How to Find Low Competitive Keywords & Rank Fast in Google

Are you planning to start your blogging Journey? Are you going to involve in digital marketing? You should know basic tips for blogging and SEO. Keyword Research is very first step to start and get succeed in Blogging. In blogging you need passion, you need patience, you should ready for hard work.

No where you can earn money without effort but yes blogging gives you platform to earn money without working for anyone and with your interest. Following two quotes motivates me in blogging “I’ll not success immediately but definitely” and “If you are born poor is not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault”. And I think these two lines should always be in your sole to succeed in any field.

Challenges in blogging

Then start your journey in blogging industry else this will be just a time pass for you. If you are ready, then start reading this article to take very first step in blogging. Remember one thing by now, as much as you explore that much you learn. As much you learn, that much you EARN.


I have seen many people who started their blogging journey and stopped after a week or a month because they don’t have patience. Patience is something that bring you height of success in your life. Keep patience, because best thing in life is come with patience.

About Keyword Research

Okay! Enough now… Coming to our main topic i.e. “How to do proper keyword research”. Wait here this is very first step to start your blogging journey. A good keyword will bring you hell lot of money in even two or months. So put your maximum effort in doing proper keyword research. A low competitive keyword will be ranked within one or two month but the main point is how to find low competitive keyword.

how to find low competition keywords

Finding low competitive keyword is not an easy task in 2019 and another thing you have to keep in mind that, you have well knowledge of that particular niche on which you are going to build your blog.

There is many tools available for keyword research like SEMRush that can make your task easy but… I would also recommend you to do manual keyword research. Now you have the doubt that “How to do manual keyword research”. Don’t be panic because the aim of this article is to teach you everything about Manual Keyword research.



Tools recommended for manual keyword research… Wait, don’t be panic… you do not need to buy anything… All these tools are free of cost that will help you to manual keyword research and provide you golden keyword to bank you.

  • SEMRush (Best tool)
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • Moz bar chrome extension.
  • Majestic Chrome extension.
  • Hola/ZenMate/Total VPN Chrome extension.

Before starting keyword research for your niche website, make sure that you are ready with above tools. If you are not ready now, first of all at least install Moz Bar, Majestic, and Ahrefs Free version.

Are you ready with these tools now? Okay lets the game begin…

Step by step guide to find low competitive keywords

Step #1:

First of all turn on VPN and set your targeted location where you want to rank. Now open Google Adwords account and choose Keyword Planner from tools option on navigation bar.

Step #2:

Search your keyword in keyword planner and set your targeted location where you want to rank. Are you done with this? Okay! See the search volume and Adword bidding amount from there. If your keyword has good amount of searches and AdWords bidding as well then fine else see any alternate keyword from suggested keyword option in keyword planner itself.

My recommendation is, if you are newbie then go at least 30K search volume keyword per month. Working a keyword below than 30K will not worth you much until your keyword is buying keyword. A buying keyword is something that you can make any sale.

Let’s clear it with an example: Best Plasma TV under 2000$, Best Android Smartphones in 2019 or Best Laptop gaming under 1000$ are buying keywords because, people looking for these keywords are interested in buying things. Here you can use any affiliate program for selling for example Plasma TVs and get huge commission on that.

SEMRush is a most popular SEO tool in internet marketing industry. A person who are looking for review of long tail pro is interested in that product and you can run any affiliate there.

Step #3:

Once you are decided a particular keyword, search it in Google and now see the number of results. As less the number of result is for that particular keyword, it means very few people are targeting it.

Step #4:

Now click on Moz bar and see the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of top ten results.

If there is any four sites having less than 20 DA/PA ranking in top ten results it means you have chance to rank as well with your hard work. Wait… this is only not enough. Keep moving with this article because here I am going to reveal some secret keyword research strategy.

Step #5:

Okay now you have four sites which are ranking in top ten with DA less than 20. Copy these sites in your notepad and open Majestic tool.

Analyse these websites, Choose site explorer of Majestic Tool and place first website there. Check Citation Flow (CF) and Trust flow (TF) of first website. If the website having TF less than 15 it means you can also beat it with some proper strategy. Now check CF and TF of other three sites as well.

Now find Average value of CF and TF… For example,

  • has TF 15 and CF 20.
  • has TF 10 and CF 15.
  • has TF 5 and CF 10.
  • has TF 12 and CF 18.

Now take average of TF and CF of all four websites…

  • Average TF= (TF1+TF2+TF3+TF4)/4= (15+10+5+12)/4= 10.5 OR 11.
  • Average CF= (CF1+CF2+CF3+CF4)/4= (20+15+10+18)/4= 15.75 OR 16.

Now you have average value of TF and CF… If Average TF and CF is below than 15 and 20, it means your possibility of ranking for that keyword is there.

Step #6:

Once you are done with CF/TF calculation, now you have to look for On Page of those four sites… If any sites with weak on page is still ranking for that keyword it means you can outrank that easily with strong On Page optimization.

Step #7:

A site having weak On Page optimization but still ranking for a particular keyword it mean it have good backlink profile or high domain age which is an authority in eye of Google. Move to Ahref tools and analyse backlink profile of all four domains. If there is weak link then your task is easy. You can easily outrank those websites for that particular keyword.

Note: If the backlinks are coming from inside the article, its indication of strong backlink. Comments, Directory, Profile links, Social Bookmarking etc. are indication of weak backlink profile.

Step #8:

The very last step is to check those websites in WayBack Machine for knowledge of domain age. Generally Google give preference to higher domain age websites in ranking. If those websites are not older enough, it means you have a golden keyword of low competition.


Okay! Let me summarize the whole article by which you can find an ideas to how to find low competition keywords to rank fast in search engine. What factor I looking while manual keyword research is…

Domain Authority of Top 10 Sites:

If there is four domain of DA less than 20 is a sign of low completion keyword (It only an indication, don’t stick here only).

Majestic Trust Flow of Top 10 Sites:

If there is any four website ranking in search engine for a particular keyword of average Trust Flow below than 15 is indication of low competitive keyword.

On Page Optimization:

If those websites are not On page optimized, it means you have a great opportunity to rank for that particular keyword with strong On Page and Social Signals only.

Backlink Profile:

If there is weak backlink profile of those sites, it means you can easily outrank them.

Domain Age:

Domain age is another strong ranking factor for Google. If those websites are just built or one year old, here again you have 100% chance to outrank those websites.

Exact Title:

If none of websites in top ten results are targeting exact title of your keyword, it means you have 100% opportunity to rank for that keyword.


Okay! Now you have a golden keyword of low competition, what you should do now? Now you have to look for a good domain. EMD (Exact Match Domain) was trending in 2017 but in 2019 you should go with a brandED domain name. Some people might oppose this, but I have faced it. Google especially looking to those EMD. Some of my blogs has been penalized as well in 2016. Apart from it, your reader will not like EMD. A branded domain name has loyal readers.

Check domain availability here:

Another thing I have experienced that, branded domain name has usually lower bounce rate than EMD’s and bounce rate is strong ranking factor in search engine. As lower your bounce rate is, your blog is an authority in eye of Google.

Excuse me… Here I am not going to talk about bounce rate and all. You can read much more here in later articles. I only want to say that, always prefer branded domain name instead of exact match domains.

Next step… Find Fast Hosting Provider

You are ready with your low competitive keyword as well as domain name… Now you have to look a fast hosting provider where you can host your website. As much as faster your website will, you will get huge advantage in ranking as well.

Okay! I can understand, you can’t afford huge money right now to buy a good dedicated server but A2 Hosting is a fastest shared hosting provider with 99% uptime. So I strongly recommend you to go ahead with A2 Turbo Hosting plan.

Have you bought A2 hosting? Now just intall wordpress from your control panel and customized it according to your need. Don’t waste your time in decorating your website because there is no meaning to decorate it in start. Your only aim is rank your keyword and bank that’s all.

Now another question may be in your mind…What to do after installing wordpress?

Posting high quality articles

Buddy you have you low competitive keyword and also ready with your wordpress website. Now start posting high quality articles from first day only. Keep posting for at least one week with daily two articles. Once you are ready with 15 articles on your blog, add necessary pages over there like About Us, and Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc. These pages will also create a positive impact about your blog in eye of Google.

Okay friends… Want secret strategy to rank higher in Google? Stay tuned..

I’ll back with next article soon where you will get how to rank fast with those low competitive keyword.. Keep visiting my blog regularly…

Final Verdict:

I hope you liked this article about how to do keyword research manually. I have also told you about how to choose a domain name and what strategy you should follow in start to rank higher in Google. I am pretty sure that you can easily rank a low competitive keyword within two to three months for sure, even after you are totally new in blogging and Search Engine Optimization.

Thanks for your valuable time… Looking for your response in comment box. Your response will decide me to how faster I should come with next article about secret ranking strategy for new blogs. Share it with others also.

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