Top 5 Inspirational Books That Every Entrepreneur Must Read

top motivational books for enterpreneurs

Entrepreneurship is something that needs hell lot of motivation, challenge facing ability and adoptability. This is the reason that only few of persons turns in to entrepreneurship else most of teenager looks for job. They think that, he/she can secure his/her life by working 8 hours for others but the reality is different.

Do you remember your childhood memories? How much energy you had that time. At that moment you think that, Microsoft and Google is nothing in front of you. You had that much of energy that you can beat Billgates easily. But as you grown up all those motivational energy started to disappear. Do you ever think about it, how all those dreams turns in to 09:00AM to 5:00PM job? The main reason was your surroundings.

Each and every one who lives around you works as frictional force, whenever you tried to come out from those atmosphere, you do not had ability to increase your force more than frictional force which was imparted by your surrounded people. You will think what a shitty things I am explain before you, but this is true and if you want to be successful you must have to accept these shitty reasons that reduced your motivation and bring as 8 hours worker.

At this moment I remember an awesome line by Napoleon Hill that I want to share with you. This is a great quotes for entrepreneurs which shows the reality.

“The number 1 reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family and neighbours”

After reading this line you can also find where you lacked to overcome those demoralizing frictional force. From our childhood we listen one very famous line that I want to present in Hindi…

“Bhai Aaj ke Zamane me business karna bahut mushkil hai” I know you had also listen this line form your grandfather or anyone else but I don’t understand “Ye jamana kab se chala aa rha hai aur kab tak chalega”. Its 100% possible that your grandfather listen this line from his grandfather ;).

If we conclude the whole we find as, if you want to get success you must have hell lot of motivational power to take action and these motivational power can be taken from many sources.

Motivational books are an awesome source to get hell lot of inspiration and much more to learn. So in today’s article I am going to present a list of top 5 motivational books that every entrepreneur should read. I am pretty sure that you will definitely going to like these motivational book.

Top Motivational Books For Entrepreneurs

#1: Rich Dad Poor Dad:

rich dad poor dad book

In the list of 5 motivational books for entrepreneur the very first book is Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The writer of this inspirational book is Robert Kiyosaki. The tagline of this book is “What the Rich Persons Teach Their Kids about Money – Which the Poor and Middle Class person Do not!”

This book is talk about money, there are two character one is a Businessman and another is professor. When I started reading this book, it feel quite boring in start but once I goes deeper, it was awesome.  It take me only one day to complete the whole book.

If you really looking for a great inspirational book then this is my strong recommendation that go with Rich Dad Poor Dad. I am pretty sure that you also will complete the whole book in one day only. This book has great inspiration that make yourself as boosted. Take a try of this great inspirational book and leave your feedback in comment given below.


#2: Delivering Happiness – By Tony HSIEH, CEO –


“A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose” this is the tagline of this motivational book.

Tony Hsieh is the master of building a company culture. He focuses to creating an environment that is positive and rewarding for all employees and customers. Not only his company extremely successful (, but they seek to change the world and make focusing on company culture their number 1 priority. Tony talks about how the business started, the failures he’s had, and the journey he’s gone through to get where he and his company are today.

If you are really want to see how failure turns in to a big success then you must read this awesome book by Tony Hsieh. Please don’t forget to leave your valuable comment in below comment box. Your comment and suggestion will help us to improve the quality of articles by keeping visitors requirements.


#3: The All-Star Sales Book – By Billy Cox:


“Get in The Game, Boost Your Numbers, and Earn the Big Bucks”

Billy Cox teaches you how to get in the game and become a winner of that game. The All-Star Sales book is motivational book and will make you want to stop being lazy and get up to sell your products or services and this is an amazing quality that every entrepreneur should have. The book focus on the importance of setting goals, trying new things, and putting yourself in an environment that will challenge you. This is a quick read that will get yourself excited about growing your business, sticking with it, and believing in yourself. After reading this inspirational book by Billy Cox, please comment your feedback in comment box.


#4: The 4 Hour Work Week – By Timothy Ferriss:

the 4 hours work a week

“Escape 9 -5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich”

The 4 Hour Work Week is an amazing book that will make you think differently. It take me only two days to complete the whole book. In The 4 Hour Work Week Timothy Ferriss explains the benefits of focusing on only the most important things and not wasting time on checking the phone, email, and social media religiously. Timothy explains how he outsources work to employees as well as virtual assistants overseas. The outsourcing and minimizing of distractions has enabled him to become much more efficient and effective. He gives great advice that is helpful for all entrepreneurs.


#5: The Richest Man in Babylon – By George Clason:

the richest person in babylon

“The Secrets of the Ancients – The Most Inspiring Book on Wealth Ever Written”

When I passed out my Engineering, my father gifted me this book. This inspirational book talks about the importance of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. It explains the secrets to acquiring money, keeping money, and making money earn more money. I’d highly recommend this book for all recent graduates and people looking for solid advice about life, wealth, and success. This is an awesome book to gain lots of motivation and inspiration. After reading this book, I had huge energy. If you also planning to read something outstanding, “the richest man in babylon” is amazing choice for you.


If you are looking for good books to read, why don’t read motivational books? I am pretty sure that once you read these above listed book, you will thank to me. The above collections are most inspirational books around the world and recommended by many entrepreneurs. Soon there will be another article is about top motivational quotes for entrepreneurs. So stay tuned with ReviewsPub for upcoming article. Don’t forget to make a valuable comment below. Thanks for reading this article! Keep Visiting Here!