7 Top Noise Cancelling {Bluetooth} Headphones in 2017

Are you a music lover and looking for best noise cancelling headphones? Here in this guide you will get proper guidance before choosing a perfect noise cancelling earphones. Let me clear one thing in starting only, all these noise cancelling headphones are personally tested by me and my friends so these are not any fake review.

noise cancelling headphones

I just wanted to help you out in choosing right headphone for watching movies. Do you know what noise cancelling technology is? Okay fine! I am covering this topic as well. Noise cancelling is latest technology in the market which enhance quality of music even in noise surrounding.

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Noise cancelling technology will cancel out all low frequency noises like human talk, crying baby or street traffic and you can enjoy trouble free high quality music experience. If you are a traveler then noise cancelling headphone should be your first choice because at the time of listing songs you should not care about what other things happening around you. The noise cancelling technology is most suitable for people who want to let louder noise in while keeping the more constant and predictable ambient sound out.

You might got attracted about noise cancelling technology but do you know how does it works? Don’t put stress on your mind, I am here to help you out from this as well.

If you are from electronics and communication background then it will be easy for you to understand quickly but don’t worry if you are not, let me explain it in simple language—

All noise cancelling headphones uses additional microphones to detect weather ambient noise is present or not. If there is any ambient sound present, the microphone sends electronic signals to dedicated microprocessor which generate directly opposite sound wave of same frequency and send it to headphone which negate the original noise.

Got it totally? I hope so…

Nose cancelling technology got advance success among music lover but still many people don’t know the benefits of noise cancelling headphones here let me clear advantages and disadvantages of noise cancelling headphones—

Advantages of Noise Cancelling Technology

  • A noise cancelling headphones cancel out all lower frequency and some middle frequency noises and gives you improved sound quality experience.
  • At the same time, you can use the NC headphones just for cancelling the noise without any music. Perfect for times when you need to rest your head.
  • Noise cancelling works and works well enough to give you the illusion of quieter environment which makes listening to music much more enjoyable.

Disadvantage of Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are some disadvantages of noise cancelling headphones which I looks so far…

  • Noise cancelling headphones cost you bit higher than normal priced headphones but I don’t think this would be a bigger issue if you want to enjoy real music listening experience.
  • When strong winds are blowing and making sounds, your microphones pick it up and make a whole mess of the sound you are hearing on the headphones.
  • One another problem you might face with noise cancelling headphones are, you might feel some pressure on ears if you are going to cheap price noise cancelling headphones but this problem will no longer exist if increase some budget.
  • One another minor disadvantage of active noise cancelling headphones is, it requires extra source of energy, and it means additional battery makes it less user-friendly.

Top Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Are you ready to tackle all above disadvantages then move to a best noise cancelling headphones…

Here are those top headphones which are powered by active noise cancelling technology (ANC)…

#1- Bose QuietComfort 35:

boseThe very first (top pick) noise cancelling headphone in list of top noise cancelling headphones is Bose QuietComfort 35. This will cost you some around $300 to $500 but this is top wireless noise cancelling headphone right now, period. Noise cancelling is powered by a rechargeable built-in battery (not replaceable anymore) that lasts about 20 hours in Bluetooth mode or up to 40 hours in wired mode. This is an impressive upgrade from the previous QC25 model which lasted for 30-35 hours on a full battery and only had wired mode.

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This is the advance version of Bose QuietComfort 25 replaced by Bluetooth wireless technology but the price is also increased by $50.  No doubt, Bose is legend brand when it comes to active noise cancelling headphones and this model is most rated product on Amazon.

Features of Bose QuietComfort 35–

  • No other brands are in competition of Bose when it comes to active noise canceling headphones…
  • The sound quality is great too. As long as you’re not a purist audiophile you are going to love these.
  • They can’t be classified as neutral either as there is some emphasis on bass.
  • QuietComfort 35 are no different, their ANC is outstanding…
  • These headphones are top-notch at canceling out the engine sounds of a plane or people chatter on public buses and trains…
  • If you need some quiet time and your neighbor’s kids don’t let you relax with their loud playing, put these on and you’ll be transferred into another world.
  • They are even effective at canceling out some middle range tones as well, this is something other headphone brands don’t yet know how to do.
  • Comfort is top notch, it is true the new QC35 model is slightly heavier than the previous QC25, but you only feel the difference if you wear one after another.
  • The biggest new feature is Bluetooth 4.1. Now you can connect these brilliant ANC headphones with either iOS or Android devices with a click of a button.
  • While all who have sensitive ears will hear an improvement in sound quality when used in wired mode, for an average listener these will sound great in Bluetooth mode as well.

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#2- Parrot Zik Wireless:

parrot zik noise cancelling headphonesParrot Zik Wireless headphone cost you $120 to $200 and this is best noise canceling headphone under $200. This would be not effective as Bose in terms of noise canceling technology but this product should be your second choice after Bose. Parrot Zik using their own noise canceling technology with super sound quality.

As per official, they are using 4 microphones which sends signal to microprocessor for noise cancellation which reduces 98% of background noise. Over-ear design offers good passive noise isolation as well, but you probably won’t use these headphones without ANC (active noise canceling) because the sound quality gets much worse.

This sounds all very compelling, but real life experience is still superior in Bose QuietComfort 35, as said before. This, of course, is a subjective opinion, your experience could be different.

  • Build quality is good as you’d expect from around $300 headphones.
  • Because of big padded ear pads, comfort is very good. Over-ear design and its big size help with keeping the pressure even around your ears.
  • The sound quality is clean and balanced, you can clearly hear all ranges without any of them being too aggressive or lacking.
  • Unique attractive design.
  • Amazing features and sound quality.
  • Bad battery life, “only” 5 hours with BT and ANC on


#3- Beats Studio Wireless:

beats studioIn terms of popularity Beats headphones somewhere lacking but this model is completely different and unique. The outstanding sound quality keep this product top in the competition of best noise canceling headphones.

The outstanding stylish look and 30 feet Bluetooth range is yet another great feature which makes the reason of popularity of this product.

Battery backup of this product is also great, one charge can stands for 12 hours of trouble free enjoyment with active noise canceling technology on. Build quality is decent, they definitely have a very nice, sleek over-ear design. While mostly plastic, it has a nice finish that gives them a premium looks very classy.

  • Headphones have a built-in microphone to make calls with and you can also use the added cable (with microphone) to get better call quality.
  • Bass is more controlled and not as muddy and boomy as before. It’s still strong but doesn’t overpower other ranges.
  • Great Noise cancelling feature (Still Bose is on Top).
  • Stylish design with decent durability
  • Improved sound, more balanced with fun, strong bass
  • Very comfortable with big, over-ear pads


  • Bit higher in price ( Cost you around $200-300)
  • Not audiophile sound


#3- Sennheiser MM 450-X:

sennheiser active noise cancelling bluetooth headphoneSennheiser is yet another leading brand in headphones and other musical instruments and this product is best if you are looking for noise cancelling headphone under $300. The technology which Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones are using is known as NoiseGuard. This still have outstanding background noise cancelling capability which can erase all surrounding noises up to 99%.

One important thing you must care about is, the battery which Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones using is not easily available in any supermarket or shops near airport but you can easily order it from Sennheiser shop portal or other major e-commerce portals.

The battery backup of this product is quite good and you can enjoy trouble free active noise canceling feature with Bluetooth for 8 hours in one charge. But if you will use with wire then its stands up to 20 hours.

If we talk about durability then just like most Sennheiser headphones, these are well built. Quality materials with good hinges make them durable even for a frequent traveller. Apart from this, the design is quite comfortable as well, you can enjoy for hours without any ear irritation.


  • Bluetooth range is 30 feet, it means you can listen any song under this rage without any trouble.
  • To talk to other people while wearing headphones you can use the TalkThrough function. It basically records outside voices and sends it in through headphones.
  • For talking to your friends you can use the built-in microphone, but only works in Bluetooth mode.
  • If we talk about sound quality then let me clear one this, it has better sound quality than Bose QuiteComfort 35 headphone.
  • The sound is rather balanced, clear highs, well-detailed mids and just enough bass that’s not fatiguing.
  • Comfortable on-ear design.
  • Better sound quality than any noise cancelling headphones (even better than Bose)’
  • Attractive and stable design.
  • Very good noise cancelling because of NoiseGard 2.0 technology.
  • Bit lower battery backup than Bose QuiteComfort 35 with active noise cancelling on.
  • Higher price (but headphone quality deserve it).


#4- Denon AHGC20 Globe Crusier:

denonAnother good choice if you have bit higher budget, Denon AHGC20 Globe Crusier will cost you some around $300 to $500 but you will get a great noise cancelling wireless headphone in your pocket. No doubt Bose QuiteComfort 35 is best active noise cancelling headphone but Denon AHGC20 Globe Cruiser is biggest competitor of Bose in terms of noise cancellation, there is only small margin between this products than Bose.

Still you will get a fashionable design along with great background noise cancellation…

Battery backup is also good, you will get around 20 hours of battery backup with 3 hours of charging in wireless mode. If we talk about durability then this is a leading among all. Denon AHGC20 Globe Crusier made up of quality plastics and strong metal internal parts, a perfect headphone for travelers. Along with durability and attractive design, Deno is handy too. You can fold and pack them in carrying bag together with accessories and they are ready to go.

If you worried about comfort ability then relax, over-ear design with plush ear pads is very comfortable. You can enjoy hours of music without any pain or pressure over ear because they are lighter.

The Bluetooth range is also 30 feet powered by Bluetooth version 4.0. This noise cancelling headphone is added with another newer technology called Clear Voice Capture (CVC) which helps with outstanding sound quality during calls.

Truly saying, this Bluetooth noise canceling headphone is slightly better sound quality than other headphones (still Bose QuiteComfort 35 leading) because of aptX technology.

  • Great design for comfortable listening.
  • Nice button control in Bluetooth mode.
  • Handy and fold-able.
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Clear Voice Capture and aptX technology increases demand of product.
  • Expensive but still worth of money


#5- Golzer BANC-50:

golzerIt might possible you never heard about Golzer but Golzer BANC-50 is a hidden gem among Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones in cheaper price. The product will cost you some around $80 to $120 but you will get outstanding noise cancelling headphone in this price range.

Noise canceling quality is good but still 70% effective as compared to Bose QuiteComfort 35 and 72% effective as compared to Denon AHGC20 Globe Crusier when it comes to low-frequency noise captures.

Battery backup is also good, gives 15 hours with Bluetooth, 30 hours with ANC and 12 hours with active noise canceling and Bluetooth.

The product is comfortable as well with over-ear by which you can enjoy for couple of hours without irritation…

If we look at aesthetically then it somewhere lacking as compared to Denon and Sennheiser but overall looks is good in this price range.

When it comes to durability and build quality then this product is lacking in this area as well. This has poorest durability than other noise canceling headphones in the list.

Sound quality is better and microphone quality is also good, no one can find you whether you are talking over headphone or directly.

  • Cheaper in price.
  • Sound quality good.
  • Good value of money.
  • Good noise canceling feature.
  • Affordable and comfortable
  • Poor durability
  • Bit lower in aesthetic design (Still worth of money)


#6- Sony MDR ZX770BN:

sony b;uetooth headphoneYet another budget-friendly noise canceling headphone under price range of $80 to $200. This is best choice for noise canceling after Bose and Denon but great if you have lower budget. Passive noise canceling is also great so you can use it without active noise cancellation.

The battery backup is also good, it will give 13 hours of backup with active noise canceling and up to 20 hours without it.

The build quality is also good and durable as well, if we talk about aesthetic design then you may fall in love with Sony design.

The Sony MDR ZX770BN is design for comfort and perfect Over-ear headphone for bigger ear size people. The clamping force is quite firm but gets lighter over time.

Sony has well known for its quality products and Sound quality is also great with Bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity at range of 30 feet. aptX is another feature which are included with this Sony noise canceling headphone.

  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable, you can use it for hours without irritation
  • Lightweight and soft design
  • Good sound quality with ANC


  • None

#7- PSB M4U 2:

psb noise cancelling headphonePSB M4U 2 is one of best noise canceling headphone for those who want bigger battery life. It gives around 50 hours of playtime without any problem. You may feel it bulky because of metallic body construction but durability is up to good extent (more than Bose and other noise canceling headpiece).

It has got decent sound quality with iPod or other smartphone with three different mode of listening…

  • Passive mode- without power or noise canceling
  • Active ANC mode- with active noise canceling and amplifier
  • Active mode- with only amplifier

All modes works nicely but with Active ANC mode, you will get outstanding sound quality.

  • Very good noise cancellation
  • Stronger design
  • Comfortable
  • Bigger battery life
  • Built-in amplifier
  • More balanced and detailed sound
  • Different mode of listening
  • Bulky design (Still comfortable)
  • Bit higher ear pressure


As I promised above that, I’ll give you list of top noise canceling headphones in 2016 so these are all those best active noise canceling headphones which me and my friends personally tried. Bose is the best headphone among all but for that you need to increase your budget (but you will get an outstanding product). Now buy any of noise canceling headpiece of your choice and enjoy the music.