How Neon Light Signs Produce a Purple Color

Advertising should be prominent and louder so that it reaches a mass audience. This is what every business person aims for. In reality, advertising plays a vital role in creating a market for the most simple item one is selling. So, choosing the right advertising tool is a rescue. Here, neon light signs gain high importance. Neon signs are quite striking, which get attention in less than 3 seconds. Recently, many people raised the question of how neon lights produce a purple color? It’s because the gas contained in the glass tubes and several inert gases lead to different colors, including purple. 

Reason of Purple 


Argon is one of the most used gases in neon lights to produce various purple hues. That’s why you have seen neon lights having variations in purple. Plus, this gas can be mixed with many other elements to emit a variety of colors. 

Inert Gases

As mentioned before, Argon is highly used in neon lights and is also one of the inert or noble gases. Inert gases are the ones that don’t bond with other atoms and are certain to maintain their molecular structures. Plus, the forced reactions allow inert gases to glow conspicuously.

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Other Gases Used in Neon Signs 


There are people who love to play with some other colors, let’s say pinkish-red ( a pretty demanding shade). Helium gas is used to produce this eye-catching color. However, the gas is hard to get as it’s scarce. If mixed with Argon, then just results in the extra glow. 


Krypton produces beautiful yellow-white light. This benefits other colors as it allows other colors to have a slightly different shade. This makes the neon signboard quite unique. Moreover, krypton is used for other critical applications, for instance – airport approach lights.  


Xenon is used to generate a vivid lavender light. Earlier it was used for strobe lights & flash photography. In today’s times, this gas is usually mixed in various proportions with several noble gases to have many colors. 


Neon is one of the inexpensive gases used in neon lights. This emits a solid red glow which many businesses use as a sign to look appealing & loud. A very small proportion is used to have a powerful red color. 

Ending Lines

Now you know the secret behind the purple color and many other colors. In addition, neon lights are worth investment for commercial goals as they take your advertisement to the next level. You might have noticed in the markets, shop owners using neon lights which attract onlookers and boost them to visit. Just be certain to get from a reliable source, including Neonific that ensures to offer quality neon signboards which last longer. 

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