Is WhatsApp monitoring app helpful for parents?

Traditional parenting has its importance since mankind has made their existence on the planet earth. Nowadays, after such a massive revolution has been taken place there is another form of parenting that is too important for parents known as digital parenting. Parents have to keep an eye on children’s real-life and as well as online. Over the years, social media apps are popular among teens and kids likewise WhatsApp and plenty of other alike. Teens are addicted to social apps and spend all day long on multiple activities such as text messages, chats, sharing media, audio-video calls, and last but not least WhatsApp Voice messages. All the features seem interesting and full of fun, but under the cover, these activities can put a child at a greater risk.

Therefore, parents should monitor WhatsApp activities of teens and kids to make sure their safety online and to prevent them from excessive screen-time and addiction.

Why WhatsApp monitoring is necessary for parents?

There are plenty of reasons that every parent should keep in mind that they should track the social messaging activities of children. The real-life predators such as stalkers, bullies, sexual predators, child traffickers have been migrated to the web where they target young teens having their contacts somehow. They can easily stalk, bully online and even trap young teens from sexual motives and every discussion starts from chatting end at video and voice calling and in the real-life meeting. So, stranger danger is always there. So, parents should get their hands on the WhatsApp spy app that enables them to see instant messenger activities.

How to get WhatsApp monitoring software?

If you want to get your hands on the best tracking software for WhatsApp then you should go for a couple of steps to get the job done for digital parenting. Let’s get to know how to get it, and how parents can get benefited.

Step1: Get subscription visiting the web

The very first job you need to do is to get access to the web browser of your phone device and access the internet. Now you need to search the webpage of the cellphone monitoring app. Once you are on the webpage then you need to get subscription online. Now go and log in to the email and collect the credentials.

Step2: Get Physical access on teen’s cellphone

Now all you require to have access to teen’s cell phone and once you have it instantly start the process of installation. Furthermore, after the completion of the process successfully, activate it on the target device.

Step3: Active your online dashboard

Now it is the right time to use the credentials such as passcode and ID and activate your personal web control panel. You can visit plenty of tools that empower you to get the logs of all trend social media apps logs including WhatsApp. Let’s discuss the tools in detail.

Best WhatsApp monitoring app tools for parents

Live screen recording

An end-user can use its web control panel and further get access to the target device remotely. Now it can perform screen recording at the time when social media app is active on the phone. You can record a short series of videos and deliver them to the web portal. You can see all the live recorded videos of WhatsApp activities running on teen’s phones in real-time.


Now parents can get documented evidence against their children inappropriate activities by scheduling multiple screenshots at once on target device using cell phone tracking app online control panel.  Users can get the screenshots and get to know about the activities.

IM’s logs

Parents can perform digital parenting on WhatsApp and the user can get the IM’s logs remotely via the dashboard. You can get the logs of chats, text messages, text conversations, audio-video calls, and last but not least WhatsApp Voice messages.


This would help out parents to see the daily activities of teens on the instant messenger with a complete time stamp. Parents will get to know to whom teens are talking and what time when they are having conversations is. Furthermore, get to know the reason behind long chats, text messaging, calls, and other activities. That’s why WhatsApp monitoring app is helpful for parents.

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