Long Tail Pro (Platinum) 3.1.0 Reviews & Advance Keyword Research Guide
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Long Tail Pro 3.1.0 Reviews: Before starting any niche website, proper Keyword research is the most important part. The keyword you are going to target will decide how much time it will take to bank your account $$$$. The targeted keyword by you ensure you to how much potential your new niche website is? I think keyword research is the most time consuming and most IMPORTANT portion before starting a niche site. Keyword research is the foundation of your niche website where you can build the large building in future. To make money online, you must have a solid foundation.

You know well the importance of time, this is the most precious thing, and you will never get back once you lose it. Yeah! I am not talking anything impractical or giving any motivational speed before you, it’s true, just imagine. You will never get it back. If you are in internet marketing business, then you know it better, how much it’s precious for you. Each and every second is important. So why you waste the hell lot of significant time in doing manual keyword research.

Long Tail Pro is a software created by Spencer Haws that helps you to save hell lot of time of yours in keyword research. Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research software which makes the keyword research easier than ever before. This is an interface which fetches the data from Google Keyword Planner and calculates the competition by getting the data from other tools such as MOZ and Majestic.

Long Tail Pro also gives you the how much search volume a keyword have ( including local and global both) along with how much expected CPC ( Cost Per Click) you will get once you rank that keyword. Long Tail Pro is most popular keyword research tool available in the market which is used by big players of internet marketing and newbies also. I personally love this software very much, this software saved my 100’s of hours that I utilizes in other work. I strongly recommend you to go with this tool if you really want to succeed in internet marketing world.

Long Tail Pro 3.1.0 is a fast and reliable keyword research tool and easy to use. The interface of this keyword research tool is quite simple that anyone can use it easily even a beginner also. So if you think that you are a newbie and how you can perform keyword research steps, don’t worry. It’s very simple, and you do not need to take any big step. This is as simple as Google search query. You just need to enter your question, and you will find the best solution.

If you are still worrying about keyword research methods with Long Tail Pro, then I read this article. In last of this article, I am going to provide you step by step procedure of keyword research through Long Tail Pro. Are you comfortable now? J (y).

Let me finish the features of Long Tail Pro 3.1.0 in this article first then scroll down to know how to do comprehensive keyword research via Long Tail Pro.

Why do I like this keyword research tool?

  • Fast and reliable for most of the time.
  • Simple, clear and attractive interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Save lots of precious time.
  • Fast support, quick reply via emails within hours.
  • Accurate and Fast keyword research tool.
  • Separate columns for different metrics which make me easy to prioritize.
  • Keywords can easily be exported in CSV format.
  • $37/month plan, each penny worth you.
  • Cumulative competition score.
  • No need of premium Moz and Majestic for analysis.
  • It can analyze 800 keywords at a time.

What don’t I like in Long Tail Pro?

  • Sometimes suddenly it closed (Not frequently).
  • It takes around 10 minutes for complete analysis of 800 keywords.

Who is Long Tail Pro for?

  • Anyone who have limited precious time and want a quick money making through niche website.
  • Anyone who is struggling with keyword research and
  • Newbies and Pro’s, anyone can use this tool for fast and reliable keyword research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Is LTP suitable for newbies?

You really don’t need any training at all (although there are support videos available).

You can be up and run creating your campaigns within minutes.

Will it work on my PC or Mac?

It does work on both Mac and PC, although I only have a PC so not tested on a Mac but it does state on the LTP website that the software supports both platforms.

Is there a steep learning curve?

Again, no in-depth training or learning is needed. It just points and clicks and interoperates the data you see.

Does it offer customer support?

I have the first-hand experience of their customer support and ticketing system.

Let’s just say that the developer was helping me via Skype on Boxing Day last year…great service & support.

How much does Long Tail Pro cost?

At the time of writing you have three options;

  1. Take a ten-day trial of the tool, absolutely free.
  2. Pick up Long Tail Pro (without the KC feature) for $97 one-off payment
  3. Get the all signing all dancing Long Tail Platinum for $97 + $17 per month (you can cancel at any time).

Can I install it on more than one machine?

You can, and their support section explains how.

How to do proper keyword research with Long Tail Pro 3.1.0?

As I promised above to give a tutorial on perfect and reliable keyword research method. So here I am going to tell you how to do keyword research for your niche website. Here I am taking the example of any micro niche website like Amazon products, ClickBanks products, Peerfly products, MaxBounty products, etc.

First, let me explain why we are going to micro niches sites? A micro niche site is a simple website like others, but the contents which are provided is targeted and precise. Let’s take the example of “Headphones”. Here we will only talk about different headphones by which Google can segregate my blog from others. Google will know that this particular website is only talking about “headphones” it means this site have hell lot of useful contents about headphones.

Once someone searches about headphones, then Google will give more weight to my niche website because in Google eyes my website has hell lot of useful information about headphones only.

Let’s move forward, we have got a keyword i.e. Headphones, but our focus is if someone came to my website he/she must buy this from my affiliate link. Because only we get paid once he/she buy that particular product. So we must look for those visitors who are interested in buying headphones.

So our targeted keyword should also be like that drives buyers visitors on our website. For example, our ranked keyword is “Best headphones under $100 “. Here we can conclude that a person who are willing to buy a headphone under $100. So chances of our sale are increases. Let’s take another example “Headphones reviews in 2016”. This keyword also looks a buying keyword.

So how we can do keyword research for buying keywords in Long Tail Pro 3.1.0? I am here to help you out don’t worry.

  • Just open Long Tail Pro in your computer.
  • Create a new project. (Project name can be anything, just for recognition of yours).
  • Click on find keywords.
  • Here you will get the option to add seed keyword, add you keyword there for example “headphones”.
  • No click on Add button.
  • After adding that explore this seed keyword. Here you will find the option of include keywords. Put some buying phrases such as “Best, Reviews, Discount, Cheap, etc.” to ensure you that, these peoples are interested in buying headphones.
  • Here you will get another option to excludes keywords where you can place phrases like “Free, Natural, Home Remedies, etc.” in our case i.e. headphones are there here we do not need to excludes these phrases hence we can leave it blank. This is useful in some cases like “Free website hosting providers, free WordPress theme download, Home remedies for back pain, Natural medicines for a headache, free birthday gift cards for the girlfriend, etc.”
  • Now click on generate ideas button there.
  • Wait for some time; the Long tail pro is fetching keywords ideas from Google Adwords.
  • Okay! Thanks for waiting, here you have a bunch of keywords available right on your computer screen.
  • Now the next step is to check competitions of all those keywords.