Indian Railways (IR) one of biggest transport facility to travel around countries. The initiation of railways in India started from the era of the British government. Now, Indian Railways is run and operated by the central government of India. There is an additional segment in the central ministry called Ministry of Railways, and currently, the chairmen of Railways department is Suresh Prabhu. Indian Railways has the largest route in Asia covering 93,000 Kilometre and around 8000 railways station. Indian Railway provides an online facility to make train enquiry between two stations.

If you are new to India and want to walk around different cities here, this guide will help you out in doing train enquiry between two railway stations. There are more than 8000 railways stations in India, and all stations have different station codes. You need to know some important stations codes of Indian Railways if you want a quick result.

There are lots of fake websites available on Google search who are claiming for Indian railway enquiry between two stations live status, seat availability, PNR status and timetables but here I’ll give you official website of Indian Railways for train live running status, PNR status, train between two stations and seat availability.

How To Check Train Between Two Stations

If you are planning to visit any city with Indian Railways- Make sure that you checked the list of the train between two stations along with seat availability. If any seat available between your source and destination book it instantly because any time those seats will be booked.

So follow these steps to check train between two stations in Indian Railways-

  • Visit the government website of Indian Railways

Indian Railways Enquiry Homepage

  • Now click on “Reserved Train Between Imp Stations” from the navigation bar (See #2 in above image).

train between important station

  • Choose your source station, destination station, class and date of journey (see above image). You can also sort the trains between a particular time range.
  • Now click on “Get Details” button.

You’ll have the list of trains between your source and destination station. You can get all details about that particular train. This way you can make Indian Railway Train Enquiry Between Two Stations. Now, the next paragraph is about, Indian Railways seat availability.

Indian Railway Seat Availability

In above paragraph, I explained about how to know the trains between two stations and in this paragraph, you will learn how to check Seat Availability in a train of Indian Railways. So follow this guide-

  • Visit the official site of Indian Railways-

Indian Railways Enquiry Homepage

  • Click on Seat Availability from the navigation bar(look at #3 in above image).

seat availability

  • Enter the train number which you got from above step, fill the source station code, destination station code, and date of the journey with travel class then hit on “Get Availability” button.

On your computer screen, you’ll get the seat availability status within a few seconds (time consumed in interesting function caller with the database). So, the next paragraph is all about checking PNR Status.

Indian Railways PNR Status- How To Check

If you want to know the current status of your PNR, you should be careful while making a Google search. I found lot’s of website ranking on the keyword “PNR Status” and the maximum of them are not officials. All of them are using API access of Indian Railways, and in most of the cases accurate result, but why not we contact dealer without any mediator.

Follow these steps to know the current PNR status of your booked ticket (requires when you got a waiting list WL ticket)-

  • Go to home page of official website by Indian Railways–

Indian Railways Enquiry Homepage

  • Click on PNR Status option from the navigation (see #1 in above picture).

pnr status

  • Enter your ten digit PNR number from the left top corner of your ticket.
  • Click on Get Status to know your current PNR Status.

You’ll get all details of booking like train number, train name, the source of booking, your destination station, your boarding station, your name along with the current status of your PNR. So this way you can check Indian Railway PNR Status from your mobile or PC.

How To Check Train Live Running Status

When it comes to knowing the live running status of any train, then most of the people take the help of Google Baba. But the problem is, sometimes it doesn’t provide updated result, or sometimes a third party website are ranking above. So people can’t get train running status correctly and miss their trains because of wrong information.

So here, I’ll tell you how to check exact train live running status which is provided by officials-

  • Search for train number or get it from official website of Indian Railways.
  • Now search the live running status of that train with the number and click the result which containing in URL of the search result.
  • Now click on Live Running Status to see the correct running status of that particular train.


So, now let me summarise everything in breif- As many of people believe on Google, I also do, but many times I got trapped in those face websites which claims to give Indian Railway PNR status, Live running Status and Seat availabilty in any particular train. So, I started following everything officials and decided to help you guys out so that, you will not get trapped in those fishy websites. If you found this guide useful then please live it and share on social medias so that your other friend can check the correct PNR status, train running station and seat avilalibility in Indian Railways. Thanks for reading this long guide…


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