So have you got Reliance Jio SIM in your area but not happy because if it’s internet speed? All you need to do is, read this article carefully and take action. After doing some necessary changes in settings and with the help of some speed optimizing apps, you can increase your Jio Speed up to 92Mbps. Wondering? ….

The maximum speed limit of Jio SIM is recorded up to 156Mbps, but after high inclination of customers towards Reliance Jio, the top speed goes down but still, you can increase Jio Internet Speed up to 92Mbps.

How To Increase Reliance Jio Internet Speed

There few working tricks to increase Jio 4G Internet Speed. Here are those methods-

increase jio internet speed
Method #1- Increase Jio 4G speed by the speed meter Lite app:

  1. Download and install Speed Meter Lite App from Google Play store initially.
  2. Now check whether your mobile network is connected on Band 40 or not. If connected, you are good to go…
  3. Install JioTV application in your device > Launch ‘RIL AGM’ Channel > Set the video quality to high.
  4. Take measure of your internet speed via Speed Meter Lite App.
  5. You will see your Jio internet speed is increased up to 40 to 45Mbps.
  6. Now you can stream any video from YouTube with high internet speed on Reliance Jio SIM.

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Method #2- Increase Jio Speed By Changing APN Setting:

Another most reliable trick to increase Jio internet speed is, by changing default APN setting to custom. You need to enter some specific value in APN, Proxy and Port setting. Here are complete detail-

  1. Open setting option in your device.
  2. Click on more setting.
  3. Choose mobile network setting.
  4. Shuffle to Jio SIM (in case you are using Dual SIM).
  5. Click on APN setting and select Jio Net.
  6. Click on modify APN setting (Edit the setting).
  7. Now, enter the following value in it-

Name –
APN – joined
APN Type – Default
Proxy – Not Set
Port – Not Set
Username – Not Set
Password – Not Set
Server –
MMSC – Not Set
MMS proxy – Not Set
MMS port – Not Set
MCC – 405
MNC – 857, 863 or 874
Authentication type – Not Set
APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

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Now save this setting and activate. Measure your internet speed after this trick, and you will see, your Jio internet speed is increased up to a real extent after this. With this small tweak, I have measured my Jio speed up to 42Mbps in the night. Let’s see, how’s your result (Don’t forget to comment your internet speed after testing).

Method #3- Increase Reliance Jio Speed By VPN 

  1. Download any good VPN on your Android device and change it’s location to the USA. I prefer VPN Master or Snap VPN to changing the location.
  2. Change your device location to the United States of America first and then change it to India.
  3. Now open your device browser and check the Jio internet speed, you will see the boost in speed after this trick.
Your downloading speed from Reliance Jio will be increase by twice for sure…

How to increase Jio internet speed in rooted phone

There is special trick to increase Jio 4G internet speed for rooted Android phones, check below-

Method #4- Increase Jio Internet Speed in rooted phones:

  1. Download 3G/4G Internet Speed Optimizer Apk on your rooted Android phone.
  2. In that application Select the network speed, choose 12/28/7 – Max Speed option.
  3. Then Click on ‘Apply Tweak.’
  4. Restart phone & after that you can see increase jio 4G internet speed.


Have you ever tried any tricks to increase Jio internet speed in past? These are some working tricks to boost Jio internet speed in 2017. The VPN method was easiest one but the APN setting method is most reliable. Most of the people using APN method to skyrocket Jio internet speed after 1GB limit, so you also can try this.


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