It was 2012 and I was looking for a best private engineering college like everyone does. I was appeared in IIT-JEE, AIEEE and UPSEE but the result was not good. I got 64 marks in AIEEE, 216 in UPSEE and result of IIT-JEE did not checked as I was well aware with my answers 🙂 .  I was also appeared in WB-JEE and secured around 9,000 ranks but at the time of examination I was decided not to go in West Bengal. I know you are curious to know what may be the reason that I did not liked in West Bengal. There were not a big reason, the main reason was language i.e. Bengali :p.

It was IPL time when I was went for WB-JEE competitive examination and centre of examination was ADMOS Institute of technology somewhere in Barasat- Barrackpore. In early morning I was at Siyaldeh railway station. Now I had to change the train for Barrackpore and I asked someone for help. You know it well what might be the languageJ obviously English and in return I got some reply in Bengali. I repeated my question but the situation was same. Now I moved to another person but the reply was in Bengali only. Finally I found someone after changing 6 to 7 people and got reply in Hindi. It was like WOW! I win itJ.

After journey of few hours I reached at Barrackpore railway station and I have to look for Barasat where my examination centre was situated. Here also the situation was same but unfortunately I got a person who can give reply in Hindi. I asked full details about it (as I was well known with the difficulty to find someone who can answer in English or Hindi). So I asked each and everything about my destination, even I asked some Hotels details alsoJ.

Now I have to face challenges with bus conductor also, he asked for money and I asked how much? Again he replied something in Bengali and I was confused is he asking for INR 70 or INR 17 or INR 7. At that time putted some pressure on my mind. I calculated the rates of Varanasi. In Varanasi Auto cost was some around INR20 for 5Km and here I have to traveled some around 15Km. So the game was cleared, I paid INR100 as according to me it may cost INR60-70 but he denied to accept INR100. WOW! Another trouble for me, I think it may be INR17. I paid him INR50 but he again denied to accept. Finally I paid INR20 and he refund me INR3. I just putted the change in my vault sit back. After few seconds he refunded me INR10 more. I was shocked WTF? Only INR7 for 15Km.

I reached at my destination after few minutes and now to have look for a hotel to stay for night, found a hotel after some struggle with Bengali language. In morning I went for examination and at that place every staff was talking in Bengali only. When I went in examination hall even faculty was talking in Bengali. I think WTF again I have to fight with Bengali. My invigilator asked to takeout cellphones and place it on table (it was also in Bengali). I saw that everyone was placing their cellphones so I followed them. Invigilator was giving instructions in Bengali and someone asked him to talk in English. He started the discussion in English for 1 minute maximum and again moved to Bengali. At that time I decided, if I got first rank in WB-JEE, I’ll not take admission here. How I’ll clear my 8 semesters after studying in Bengali, even I don’t know a single words of it except “Ami toma ke Valowacho”J. It was my first journey to West Bengal.

Now I had to look for UPSEE and secured 219 marks but I want to change the place now. Also the Fee of top colleges in UP was unfordable for middle class family. So I moved to Madhya Pradesh. Everyone told me that Bhopal is best place so I went there. As everyone take the help of Google BABA to find best colleges in Madhya Pradesh so I did also. I found some names and Sagar Group was also in list and decided to get admission there.

This was my journey to be a product of Sagar Institute of Science and Technology. Now I am moving to the reviews of SISTec. Which I experienced in my four year of journey. The topic which I am going to cover is listed below in table of content.

sistec-top private engineering colleges in bhopal

Table of Contents:

SR. No.                                                    Topics



3………………………………………………………What I liked most in SISTec.?

4……………………………………………………….5 Reason Why SISTec. is best college of engineering.



  1. Overview:

best engineering college in bhopal

Sagar Institute of Science and Technology well popular as SISTec. is situated in the city where heart of India located. This college is located near international airport Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh offering various professional undergraduate and post graduate degree.

It offers undergraduate degree in Engineering, Pharmacy and Management but most popular for Engineering degree. The Sagar group contains 5 colleges namely SISTec. , SISTec-E, SISTec-R, SISTec-MBA and SIPTec. Sagar Institute of Science Technology and Engineering is recognized as best upcoming engineering college in central India.

  1. Facilities:

As I have spent four years in SISTec. Here I am going to listing these facilities that are available there.

  • Big Library having collection of 17,000 books.
  • Fitness club.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Clean Hostel.
  • Bus across each corner of city.
  • Play grounds for various games.
  • Songs and Music facility and much more…
  1. What I liked most in SISTec?
  • Great academic.
  • Clean environment.
  • Great TG (Tutor Guardian for each 30 students) support.
  • Clean and fresh food.
  • Clean hostel rooms.
  • Very helpful warden.
  • Discipline and much more…


5 Reason why SISTec is best college of engineering

If you are just passed out your 12th board and planning for engineering then you must read this article that why SISTec is best college of engineering in Bhopal? So here I am going to list out some points that makes the SISTec as best engineering college in central India.

  1. Good academic:

I proudly can say that SISTec given me the wings to fly in sky. It has best academic and well organised classes schedule that makes the engineering really very easy. When I was in first year, it was big fear to me that how can I complete my 8 semesters but when I attended the college, engineering became easiest thing for me. It has well qualified faculties that support you anytime and this support convert my first semester result as 82% and overall degree as 82.7%.

  1. Well-disciplined environment:

Discipline is another great thing that makes you the different from crowd and once you have different personality, you will definitely succeed in future. SISTec has well-disciplined environment that I liked most.

  1. Parent Teacher Meeting/Calls:

It will be really not a good thing if you are thinking that Parent Teacher Meeting is only suitable up to high school. You can change your personality in front of someone else but once it came to in front of your parents you must be genuine. Whatever you are doing in your academic or hostel, all information regularly posted to your parent. Even I remember that, when first mid-terms result declared and after few days a post has been arrived at my home. It was containing my result in full details. I was little disappointed that the performance is mentioned as Poor even I secured 86% in mid-term and 5th position in class. But later one I realize that it improve my efficiency after that.

  1. Support by TG’s and Faculty members:

Whatever problem you are facing there, your tutor guardian (TG) will always with you. I still remember the great support of my TG Josy George Sir who always with me for three years and Sivkumar Sir who helped me in start i.e. first year.  I cannot forget big support of Shweta Ma’m, Nourin Ma’am, Mythali Ma’am,  Vasudev Sir, Ghanshayam Dubey Sir, Rupal Sir , Logesh Sir, Nitin Malviya Sir, Priyanka Ma’am, Sumit Dekate Sir, P. Vishwanath Sir, Roopesh Sir, Sanjay Sir, Amit Thakur Sir, Mausham Sir, Dinesh Ramchandani Sir, Ajay Kaviti Sir, Ravishankar Sir, Yatendra Tomar Sir, Aiyar Sir, Rohit Choubey Sir and other faculties who always with me.

  1. Sports and Extra Curriculum:


 You must have to focus on sports and extra curriculum activities also to keep yourself fit and healthy. Swimming is the best exercise for health and SISTec is the single college which have swimming pool facility. Apart from that I cannot forget how I enjoy from 4PM to 8PM on basketball court. It was awesome moment that will never gonna die.



Overall I can conclude that SISTec is best engineering college in Bhopal which cares about your overall growth. I really enjoyed my four years there. Engineering was just a game for me that I played with fun and learnt a lot. SISTec has great support and good academic following with disciplined and cleaned environment.



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