Nothing is impossible if you have potential to complete any goal. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said an excellent quotes which I want to mention here- “If you born poor, it’s not your mistake, but If you die poor, it’s your mistake.” and this is hell true. If you don’t take action today; someone else will take action on your idea. No doubt; he/she will fail, but one day she/he will definitely succeed.

Facebook is one of the best example who just made for fun in college and today; it’s biggest social network around the globe. Facebook is founded by the youngest billionaire- Mark Zuckerberg. The earlier name of Facebook was Facemash in which comparison of two photos is made. But every day; Mark Zuckerberg put his tremendous effort and now see where it is.

You might be bored with these lines so let’s move to our today tutorial on “How to Save a Video from YouTube.” The first question came into mind is; why Facebook doesn’t provide an option to download any video directly. Well; it’s a mystery yet, but other developers worked on this algorithm and found an easy and simplest way to download a video from Facebook directly without using any software.

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Before moving forward; let me clear that with this method, you can only download those Facebook videos which are available to access publicly. If you want to download Facebook video from a private/secret group, then this method will not work. For that, we have a separate article on How to download Facebook Private Video; so please read this.

One another thing I want to explain that; this article is divided into two segment- first one is How to save a video from Facebook on PC and next one is how to download Facebook video on Android smartphone. So, make sure that; which part you are looking for and then skip to that particular paragraph. If you want to know how to download videos from Facebook on Windows PC, then read this paragraph.

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 How to save a video from Facebook

Here in this paragraph, I’ll explain in detail about how to save a Facebook video on PC online. There are lots of online tools available to download any videos from Facebook completely free. I am mentioning the name of those online tools which provide functionality to download any videos from Facebook without any software-

1- Go to the Facebook video page-

First, you need to visit the page where the video is uploaded. I mean; go to Facebook video page which you want to download on your computer.

 2- Right Click on Video iCon-

right click on video Once you redirected to the video page which you want to download, right click on the middle of the video (click anywhere on video) and you will find an option to “Show Video URL.”

3- Copy the video URL-

Copy video urlIn very next step, you need to select all video URL. Just click on anywhere in the video URL and press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C. Your Facebook video URL is copied to the clipboard.

4- Go to any online Facebook video downloader page-

In next step, you need to visit any online Facebook video downloader page and paste the video URL there. I recommend visiting this online facebook video downloader tool.

5- Paste the Facebook video URL-

past video urlNow click on the middle navigation bar and paste your video URL there. For direct pasting, you can press CTRL+V button on your keyboard together.

6- Save Facebook Video to computer-

The above tool will automatically fetch the video quality and provide you a download link to save the Facebook video on PC. Just click on download button and save it on your local storage.

This is how we can download any Facebook videos on PC without any software. The above tool is free to use; you can download unlimited Facebook videos without any charge, and one of the great features of above tool is; it doesn’t compromise with video quality. If the video is available in 720p HD, then this tool will give to option to download in 720p HD only.

How to download a Facebook video on Android

As I mentioned in the earlier paragraph that this article is segmented into two different section. The first one was for PC users, and this paragraph is for Android users. Here, I’ll guide you how to save a video from Facebook on Android smartphone.

By following these steps; you can save a video from Facebook on Android-

1- Download TubeMate on Android Phone-

There is no direct or online tool to download Facebook videos directly without any software. Here we require downloading a third party application on Android to save a video from the Facebook. I recommend downloading TubeMate Apk on your device because it has an inbuilt feature to save a video from Facebook.

2- Open TubeMate Apk on Android-

Open the TubeMate App on your Android device and choose Facebook to download the videos from the Facebook groups or profile or pages.

3- Visit the video URL and download-

Visit the video URL and click on download icon from the top navigation menu and save it on your memory card.

How to save a video from Facebook on Android App without any software {Updated}

Here is good news for Android users. Now they can download videos from the Facebook App directly. All they need to do is follow below steps carefully-

  • Open Facebook App on Android.

facebook-video-downloader android

  • Go to the Facebook page which you want to download on your device.
  • Click on the small icon right side, and you will have an option to copy video URL to clipboard.

  • Now paste it on URL section and hit the download button.

past video url

  • Your Facebook video is downloaded on your device.

That’s it! It’s so simple to download a Facebook video on Android.

Final Verdict-

I have covered most of the tricks to download Facebook videos on Android and PC. And all of them are working like a charm, the only limitation is, you can’t download any private Facebook videos from this method. All regular and public videos can easily be downloaded and saved on your device. If you stuck at any point while downloading Facebook video on PC or Android, feel free to comment below. We’ll help you to get rid of the problem.

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