10 Best Hair Styler App to Try Different Hairstyles

Being a human being, we all know the looking good is how much important for all of us. Whether it is the case of party or meeting, everyone bothers about look and why not? Looks means a lot in today’s scenario. The first thing that anybody would notice to you is, of course, your looks, personality and dressing sense.

Hairstyles are now in trending for both male and female. People are trying to look dashing with different hair styles. Few seek to keep the haircut with longer hairs, but many other hair styles are coming into existence every day. Choosing a decent look is a bit tough at the time of hair cutting, but in today’s technological world, you will get the solution for everything.

As it is well said, “First Impression is the last impression”. So, why not impress someone with your way of carrying yourself, with your looks. No doubt, Personality is something that can make anyone big or small. People also remember you by your talking style, attitude, positivity and there also exist a way of persisting yourself.

There are many hair styler apps available for Android, iPhone, and Windows phone which can help you to choose a right hairstyle for your face. In this article, I am going to list out top 10 hair styler apps for Android and iPhone that you can use to try different hairstyles on your face.

Top 10 Hair Styler Apps for Men & Women

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1.Virtual hairstyle:

virtual-hairstylerThe very first hair styler app for men and women is Virtual hairstyle. This app has got 100k downloads on Google play store, and now you can imagine the popularity of this Hair Styler app for Android. This hair styling app will allow you to try different haircuts on the faces from any photos from local storage. If you want to suggest the hairstyles for your friends, just click a picture of his/her and apply different trending hair styles. Now decide which hairstyle you want to suggest and then tell him/her about research. In my eyes, the Virtual hairstyle is the best hair styler app to try different hair styles for men and women both.

This hair styling app is available on Google play store for your Android devices and rated as best hair styler app by users of this app. You can only go to Google play store and search for Virtual Hairstyle, and you will find it on the top search result, now click on download button from the store and let it install on your device. Once Virtual hairstyle installed on your local machine, go to apps menu and tap on Virtual hairstyle to open it. Now you will get an option to select an image from local gallery or click a picture via camera, choose appropriate option according to your convenience and start trying different haircuts on your face.

2. Hairstyle Wizard:

hairstyle wizardHairstyle Wizard, the name itself tell us that this app will provide a platform to try different hairstyles on a virtual panel. This app will allow us to pay with a different haircut, hair colors, hairstyles and much more. This hair styler app is currently available for iPhone users, and soon it’s going to launch for Android platform also. You don’t need to click your personal images while using this hair styler app, just choose any image from default library and apply some cool haircut designs, put some stunning hair colors and share it with your friends on Facebook.

You can take votes from your friends as well by share it on Facebook, once you got genuine reviews about that hairstyles, just go to your nearest barber shop and ask to cut that particular hairstyle. This hair styler app for iPhone has got tremendously positive feedback and reviews on iTunes. Millions of customer of Hairstyle Wizard are happy with this product and using daily. You can also download hair styler app from iOS store now. Just follow the link given below to get Hairstyle Wizard.

3. Haircut Studio:

haircut studioHaircut Studio is yet another good hair styler app for Android phone which can be used by both men and women. If we talk about features of Haircut Studio, then the developers have put many efforts to provide many options for users, but somewhere they have lacked to work in right direction. I think this is the reason which leads to getting only fewer download over Google play store. This hair styler app has got some around 10k downloads only, but you should be one of them. This app can help in getting basic haircuts and hair color design. If you don’t like this men hair styler app then just uninstall it from your Android device.

4. Ultimate hairstyle try-on:

ultimate hairstyle try onUltimate hairstyle try-on is a best hair styler app stick to women only because this is only ultimate for longer hair. When it comes to short hair style, then you should look at some alternative of Ultimate hairstyle try-on. This app is totally free on Google play store, but I think this provide ideas only on celebrities basis. I mean, if you want to try haircut of a particular personality then this hair styler app would be perfect option else move on to next hair styling app for Android or iPhone.

5. Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth appHair Color Booth is an outstanding hair colorer app that lets you try your hair color in a virtual world. It allows you to click a picture of yours and apply different color over it. Wait, this is not freely available, you need to pay a small amount of $0.99 for this hair color app. You can play with any color you want and whatever the color you like, just hit a snapshot of that and tell your barber to apply same. Not only with apply different color but, you have freedom to share your color art with your friends on social media as well.

6. InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

InStyle Hairstyle Try-OnInStyle Hair styler app is most popular and trending app for iOS on the market. You will get some pre-developed hair style and save option along with making it favorite. Whatever action you will take while designing a new hair style, you will get recommended option to look it better. Those who are looking for a kick out haircuts and color, this hair styler app is the super option for them.

7. NewDo

new do hair styler app NewDo is yet another hair styler app for women who are looking for iPhones and iPads. Using the 3D technology, this app will take your photo and make it into a digital model. Then, you can add pretty much anything you want to your hair – and you can buy new haircuts, too. With some of the beautiful innovative ideas in this app, it’s surely worth giving a try.

8. Hair MakeOver

Hair MakeoverThis app is the perfect platform to try different hairstyle on your face, but you need to invest a little. Claiming to have over 2m downloads and 290 different hairstyles, this app would seem like a hit but before that you have to pay $1.99 in purchasing for iPhone. Customers are saying that this hair styler is packed with many different hairstyles.

9. Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle MakeoverAnother popular hair styler for iPhone with lots of unique features, adds you different haircuts on your face. This app is not only made for a simple hairstyle app, but people are enjoying the interface a lot and functionalities. Moreover, I would say, a perfect platform to do experiments with different haircuts and hair colors, but you need to pay $4.99 to get all additional features.

10. Hairstyle Makeover Premium

Hairstyle MakeoverIf you are ready to invest $2.99 then in my viewpoint Hairstyle Makeover Premium is best hair styler app in all list. Not only you will get the freedom to try different haircut on your personal picture, but you will get an option to apply some additional filters such as blur, color tint to the photo. It would be most recommended application to try different hairstyles from my side. Now wish is yours, take a shot.

Additional Hair Styler and hair colors app for iOS

1. Hair Color Premium:

haircut studioA very attractive hair color dying app that lets you add a variety of different colors to your hair as well as some accessories, and stick your photo on a magazine cover. A great way of pranking your Facebook friends and try in your hair with spending $2.99.

2. 80s Hair:

80s HairAdmit it, we all secretly want a haircut from the 80’s. Well, maybe not, but this app lets you give it a try anyway and for only $1.99. However, the app hasn’t been updated in a while, so don’t blame us if it doesn’t work on your newest iPhone.

Well, I guess there is an app for everything. Even if you don’t find these apps particularly useful, take them with some humor and dress up your friends into a sleek new haircut next time you go out for a beer. It’ll surely provide you with a few laughs.

A lot of these apps are free, but a few of them are paid, if you want to give them a try I would suggest trying out Amazon’s “Actually Free” Apps that offer you the app but with ad support inside of it – a pretty sweet deal!

Additional hair styling apps for Android

HairStyle Mirror

HairStyle Mirror is best and easy hair styling app that lets you freedom to pick your favorite hairstyle within minutes. Just take a snap of your face via mobile phone camera and take a glimpse of your face, which hairstyle looks better on your face. This app is packed with almost 90+ hairstyles including additional features of live simulations and color changer. This would be worth a try for sure.

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon:

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon app lets you try all sorts of hairstyles including long, short, wavy, blonde, straight, wedding style, curly and much more with just a single click. You will have freedom to play with 100+ decorative items to add on your face which looks pretty. Apart from everything, you can compare the new look with your older picture simultaneously on a single dashboard.

Hair Style Changer:

The Hair Style Changer App lets you check out the perfect look for you by providing a broad range of hairstyles. Along with hair style, you can also choose the hair color. This app provides hair styles for both men and women. The app is easy to use and provides a feature for sharing over social medias so that you can share your pictures with new looks among family and friends. So, find out the exact look without going to hairstyler or salon.


Coming to the final paragraph, so these are top 10 hair styler app that worth you to try. I hope you will enjoy these apps on your smartphone. If you want more updated information, keep regularly visiting here.