How To Install Kodi 17.6 (Krypton) On iPhone or iPad In 2019

Kodi was known as XBMC earlier. XBMC stands for Xbox media center, but it was long ago. It is an open source and free media player software. XBMC foundation has developed the software. You can operate the Kodi software in different hardware platform and system. The software allows watching films and TV for free.

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It is basically an open source media center. With the Kodi software you will be able to see videos, can able to listen to music, and podcast and you can see video from the internet. Now Kodi has a vast range of platforms and you can listen to it for more than sixty-five languages. In the year 2014, the name was changed. It offers thousands of Kodi add-ons to watch movies, tv shows, music, and videos.

What Kodi Does?

Kodi help to play the digital media. For an example films, music, slideshows, photos, TV either live or recorded you can watch podcasts.

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Operating systems that are compatible with Kodi

You can get the Kodi v17 ‘Krypton’ on Mac OS, Android, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi.

How to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad using Cydia Impactor

Kodi on iPhone or iPad using Cydia Impactor
Kodi on iPhone or iPad using Cydia Impactor

Are you willing to install Kodi into your iPhone? Worried about how to do it? Do not worry at all. Here we will give you all the details so that you can download Kodi very easily into your iPad or iPhone without jailbreaking. Only you have to use the Cydia Impactor. You must be thinking what is Cydia impactor is?

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So let us brief you Cydia impactor is an application for Windows and Mac OS. The user of the iOS gets the facility to download the app store by the Cydia media in the iOS device. All you have to download is Cydia impactor and the latest Kodi.IPA file on your mobile. All these files are not hosted by the Kodi, so you have to download it from the third party site. Let see how you can download it.

Step By Step Guide To Install Kodi

  • First of all, connect the iPad or your iPhone to your Mac or system PC. If you see that the iTunes get opened automatically once you plug in the iOS device. Before going to the next step close it.
  • Now open the Cydia impactor and drag-drop the downloaded previously Kodi IPA file.
  • Select the iOS device from the drop-down menu and click on the start button.
  • Cydia Impactor will query about the Apple ID login.  The login id is verified with the Apple desire and can only sign in to the IPA file. If you are thinking about the privacy system then you can have the alternate apple ID.
  • Once the application gets Click on the setting, go to the general, click on the profiles and the device manager. Now find the profile in your apple device and open it.
  • Press the trust button on the iPhone and the iPad to ‘trust’ the Kodi application.
  • Now open the application and enjoy the facilities which are available on the Kodi users.
  • For any reason, if you cannot follow the above-mentioned instructions then read out from the internet how to install Kodi on your iPad or your iPhone by using Xcode. For the macOS user, a free application is available.

How to install Kodi on iPad or iPhone using Xcode

Before you start everything you need to download some basic things which are absolutely free.

  • You are requested to download the Kodi deb file 17.1 version which is available. It is quite helpful as the method has not changed with the different versions.
  • Download the iOS App Signer. To unzip the file download the v1.9.
  • Now the step has come where you need to install Xcode 8 direct from the Mac application store. Put a smile on face cause Xcode is free. Let get started.

Follow process mentioned below

  1. First of all plug the iOS device to your MAC or the open Xcode
  2. Now select the “create the new Xcode project”. Keep the app highlighted on the left side of the iOS section and click on the single view app.
  3. From the next dialog box, you have to identify the created application. Fill with the organization identifier and fill the product name and the other fields will fill automatically, leave it as they are there. At this stage, you can make the application specifically on iPad or in the iPhone.
  4. Let’s go to the next step. From the next box choose the location for the Git repository.
  5. Never allow the Xcode to access the contacts of yours. Though you can do at your own choice it is advisable not to allow the contact access.
  6. The Xcode middle screen you will notice the unobtrusive error message is there. It will be written as “No code signing identities has found. Now click to fix the issue to underneath the message. Once you fix it all the next dialog box and enter the iOS ID and sign in.
  7. Once you go back to the main screen you will see a message for fixing. From the development team choose one, so click on the choice. The Xcode will automatically resolve the issue after fixed everything.
  8. Double click on the app signer. You will see that there will be written an input file and you want the pre-saved Kodi file. Click on the browse button and find the file.
  9. Choose the file name and save again. Click on the save button. The app singer will save the file and unpack the data, after that it will say as done once it will finish.
  10. Return to the Xcode and secret the window and the Press on the iOS device. You will see at the bottom iPhone contain details are there. You need to scroll down and you will find a small plus sign click on this, Choose the .ipa file. Take a pause while it is installing.
  11. Now unplug the device you will see the icon of Kodi is the first thing which available on your device screen.

Final Words

Kodi will turn your iPhone into a mini home theatre. You don’t need to look for any other movies or music apps. All you need to do is, just get an appropriate add-on installed on your Kodi. Kodi add-ons scrap the data from various video hosting sources. Some streaming link might ask you to pair your IP address. You can disable the hosters with captcha in order to fix such issues.

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