iMessage is a very popular app for iOS platform for messaging services. But the most important thing is, do you have enough money to get an iPhone? If yes then fine but what if you haven’t that much of budget to afford an iPhone? You must look for alternatives, and this guide is for those who are low on budget but want to get an experience of iMessage app. Downloading iMassage on PC is the best alternative for small budget people, and here in this article, I am going to explain from scratch to how to download iMassage for PC.

Even you can run other apps like Facetime, TuTu App, vShare, etc. on your Windows PC. So if you want to enjoy these apps, please read this article carefully else you might get some error while installation or at the time of running.

Download iMessage On PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP)

download imessage on pc

Well, iMessage is a pre-installed messaging app for Apple Smartphones, but it can be downloaded and enjoyed on Windows PC too. The app has gained immense popularity among iDevice users. It allows sending all text messages, video messages (Popularly Called MMS Multimedia Message Sending), Documents like TXT/DOC/PDF files to friends and family members who are using an Apple iPhone.

If you think, it requires Rooting or Jailbreaking of your device then you are wrong because this method doesn’t require any Rooting or Jailbreaking of your device. You simply need to download an additional software on your Windows machine to download and run iMessage on PC. After that, you can enjoy all features of iMessage on PC without jailbreak. Before moving to methods, let me put some lights on features of iMessage App.

iMessage App Features-

  • iMessage App allow you to send unlimited text messages, documents sending, photos sending and videos sending.
  • iMessage App is entirely available for free of cost. You only need to download it and enjoy its extensive features.
  • The iMessage allow you to hang on within group chat. You can create a chat group of your friends and send any message to everyone in a single click.
  • iMessage on PC makes the chatting easier than ever, YES… you can experience fast typing on wider screen size.
  • The interface of iMessage for PC is quite straightforward and clean, so you don’t need any extra skill for having fun with friends.

Download & Run iMessage On Windows PC Via iPadian Emulator

There are many ways to download iMessage on Windows PC, but the best method to install iMessage on PC is via iPadian Emulator. iPadian Emulator is one of top iOS emulator in the market which allows users to install and run iOS apps on PC without any trouble. So this is the most recommended method to download and run iMessage App on PC.

Steps To Install iMessage With iPadian Emulator

Step 1- First you requires to download iPadian Emulator EXE file on your Windows PC.

Step 2- Once Exe File downloaded then double click on Exe file to begun the installation.

Step 3- Follow all instruction carefully; once iPadian Emulator installed on your PC, go back to the desktop and open the Emulator from iCon bar.

Step 4- Now you need to look for iMessage App in the search bar and then enjoy the experience of messaging via iMessage App.

Download & Run iMessage App On PC via Cydia App Store

The second possible way to download and run iMessage on PC is via Cydia App Store. You probably heard about Cydia, if not then don’t put too much stress on it. I am here you get all those tensions. Cydia is an App store for non-iTune apps which allow iPhone users to download and install any premium apps on Jailbroken device. So this is a best possible way to run iMessage on PC with Jailbroken iDevices.

Steps To Install iMessage On PC Via Cydia App Store-

Step 1- First of all you need to download Cydia App Store On Your iPhone; if you are already downloaded it on your device skip installing Cydia.

Step 2- Open Cydia App Store on your iPhone and search for “Remote Messages App.” This app is a premium app for iOS jailbroken devices which cost you around $4. If you don’t want to spend $4, then you can get it for free also by adding resources.

Step 3- After completion of installation process, Open the app and navigate to settings and then toggle the “Enable” button on. And create a username and password for creating your remote connection.

Step 4- Then open any web browser on your PC, And type the IP address and followed by port specified as shown in Remote message settings.

Step 5- Hit enter you will see a prompt to enter the username and password will be displayed. Just enter the details created while remote connection is setting up.


So do you like this guide? Show your activity by sharing this article on Social Media. Above I have explained the best possible way to download iMessage On PC. But if you stuck at any step please don’t hesitate to ask your query below. Thanks for your time in reading this article.


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