Do you have Smart TV at your home? It means a powerful home theater set-up already with you. I assume that you have a great sound system as well now all you need is a powerful software that manages all these hardware’s and provides optimum utilization of these stuff with excellent sound experience. Now the next question came into the mind is- what is best media software which manages these hardware’s all together and gives best music experience. I recommend you to use Kodi on Smart TV to get optimum utilization of your great smart TV display and excellent sound system. Don’t worry… I am covering everything about Kodi on Smart TV so please be patient and read the guide carefully.

Kodi XBMC Kodi is an open-source media center which is previously known as XBMC. Kodi is an open source project it means we can get it for free and do whatever tweak we want without worrying about software license. Almost 600 developers worked together on a project and after so many struggles Kodi Media Center developed. The ultimate goal of those developers was to provide a single media center which can handle multiple tasks altogether.

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Kodi allows users to install any third party plugin into it for managing all types of media. All it requires is just a Zip file Kodi add-ons and we can proceed it in normal ways. But in this tutorial, I’ll tell you, how to install Kodi on Smart TV to manage the all assets for the better home theater experience. Kodi has lots of add-ons available from the third party which scrapes Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Music etc. from the internet and present it on your Smart TV screen.

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How To Install Kodi On Smart TV

 Before moving to guide let me ask one question… Are your Smart TV support Android? If yes then you’re good to else you can’t install Kodi on Smart TV if it doesn’t run the Android operating system. Now the question comes in mind, why Kodi can’t installed on those devices which are not running on Android? The reason behind this is, Kodi developers coded all the software in C/C++, Java and other modern languages which are supported by Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Raspberry.

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Some of the Smart TV of Samsung which doesn’t run on Android, can’t install Kodi on Smart TV. Broadly, Samsung makes two version of Smart TV; the first one is Android and later one is Tizen OS. So all Tizen OS Smart TV doesn’t support Kodi Media Center.

How to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

So… Let’s move with tutorial; I assuming that your Smart TV supports Android platform. Here are steps to download Kodi on Samsung Smart TV-

Step-1: Go to Play Store on Samsung Smart TV.

First of all, go to your Samsung Smart TV menu and open Play Store.

Step-3: Navigate to search bar and type “Kodi” on Samsung Smart TV Play Store.

In Google Play Store click on the search bar and write Kodi there and click on search button.

Step-4: Install Kodi App on Samsung Smart TV from Google Play Store.

Step-5: Now install Kodi Addons on Samsung Smart TV and enjoy Kodi features on Smart TV.

How to install Kodi on Smart TV which doesn’t have to Google Play Store?

Many Samsung, LG, and Sony Smart TV don’t having pre-installed Google Play Store but they want to install Kodi on it, So how to install it on those devices which don’t have Play store installed. Here are the steps to install Kodi on Smart TV which not having Play Store installed by default-

Step-1: Download Kodi from official site

Step-2: Connect your TV with any file transfer device and transfer downloaded Kodi app on Smart TV.

Step-3: Extract package with any file explorer and install Kodi Apk on Smart TV.

Step-4: Install all required Kodi Plugins and Addons on Smart TV by following same steps.

Step-5: Once everything was done, your Smart TV is ready to run Kodi on it and you can get the best performance on it.

Why not buy Smart TV which is not running on Android

Whenever we went to an electronic market to buy a new Smart TV for home; what we normally look in it? No idea- Let me cover some of them.

  1. It’s display size.
  2. It’s display technology (normally LCD and LED).
  3. It’s price.
  4. It’s Sound system.
  5. And it’s brand.

These are few common things a normal mind look for while buying a new Smart TV for the home but we never look for its operating system, it’s processor and it’s RAM. But, keep one thing in mind before buying any Smart TV; make sure that it’s running on some popular OS like Android because Android became the most powerful and popular operating system in this era.

Whatever the application you want to install from Google Play Store; you can install it directly or via APK file if it’s running on Android. If you want to download and install Kodi on Smart TV then, you can directly do it via Apk file or Google Play Store. There are lot’s of games and hacked games available in the market can easily installed on Smart TV.

I hope you have got the answer of, why not to buy a Smart TV which is not running on Android OS.

Some excellent features of Smart TV-

What is the first thought came into your mind while you listen to the word “Smart”? A good image with latest updated technology- right? YES… So let me discuss some awesome features of Smart TV.


  • You have access to browse the internet directly from the Smart TV…
  • You can directly watch YouTube videos in HD quality right on your Smart TV.
  • You can open and chat on Facebook and WhatsApp on Smart TV only.
  • You’ll have access to world wide web and for any purposes like sending and replying emails, you don’t have to open Laptop or PC….
  • You can make a Skype video call on a bigger screen.
  • You can do whatever you want.
  • It comes with the excellent feature of screen mirror which allows sharing your mobile screen on a bigger HD screen.
  • It enables users to play games on a bigger screen.
  • The Smart TV having various type of ports like HDMI, USB, Ethernet port etc. which allow connecting with the router for fast internet access.
  • It has the option to Wi-Fi direct by which we can transfer bigger files quickly without any wire connection.

Some notable cons of Smart TV-

  • The very first cons of Smart TV is; there will be always a chance of getting hacked because our Smart TV is directly connected to the internet.
  • Our data can be stolen by hackers anytime.
  • As the Smart TV usage Web Cams; once hackers hack the Webcams can spy on us.

Some ways to stay safe from hackers-

smart-tv-hackSo you got the reason why not to buy a Smart TV? Don’t worry here are some tips which prevent to getting hacked-

  • Don’t browse any untrusted websites from your Smart TV.
  • Always install trusted Apps and software’s on it.
  • Don’t browse and download any pirated stuff from the internet.
  • Never download any files from the torrent and cracking websites.
  • Always put some dark strip on Webcam and microphone to stay safe from the spy.
  • Always download Kodi to stream any videos and movies- as a research says that, most of Smart TV only using to stream YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu and HBO, etc…
  • We recommend installing an Antivirus App from the store to prevents some important data.

Okay! Fine…These are some safety majors that helps you in prevents from the data hacking. In most of the cases people normally using Kodi on Smart TV to stream videos and movies. There are a hell lot of trusted Kodi add-ons available which you can get by paying a small amount. So, I recommend installing official add-ons and plugins only on your Kodi Smart TV.

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