How to fix drawing tablet not working error

What is Wacom?

Wacom is a Japanese company which is headquartered in Kazo, Satama, Japan which specializes in graphics tablets and such related products.

The Wacom tablet functionality was used in the screen of the Compaq Concerto computer in 1992, which makes it an early tablet computer. In 1991, Wacom chips were used in the Samsung Penmaster tablet computer which was also sold as the GridPad SL by Grid Systems.

The Penmaster had an early ancestor to Samsung’s S Pen, which is known today for its inclusion in the Galaxy Note line of phones.

Wacom Company produces different tablet line, three of which are marketed globally worldwide. Most of them are sold with a software bundle, such as ArtRage Lite, Corel Painter Essentials and Photoshop Elements, which take advantage of the tablet features.

Each of them is sold with a compatible digital pen. Some pens offer buttons on the shaft or an “eraser” at the other end of it. Some of the models have a puck (mouse) which is based on the same technology.

Software drivers for recent versions of Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows are included with most of the models. All of the current models of external tablets connects to the computer via USB port or via Bluetooth.

How to fix drawing tablet not working error

If you are having a problem with your drawing tablet, then you are just at the right place to solve that problem. Here I am discussing a problem of Graphic tablet Wacom Intuos which is not working and how to solve that.

Let us describe the problem first, if you have a Windows 7 system, and suddenly it has stopped to recognize the pen tablets, you will surely won’t have any idea what happened.

What you want to do is turn off the updates to avoid such situations, because maybe there would be some weird update which has caused this problem. Here are some of the steps which you should take if you are facing the same problem:

⦁ Try to uninstall the update version which is called KB2685811
⦁ Now uninstall all the tablet drivers
⦁ Use Ccleaner to remove all of the junk files which you are not aware of
⦁ Turn the PC off and then turn it on
⦁ Install the different drivers for Wacom Intuos

You should install WacomTablet_6.3.20-7 drivers as they are recommended and they respond properly. You can download these drivers from the official website of Wacom.

If you still have problems with your Wacom tablet, then try to reach out to the official support forum of Wacom.

Other Solutions:

If you see the error which says “Tablet driver is not responding” then you should go to Task Manager and kill every instance of Wacom, Wacom Tablet, and all the related Wacom services which you can find running.

After that, go to Run > Services.msc and then start the “Wacom Professional Services” service. Once you did this, you will be able to open the Wacom Desktop Center and Wacom Properties with no problems.


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