Are you looking for Leads Tunnel Review? Here you will get honest review of LeadsTunnel.

Being an internet marketer, you know well about the importance of picking targeted customers and all data of them. Building huge list of targeted audience data is directly proposal to your income.

Wait… Let me clarify it with a detailed example…

Suppose you are owner or promoting a Windows Antivirus Software. Obviously you want maximum amount of sale of your product. How you will promote that Antivirus Software? Will you target all those audience who even don’t have laptop? Or will you target those audience who are running MacBook? Obviously the people from above both category is not interested in your product. It means you are wasting your time there.

If you want to increase your earning/sales, you must have to target right audience but is this easy that much?

NO… A big NOOO…If the process is easy then everyone here will be millionaire…

So what should be done…? Should you stop promoting that product?

NO… Here is solution….

Fred Lam, Anik Singal, and Jimmy Kim has made this task easy and you can earn hell lot of money through internet marketing. Leads Tunnel is an amazing invention by these people who can provide you FULLY TARGETED AUDIENCE for your product by which you can skyrocket your earning by 10 times and even more with the help of LeadsTunnel.

What Leads Tunnel is?


Leads Tunnel is new generation wonderful lead generation cloud based software coated with advance layer of safety for your lead information. It is basically a tunnel between your Facebook Account and email automation software which provide you fully targeted audience for your product. Leads Tunnel Synchronize your Facebook account with your email building list.


How Leads Tunnel Works?

leads tunnel features

Another question comes in your mind that how Leads Tunnel works and how it SKYROCKET my income? Yes! You must have knowledge about the product where you are going to invest money. So here is mechanism of Leads Tunnel:

Whenever any user clicks on your Facebook advertisement and fill his/her information like Email, Name, and Phone Number etc. and submit it, Leads Tunnel automatically send these details to your email building or auto responder software.

You might thinking that how it will help to increase your income? Wait… Let me clarify it with another example….

As you were promoting a Window antivirus software right? A person who filled their all information is 100% sure that he is interested in that product.

Think now… You have an interested buyer of your product with their all contact details…. Got my point 😉?

No? Buddy! You have an interested customer of Antivirus Software with all details now it’s your task to attract him/her to buy product. You are an internet marketer and you know very well, how to sell a product.

One thing concluded from here, LeadsTunnel is really an amazing lead generation software which provide 100% targeted audience to you. You can reach and grow your product anytime.

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Features of Leads Tunnel:

Okay! You are well known with LeadsTunnel functionality… Here moving to amazing features of Leads Tunnel that I recognized in last 5 months….


  • Eliminate Hours of Unnecessary Manual Work.
  • Immediately builds email list- No website needed.
  • Quickly Exploit a New Ad Type Most Are Ignoring…
  • 100% Opt-in conversions.
  • No More Compliance Issues with Facebook And Your Webpages
  • 0% Possibility of fake emails.
  • Featuring Multi Opt-In! Put Your Leads Into an Autoresponder & Webinar Platform with ONE opt-in.
  • 100% Safe and Secure.
  • Easy and Clean interface.
  • Great for Newbies and perfect for experienced internet marketers.
  • Start building leads in just 5 minutes.
  • No software’s need to install- Hence your leads is 100% secure.
  • 100% Cloud Based – Nothing to Install or Complex Scripts to Set Up.
  • Not storing any database.
  • Integrated 21 most popular autoresponder software.
  • Directly connect to your webinar platform.
  • 100% Facebook approved.
  • LeadsTunnel Directly Connects To Your Webinar Platform. This means people can click ONE BUTTON and signup for your Webinar directly from Facebook.
  • Many other features that will SKYROCKET your affiliate earnings….

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Leads Tunnel Review

Product Name: Leads Tunnel

Product Creator: Anik Singal, Fred Lam and Jimmy Kim.


Cost: $37 One Time Payment


Investing $37 will be right decision for you.

The team behind Leads Tunnel are highly successful internet marketers. Anik Singal who have studied from University of Mayland and he own “Company of the Year’ from MTech” and he was named by the Hinmas CEO’s as “Entrepreneur of the Year” while studying. Today, he is the most successful digital publishing marketers and the best mentor in his field. He has trained more than 250.000 people around the world. People also respect on his life struggle. His famous words are, ‘when life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back.

This product has been getting and is still getting, plenty of positive reviews from people using it, including renowned experts like Brad Callen, Matt Grey Ford, and Chad Nicely (Anyone who’s been on the marketing scene for quite some time has probably heard about them and their reputation). My review is also in favour of this wonderful product which always helps to grow your business. $37 is not a big money, even you can get back it within two days.

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What about Upsells?

While Leads Tunnel has two upsells, they are not needed for you to be successful while using the product. However, you still can take a look at them if you want to.

Upsell #1 is Anik’s and Jimmy’s Email Master training where they show you how you can become successful when email marketing. This course covers everything you need to know when it comes to email marketing – the A-Z of email marketing.

Upsell #2 is a Facebook Master training and community that features Facebook Ads training. This course will show you the things that work and those that don’t when it comes to working with Facebook ads.

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