done in above steps.
  • Now right-click on your network adapter and choose Properties option this time.
  • Look for IPv6 and untick that option.

You will see, your One or More Network Protocols Are Missing error has been fixed now.

Facing YET??? Follow the next guide….

3- Disable any Proxy or VPN-

Sometimes your proxy or VPN software also lead to generate this trouble. You can disable your proxy or VPN at the time of testing. I know VPN (Virtual Private Network) hide your identity while browsing the internet but for testing purpose, you can disable it. See if, your problem solved by disabling VPN then contact to your VPN provider and discuss your problem.

4- Reset Windows Socket Layer-

Another great way to solve one or more network protocols are missing on this computer error on Windows 10 is reset Winsock. You can do it via command prompt. Below is detailed information-

  • First of all run command prompt in administrator mode. You do it by clicking Windows+X button together. Now select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Type netsh winsock reset in command prompt and hit enter. You will see, Successfully reset the Winsock Catalog message in command prompt. For detailed step about Winsock Reset see this article.

Now reboot your machine and try connecting Internet, You won’t face one or more network protocols are missing on this computer anymore. Now share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus so that we can come up with next article. Your activeness will boost our working performance. Have the further discussion in the comment box.


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