Is SEO Dead? The Answer is Interesting!

Every year we hear the whisper that SEO is dying. While the rumours are usually false, but they still hold some fragmented truth. Because some strategies of SEO are either dead or they have entirely evolved into something new. Is SEO dead? The answer is interestingly, both yes and no at the same time. 

We will talk about some strategies of SEO that are dead and also some strategies that have kept SEO alive.

Dead SEO Strategies:

  • Paying More Attention On Linking Building:

Link building is one of the greatest strategies to rank high on Google’s search result. Broken links often used to decrease the rank on Google’s search result. However, this is not the case anymore. Truth is having a quality and relevant link is more necessary. 

  • Having an Useful  Website is More Important than Ranking Number One :

Standing number on Google’s search result used to be one of the important strategies to increase more data traffic. However, this is not the case anymore; having an useful website increase data traffic on your website. In that case, your main focus will be increasing the click-through-rate of your page. 

To increase that you must optimize your page by adding meta description and an enticing content. This will increase the likelihood of your website being chosen by the snippet boxes.

  • Over-optimization of Prime Keywords:

It used be very important to make your webpage keyword optimized to rank high on Google’s search result. However, this is not the case anymore. Having a webpage that fulfils the visitors need and queries is more important. 

Moreover, the contents of the webpage must be readable and fluent. The SEO agencies in Bangalore are primarily focusing the on the current strategies. It’s time to stop obsessing over mere keywords. 

  • Creating A Vast Number of Pages and Post:

More always sounds good. Err, well… More sometimes sounds good. In fact, it doesn’t help to have more pages and posts.  Having high-quality content is more necessary than having a huge number of pages and post.

Also, your posts can rank for more than one keyword. Sometimes, a lengthy and valuable content can rank for too many keywords.  Hence, it is unnecessary to make a new page or post just to target a single keyword. The search engine marketing company  are working hard to make enticing SEO-optimized content, instead of making huge number of websites or posts, or both. 

The SEO Strategies That Are Still Alive:

  • SEO is Still A Long-term Game:

SEO Is 80 billion dollar business in U.S and it shows the importance for business or blogging.

Seo will not die and search results are increasing day by day.India has reached 500 million internet users.

You must focus on long-term success for your SEO-optimized webpage. Since, SEO is a long term game. In fact, the time is stretched a bit lately. Increasing data traffic and ranking a good position in the search result takes time. People often seem to choose Black-Hat SEO strategies. However, they might bring success in a little time, but if you get caught by Google, your webpage will be banned or blacklisted. That’s why White- hat SEO strategies are more important to stay in the long-term gain. The Best SEO agency in Bangalore will help you to focus on this long-term game. 

  • Create High Quality Content and Promote Your Website : The top SEO companies in Bangalore are helping to create interesting and useful contents.
  • Focus on topic Research, Instead of Keyword research 
  • Edit or Relaunch the Old Contents of Your Webpage: This is an impressive SEO strategies, that hasn’t dies yet. The SEO agencies in Bangalore will serve you to do that. 
  • Run tests to Increase Click Through Rate (CTR) of Your Website: 

Top Ten SEO Companies in Bangalore: 

WeDoEconsultPvt. Ltd

Here is the list below

  • WedoEconsult Pvt Ltd
  • Zweezle
  • Brandstory
  • Ralecon
  • Digimarket Agency
  • VistasIndia 
  • DigiElevation : This is one of the top ten  SEO Companies in Bangalore in the year of 2020.
  • First Launch: Just like DigiElevation, the SEO Company called First Launch has qualified as one of them, in the year 2020.
  • Virtusa Polaris: 


After all these discussions, we hope that you are convinced SEO is not dead. But some of its strategies are. The strategies are always dynamic and need to be changed and adopted with passing time and changes. The affordable  SEO services in Bangalore can help you thrive to this ever changing market.

Seo will never die and it will evolve much more than future. People want information and answers to so many questions.

Seo is always an interesting and logical subject. So learning this multi dimensional skill will help us.

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