There’s really only one way to say this; if you want ‘delicious’, then you need to head over to Madvapes and check out their Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0. This is an upgrade to the original MVP vape which was considered by many in the industry as a best in class performer in its own right.

However, the new iTaste MVP v2.0 has set the bar even higher, hitting all the sweet spots not only in design, but also where it really counts; in the amount of vaping punch that it delivers right to the back of the throat.

In terms of performance and features, this is one e cig that lives up to its ‘taste it, love it’ motto, and is easily close to the best variable vaporizer in the mid-power range that we have tested yet. Hailed by some vaping enthusiasts as revolutionary for its time, this MVP version hits like a power house making it quite possibly the last and best variable voltage mod you are ever likely to own.

This is another winner for the crew at Innokin who have taken the variable voltage model one step closer to being the mod box of choice for users at any experience level.
This upgrade to the MVP electronic cigarette has added the much requested variable wattage to its functionality, and it has achieved this without losing any of the performance accuracy or battery life for which the iTaste MVP was known.

It has added features that now check resistance levels (ohms) and which give even more accurate battery readout than was available with the previous version.
You can still vape and charge with this model, and it can also act as a backup unit for charging external devices like your cell phone, iPod or iPad.

It is equipped to charge mini and micro USB as well as Apple devices with a 32 pin connection. The MVP 2 e cig comes with instruction manual, iClear 30 and picture card and outgoing charger.

Features of the iTaste MVP v2

The Innokin iTaste MVP v2.0 is available in 4 finishes;
• Silver
• Carbon fiber
• Black
• Titanium blue – changes hue depending on the light at the time you are using it.
It is made from metal which ensures that it is solid while retaining its versatility.
In size, it is rectangular yet cleverly compact so that it easily fits within your hand and pocket.

Unlike version 1 which was shiny in coating, the MVP 2 ecig is in matte which wipes out those annoying finger marks. This model now has a raised firing button in place of the previous flat body control, and the beauty ring now lies against the body of the mod instead of overhanging so that it no longer snags on clothing or other material.
The final obvious feature that differs in this 2.0 vape is the bottom threading now accepts 510 and eGo threading parts instead of being made specifically for iClear clearomizers.

Features overview

It’s impossible to run a complete iTaste MVP 2.0 review without listing the features that make this mod one of the most popular in its class for the modest price that you will pay.
The following is what makes this mod such a popular vaping piece of equipment;
• Variable use voltage – volts from 3.3 to 5.0
• Variable use wattage – watts from 6.0 to 11.0
• Thread fit iClear16 Clearomizersx 2 (1 x iClear 30 with some providers)
• Puff counter
• Ohms meter
• Battery level indicator
• Large battery capacity – 2600 mAh supported
• Over discharge protection
• Atomizer protection (short circuit)
• High compatibility 510 connection
• On/Off switch (battery)
• 3-digit display
• 10 second press cut-off
• Pass-through use capability while charging
• Voltage/wattage memory
• Portable power source/charger for electronic mobile devices

How the iTaste MVP works

Navigation of the iTaste MVP 2.0 will feel a little different from version 1 if this is your first attempt at using a combined variable voltage/wattage mod device. It’s easy to pick up however and after a couple of uses will become very intuitive.
Here are the main things you need to know;

Power on/off 

It is a 3 click on/click off system that shows the battery voltage as green between 3.8 and 4.2 when on, yellow when voltage is 3.6 to 3.7, and red for lower power.
The on/off fire button is located on the front of the mod for easy thumb placement. When you hold the fire button down once after you click it on it will activate the battery.


The bottom of the mod contains the ‘input’ port for charging your MVP. This is where you insert your micro USB connection. The output hole is for charging your other devices. Flip the switch to ‘on’ prior to attaching your device.

Variable voltage/wattage

On the side of the mod is the menu and display screen which houses the voltage (U) and wattage (P) buttons.

  • Pressing these together will display the battery life and the atomizer resistance.
  • Pressing either button quickly shows the puff count.
  • Pressing P alone and holding it will show the current wattage and last puff count.
  • To increase the wattage, hold it down and then press it.
  • You can increase wattage in half (W) increments.
  • To decrease the wattage, repeat this action until it cycles back to the beginning.
  • The same applies when pressing U to vary your voltage. Your (V) can be increased in 0.1 increments only.


The internal Lithium-ion polymer battery performance is extraordinary in supporting around 26 hours of constant use at 3.7 volts. This means that with heavy vaping, you can expect to receive up to 2 days usage without the need to re-charge it.

Output is also very consistent, delivering solidly when tested at various voltage and wattage settings and with atomizers up to the 3.0 ohms range.

Tanks & Cartomizers provides 2 iClear 16 tanks for vapor production. To fit smaller sized tanks to the unit, simply remove the beauty ring as we did in testing. If you would like to see exactly the MVP features, here is a link to over 14 minute video explaining everything for iTaste MVP features.

Innokin iTaste MVP pros and cons


Apart from the slick design and easy to use functionality, there are several other stand-out reasons for using the iTaste MVP v2 that we should both reinforce and share with you;
• Variable voltage power is creating waves with users who are impressed with its lasting power
• Near-unbeatable battery life
• Comfortable to carry and use
• Affordable price at around $69 depending on place of purchase
• Sturdy, solid and not easily broken


As with this iTaste MVP 2 review, there are times when it is a stretch to define with confidence areas that should be reported as plainly negative. There are not too many areas in which we found the MVP 2 to disappoint. With that said, however, we can highlight some areas in which the device could fair better on its next upgrade;

  • The P and U buttons have a slight rattleNo option to decrease (V) and (W) without cycling through the digits
  • Fire button is at times slightly resistant
  • Battery is not replaceable

What people are saying about the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0

We did our homework on the MVP 2 and instead of questions that relate to how to use iTaste MVP, what we found was glowing praise from users elated with how long lasting the mod was despite their heavy usage of it.
There was also appreciation for the portable charging feature that can be used to extend the battery life of cell phones in a pinch.
Then of course there was applause for the depth of flavor that the MVP 2.0 was producing when used with the Madvapes e juices. When you have the right liquid with the right mod, your expectations are easily exceeded.

Should you buy the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0?

Given the addition of the variable wattage feature to what was already a highly rated mod device within the vaping community, it only makes sense that the MVP 2.0 is going to heighten your e cig experience much further than what you may have encountered to date.
If it’s all-in-one unique mods and deeply flavorsome hits that is your thing, then you really need to consider joining the MVP 2.0 choir and see for yourself exactly why it is that other users are continuing to sing about it.


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