Facebook; the name itself enough. No additional description required about Facebook because this is the most popular platform where people from various countries can be in touch with each other. Facebook is youngest billionaire company built by Mark Zuckerberg.

Every kid using Facebook since childhood but there are many untold things that many of people don’t know. Like, we can’t change Facebook name after editing it five times We can’t change Facebook page name after 200 likes, We can only change the username once, we can’t change Facebook group name after adding 250 members, etc.

change facebook profile name Many times it happens that we need to change Facebook profile name after reaching the limit, but it shows error while changing. But how do you feel when I say you that, it is possible to change Facebook profile name after reaching the limit.

Yes, I decided to came up with this article because so many peoples were looking for how to change Facebook Profile Name After reaching the limit. So follow these steps if you want to change Facebook profile name after five attempts.

Requirements For Changing Facebook Profile Name After Limit Exceed

Keep the following things along with yourself if you are going to try changing Facebook profile name-

  1. Keep a government Identity Card along with you.
  2. Make sure you are using your real photo as profile pictures.
  3. If possible, try using your own cover picture too.
  4. Clear all spammy posts from your timeline.

How To Change Name On Facebook After Exceeding Limit

So are you ready to change your Facebook profile name? Let’s begin the game…

Wait… Wait… Let me clear something…

Facebook only want real profile so if you are using some special character in your profile name, please leave it. Facebook also don’t allow fake names in their database, so make sure you’re using your real name only. Better, read privacy and policy of Facebook about  Profile name.

Steps to Change Facebook Profile Name After Limit-

Step #1: First of all click on this link for changing Facebook Profile name after five attempts.

change facebook profile name after limitStep #2: Now fill the form carefully, use your real name which is mentioned in your Identity Card.

Step #3: Upload your ID card and click on the send button and wait for a week. You will get a confirmation email about the name change.

Facebook Accepts Following ID Proof-

  • Birth certificate
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
  • Marriage certificate
  • Voter ID card
  • Non-driver’s government ID (ex. disability, SNAP or national ID card)
  • Bus card
  • Library card
  • Credit card
  • School or work ID
  • Check
  • Utility bill

Note- You Need to Submit Any of two documents for verification purpose.


I decided to write this article for Reviews Pub readers because, I have seen so many people were asking in Facebook groups about changing Facebook profile name after reaching the limit. So I tried to help those fellows out and I’ll try in future too. But your support will boost my performance twice if you share it with others. So please like and share it with your friends so that they also can change the Facebook username.


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