What Are Common Causes Of Container Loss At Sea And How Marine Cargo Insurance Can Help

Loss of containers at sea is one of the common risks in the business. Most of the time, this happens due to operational errors. Container loss can also occur due to numerous other complex reasons. While you have proper marine cargo insurance to cover this risk. You should try to prevent this from happening if you understand the causes of container loss. 

Heavy Weather

A stack may collapse due to heavy weather. Even when you are the best prepared for heavy weather, waves of 10 metres can cause rolling in which can be up to 40 degrees. You cannot tell how bad marine weather can get. You may think about proceeding at full speed to outrun a typhoon but you may fail.

Not complying with the Container Securing Manual

Every ship has a container securing manual. The manual clearly describes limits for stack heights or tier weights. Sometimes, the Container Securing Manual does not cover non-standard containers or different stability conditions. Marine cargo insurance companies do their investigations to identify the cause of the accident. If the investigation reveals that the accident occurred due to your negligence, it becomes difficult to file a marine cargo insurance claim.

In case the vessel is on charter, there can be a communication breakdown between the crew and container planners of the charter. 

Lashing Issues

This is relevant to larger container ships. With lashing arrangements of this scale, it is not easy for the crew to check these arrangements against the Container Securing Manual. There is more lashing equipment to maintain in the case of larger vessels. Maintenance is a very difficult task. There can be defective equipment that can cause an accident. 

The time required to lash and unleash containers on board depends on the number of containers. As the number of containers increases, you need to spend more time. 

Shipper Related Issue

Sometimes it is not in the hands of the charter and the crew. Loss of container may occur due to the actual weight of containers being more than the declared weight. Sometimes the container is not fit or the content of the container is not properly secured.

There are guidelines in place to prevent the loss of containers and other accidents at the sea. Stick to the guidelines and take all the preventive measures to avoid accidents. Get marine cargo insurance to secure your business. If you take preventive measures and follow guidelines, you can save money on marine cargo insurance.

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