Know About The Benefits Of Using Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets?

A spiral gasket is a mechanical seal used between surfaces to prevent any type of leakage. When you are out purchasing gaskets, you will be offered a variety of them to choose from – metallic, semi-metallic and nonmetallic. Among those options, in today’s post, we will discuss spiral wound Flexitallic gaskets precisely. This is the most popular type of gasket used for vital applications under high pressure. 

If you want to know how flexitallic gaskets can ensure excellent sealing, keep reading. 

  • Sealing, padding, leak prevention, protection from environmental impurities, mounting and vibration reduction are all functions of spiral wound gaskets.
  • They can withstand high pressures, high temperatures, and corrosive conditions, and they require less clamping force than solid gaskets.
  • These gaskets give padding like a spring due to their chevron-shaped design, making them suitable for a range of work conditions.
  • These gaskets also avoid the failure of gear and the associated costs due to their dependability and robustness.
  • By combining different winding materials and metals, Flexitallic gaskets can be designed to fit a wide range of working circumstances, and they’re also quite easy to install.
  • Spiral wound gaskets have an outer ring that eases the assembly and protects the gasket from blowing out.
  • The inner gasket ring minimises flow resistance by preventing the radial flow of soft fillers and reducing turbulence.
  • When the spiral wound gaskets are exposed to high temperatures, the gasket’s inner ring also works as a heat barrier.
  • Along with the inner ring, the spiral wound gasket’s centre ring shields the spiral wound element and adds to the gasket’s security against blow-out.
  • The central ring also works as a compression controller, preventing the spiral wound element from being overcompressed.

These benefits explain how spiral wound gaskets are beneficial as a whole. But, there are individual advantages of each ring, and that is why it is important to utilize both outer and inner rings in the gaskets that exceed 600lbs as it optimizes the working reliability of the sealing property of a spiral wound. 

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