Install Kodi On Roku- Hi and welcome to my blog and here I am back with another useful tutorial and here I’ll discuss on how to install Kodi on Roku? But before coming to guide first I’ll give a brief introduction about Roku and Kodi and I’ll tell how we can use them together. So let’s first start with Roku and then we’ll move to Kodi.

What is Roku?

Roku TV
Roku TV

For them who are not much involved in tech experiments, I’ll tell some small introduction about Roku. Roku is a very popular media streaming player which popularly used to stream videos on TV. In simple language; Roku find the videos from the internet and stream directly on Television.

Normally Roku comes in six different models and all of them have 3500+ Roku channels and all of them supports 1080p Full HD videos. There are some popular TV channels like NetFlix, HBO, Hulu, GO etc. are available to stream directly from the TV remote. Even if you bought any company TV and which supports Roku (via HDMI) then you can install Roku on your TV with the help of some Setup-box.

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There are lots of Roku players available on the internet but most of Roku players are paid and this is the disadvantage of Roku TV but still, it’s more advance and it eliminates the need of TV remote for entertainment. I think it’s enough in the introduction about Roku TV because I have to cover about Kodi also and then how to install Kodi on Roku TV guide too. So article becomes longer.

What is Kodi?

Kodi Media Streaming Center

So in above paragraph, I discussed Roku TV and now I’ll putting some light on Kodi also. Well, Kodi has also gained immense popularity in the market. Kodi is an open-source media player software developed by XBMC foundation used for managing the Television and its remote control access.It allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from the internet, as well as all common digital media files from local and network storage media.

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Kodi is the brain child of more than 500 software developers and 200 compilers and coders. All these are possible just because of XBMC organization and now users can customize the Kodi interface with the help of various Kodi Addons. Kodi is now available for Android and Amazon Fire TV also. Even we can install Kodi on PC also and enjoy lots of TV channels for free. Well, in next guide, I’ll discuss on how to install Kodi on PC and Kodi on Mobile phones, so please be in touch with us. But as of now, let’s start with how to install Kodi on Roku TV.

How To Install Kodi on Roku TV

Kodi on Roku
Kodi on Roku

Before moving forward; let me discuss some important things about installing Kodi on Roku. The very first and basic thing is; you must have a very fast internet connection to stream video on Roku TV via Kodi because Roku consumes high data as it downloads all media in High-quality. Normally, Roku fetches the data in 1080p quality so it consumes huge data at a faster rate.

Kodi typically runs on various popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and Android. Even Kodi can be installed on Amazon Fire TV and Kodi on Roku 2/3/4. Well, there is no direct way to download and install Kodi on Roku TV for that it requires some different way to install Kodi on Roku TV. One of the most suitable ways to install Kodi on Roku is by establishing the virtual relation between Kodi media player and Roku TV media streaming software.

Well, Kodi is not providing any content on it by default but it can be customized for the different media content from the third-party software’s popularly known as Kodi Addons. We have a separate article on best Kodi add-ons in 2017 that give great media streaming experience.

As I already listed the platform on which Kodi TV is supported but Roku doesn’t run any of out of them so there is no official way to install and stream Kodi content on Roku. Kodi is totally programmed in C and C++ but Roku developers don’t work any of both programming languages but if in future; Roku developers can find any way which supports C and C++ language on Roku then Kodi developers can find a way to install Kodi on Roku TV.

How To Stream Kodi Content on Roku?

As I already cleared that there is no official way to install Kodi on Roku but still we can cast the Kodi content on Roku with the help of Windows or Android devices. So, we’ll use Android or Windows devices to cast Kodi content on Roku but this feature is also in Beta version. As of now, the casting feature is only available on Roku and is under Beta testing version.

Some important things we need to know about Kodi

Kodi is an open source media player software it means anyone has license to modify or change the feature of Kodi and developers already doing this by developing Kodi add-ons for different useful purposes. If you look on the internet with Kodi add-ons then you can find tons of software which provide different contents for Kodi. The most important reason why people want to use Kodi tv Roku is that of Exodus addon because Exodus add-on is an awesome Kodi Plugin.

There are many other unofficial plugins available which enable Kodi users to stream pirated movies and videos from torrent sources and I think this is another strong reason why people are looking for how to install Kodi on Roku TV.

How to install Kodi on Roku 3 or Kodi on Roku 4?

Well, Roku 3 and Roku 4 is also the devices which don’t run on C or C++ programming language so, we can install Kodi on Roku 3 and Kodi Roku 4. But, we have an alternative way to use and install Kodi on Roku 3 and Kodi Roku 4.

To run Kodi on Roku 3 or Kodi on Roku 4 you need a mirror device which can provide an intermediate interface between Kodi and Roku, If developers can find a way which support both the platforms on which Kodi is running and on which Roku is running then we can find a common solution and can able to install Kodi application on Roku TV.

Follow these steps to install Kodi on Roku 3 and Roku 4

  • Get a mirror device while installing Kodi on Roku.
  • Now you need to play with some tricks to install Kodi content on mirror device and then cast it on Roku.
  • You can utilize Windows PC or Android smartphone as mirror device to install Kodi or Roku 3.
  • After casting Kodi content on Android or Windows (Mirror device) you need to press the Home button on Roku device.
  • Now, head over to Roku device settings and select the system update mode to make sure that your device has software which is built in 5.2 to run Kodi.
  • Next, you should go backward to setting option, and you need to select the option Screen Mirroring.
  • Finally, you need to enable the Screen Mirroring option clicking on the button, and then you need to press the OK button to run on Kodi for Roku 3/4/5/6.

How to get Kodi on Roku via Windows PC?

  • Initially, you need to go to the start menu option and press the Windows button.
  • After that, you need to look for the device settings option.
  • Then you must click on the add device option on your next screen.
  • Select your Roku streaming device.
  • You will get the purple screen on your Roku device or Stick.
  • Just you need to click on the screen to run Kodi on Roku 4/3/2.

How to Jailbreak Roku Stick (Is it possible to Jailbreak Roku Stick)

I was visiting some question answer websites and researching about Roku and Kodi and seen that many people were asking for Jailbreak Roku or How to Jailbreak a Roku stick? So, if you are also looking for the answer to how to jailbreak Roku stick then I want to ask one question to you? Do you really think Roku is running on Android or Linux or Windows? No… Because if it’s running on any of these platforms then Kodi developers can also search a possible way to install Kodi on Roku 2/3/4/5.

So the straightforward answer to your question is NO…It’s not possible to jailbreak Roku stick because it’s not run on Android or iOS platform. As far as I predict, those people are looking for a way to stream pirated content on Roku and Amazon Firestick but sadly there is no way to jailbreak it. For that, you need to have two HDMI port on your TV then you can cast Pirated Kodi contents on Roku TV with the help of mirror devices like Android and Windows PC.

Some notable features of Roku TV-

Roku allows their users to stream even more 3500 TV channels including NetFlix, HBO, Hulu TV, GO etc. As far as I know, Roku is the best media streaming box which fetches the videos and movies in HD format from the internet and present before you. We all should thankful to Roku developers who made our life easier than ever by eliminating the need for remote control. With the help of Android or iOS device, we can control our full functionality of Roku TV.

Kodi is another excellent Media Center Software which gained huge popularity in the market because of it’s completely free. If it’s possible to install Kodi on Roku stick then it will be the best combination ever. I think, Kodi and Roku developers working on this project and sooner or later they will come with a proper way to install Kodi on all version of Roku TV. Here are some excellent features of Kodi and Roku TV

  • All version of Roku supports full HD media and this is the reason why I earlier asked you to get a high-speed internet connection.
  • Roku 4 supports UltraHD 4K video files and which you can use it on your HD TV.
  • Some shortcut keys are already present on remote of popular channels like Hulu TV and NetFlix.
  • It provide a feature to Log into WiFi networks; This will help you to stream your favorite content on places Like Hotel.
  • We can screen mirror your Windows and Android device on all Roku device except Roku 1.
  • It allows fast speed of Netflix and Youtube.

So, here is all about Kodi and Roku. I think everything is covered in this article and if you still have any question in your mind and you feel; this should be included in this article, can comment below. As soon as possible; I’ll try to answer your questions here about Kodi on Roku. Please share this article as much as possible on the social medias so then, I can boost myself to come up with more such articles here.


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