27 Top Google Gravity, Anti Gravity, Underwater Tricks

I am 100% sure that you are using Google for a very long time. But only few people know about Google Gravity, Zero gravity and Anti gravity tricks. Whenever you open the Google homepage you find a button “I’m Feeling Lucky” but have you ever tried this? If not don’t worry, you can try it today! Before that read this article to know little bit more about cool Google gravity, anti gravity and zero gravity tricks.

Google Gravity

Are you wonder by hearing this term Google Gravity? Let me clarify the things in easy way. Google gravity is basically developed by Google team to amuse their users. But many of user even don’t know about this amusing stuff. Google gravity is JavaScript which is programmed by Google developers to rejuvenate the eyes of users. Let me clear it in easy way…

Do you know the meaning and concept of gravity? Yes! Off curse you know about gravity because this term is developed by most popular scientist in the world. His name is Sir Isac Newton, popularly known as Newton. The same concept is also used by Google developers while designing this cool JavaScript known as Google gravity. It engage their visitors and attract them to play with Google.

You are thinking that what the shit I am talking about… So before boring you let’s move to practical things. First of all you need to enable the option “I’m Feeling Luck” because it is disable by default.

Here is the method to how to enable I’m Feeling Lucky option. Click here to open your Account’s Preferences.

Now go to the second choice “Google Instant Predictions”. Mark the radio button “Never show instant results” option. Save your preference by hitting “Save” option at the bottom of the page. That’s all. Now you can continue to use with Google gravity trick.

Google Gravity Tricks

Best Google Gravity Tricks
Best Google Gravity Tricks

Just open Google Chrome browser and type “Google Gravity.” You will notice the said option does not disappear this time. It can be seen below the search bar. As soon as you press it, you will be amused to see the search bar falls due to the influence of virtual gravity and the links and options are also floating at the bottom of the screen. You can experience it by yourself and it will be the funniest experiment. Even if you try to drag anything upward, it will fell again at the bottom. It is due to the virtual gravity and Google has programmed it for the amusement of its users.

Google Antigravity:

Google Antigravity Trick
Google Antigravity Trick

Antigravity Google is one of most popular Google prank which has massive search in Google itself. Once you will type “Google Antigravity” and press on search button. The whole screen will start floating in arbitrary motion. All the search results and option will start floating in random motion. If you have not tried this funny Google gravity prank then you must try right now. This funny prank is developed by Google team so please take a try.

Google Zero gravity:

Google Zero gravity
Google Zero gravity

Google Zero Gravity is one of the funniest tricks in Google Gravity list. Trying Google gravity makes the search screen a virtual space with no gravitational force at all.

Google mirror:

Google mirror Trick
Google Mirror Trick

Google mirror is another JavaScript enabled program work similarly as Google gravity which is developed by Google developers team in which you will get “inverted image” when you hit anything there in search bar. Whatever you will search in Google, you will get mirror image in “Left side right” or “right side left”. This effect is popularly known as Google mirror.

Google Guitar:

Google Guitar Trick
Google Guitar Trick

Another most popular search query in Google is about “Google Guitar”. This is amazing Google prank in which you can play sweet tones with your keyboard. In Google guitar, your all keys are set on specific tone. Pressing the keys one after another generates rhythm. All the music lovers, it’s time to get on Google and start composing and recording music at a time. Let your fingers listen your heart and leave the other things on Google. You just pull the cords with the keys.

Google Sphere:

Google Sphere Trick
Google Sphere Trick

Google Sphere is a very different way of showing your search query and search results. All the search results appear in a spinning mode in you are playing with Google Sphere prank. You will be directed to your desired site when the respective link is clicked.  But getting all ten results at a time is difficult. It’s a different taste of searching in Google. I personally love this Google Prank.

Google Underwater:

Google Underwater
Google Underwater

Another lovely and eye rejuvenating Google prank is “Google underwater”. Google underwater will turn your entire screen into aquarium. Your screen will look similar as marine life. So take a try with Google underwater prank, powered by Google developers JavaScript.

Google Rainbow:

Google Rainbow
Google Rainbow

Another eye rejuvenating Google prank is “Google Rainbow”. This will turn the Google Logo into a rainbow which really looks great. Apart from it all the search results also turn in to rainbow. Default “search” button changes into “Rainbow search” and “I am feeling lucky” turns into “I am feeling colorful”. Searches get wings of colors .

Google Space:

Google Space
Google Space

I did not found any special difference between Google Space and Zero Gravity except the free flowing feature where searched results also flow on the screen and the background. But Google Space will turn your screen to a cool and beautiful look. I personally love this lovey Google Prank.

Updated Google Gravity, Google Anti-Gravity, I’m Feeling lucky tricks (2019)

I was doing more experiments with Google and found some more Google pranks that I want to share with my readers. Last time I have explained about, Google gravity, Google Antigravity, Google zero gravity, Google Mirror, Google Guitar, and Google sphere, Google Underwater, Google Rainbow, Google Space.

Okay Fine! Let’s roll on with few more Google Pranks like Google Gravity, Google Antigravity, Google Zero Gravity etc.

So today’s menu of Google gravity pranks first dish is Do a Barrel Roll. Cool… Let me more elaborate about this cool Google prank.

Do a Barrel Roll:

Do a Barrel Roll is another simple Google gravity technique like Google Antigravity which provide a fast experience with spinning the entire webpages in single stroke. If you want to enjoy this Google I’m Feeling Luck trick on your Google Chrome browser, just search for “Do a Barrel Roll” in the search bar. I am pretty sure that you will definitely like this amazing experience of spinning your web browser.

Google Pacman:

Google Pacman is also a most popular Google I’m feeling lucky prank. First let me come to the word “Pacman”. Pacman is one of most popular Game that we were enjoying in past. Google Pacman is also introduced from that game only. If you like Google antigravity trick then, you must try this as well. You can enjoy this Google gravity trick by following this link

Google Flat Fall:

Similar to Google Zero Gravity, Google Flat Fall is one of eye catching trick developed by Google programmers. You will definitely like this Google gravity trick in 2016. In this Google prank, your search results and images will get attracted and directed due to gravitational force. You can enjoy Google Flat Fall experience by following this link only.

Google Tilt:

While talking about Google gravity, Google gravity and Google no gravity tricks, we cannot forget about Google tilt as well. This trick shows the entire search results in tilted manners. For checking this Google gravity trick, simply type “tilt” in Google search page and hit the enter button. You can follow this link to enjoy this antigravity Google on your Chrome browser.

Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush is another popular Google prank similar to Google Gravity, Google Antigravity, Google Zero Gravity or Google no Gravity. In this Google prank, the entire search results to disappear one after the other along with the falling zeros. If you want to experience this Google gravity prank on your browser, just simply type “Zerg Rush” in search bar and hit enter. This is a kind of a game where one would have to defend himself or herself against the Zerg Rush. Follow this link to enjoy this Google gravity trick on your Google Chrome browser.

Anti-Gravity Google Tricks Updated July 2019

Hi ReviewsPub readers,

I do care about you all and for you only I always do experiments and explore webs to bring something that could help you or you can enjoy too. This is third update of Google Gravity, Antigravity Google, and Google Zero gravity article. In first update I came with only few Google pranks which was.

  • Google gravity
  • Google Antigravity
  • Google zero gravity
  • Google Mirror
  • Google Guitar
  • Google sphere
  • Google Underwater
  • Google Rainbow
  • Google Space
  • Zerg Rush
  • Google Tilt
  • Google Flat Fall
  • Google Pacman
  • Do a Barrel Roll
  • Google Loco
  • Weenie Google
  • Google Snack Game
  • Google Terminal

These were top Google gravity, Anti-gravity Google and Zero gravity Google tricks that I had posted in start but after some more exploration and experiments, I came with few more Google gravity pranks that was developed by developer team of Google to amuse their audience.

So let’s take another ride with this article only but with new test, I mean there are few more amusing Google pranks like Google Gravity and Google Antigravity. Okay… Moving with those Google tricks now…

#1: Google Loco:

Google Loco is another similar JavaScript like Google Gravity, Google Antigravity and Google no gravity. With this Google gravity trick, you can enjoy with your browser. Once you run this Google antigravity trick, your whole webpage will fall down like the earthquake is the Google Loco. Because of the pull force of the gravity, Google Loco will look bit similar to Google 0 gravity. You can enjoy this Google Loco trick by following this link.

Google Loco trick link: http://googleloco.net/

#2: Weenie Google:

Weenie Google is another tinny Google antigravity technique where every contents of search results get converted into a tiny price. This is not a big rocket science but really a popular Google gravity technique which is not owned by Google. This is third party developed Google gravity trick to give an amusing experience to users. You can enjoy this antigravity Google trick by following the link given below.

Weenie Google link: http://www.toosmalltouse.com/

#3: Google Snack Game:

Hey dear, I want to ask one question, don’t lie. Have you ever played Snack game? I am 100% sure that you tried this game on your mobile phone at least. This Google gravity trick is similar to that video game only. The Google snake game is just similar to that one. Here the snake has to consume all the given food which is provided in the game. This is done so that it can become larger. Even one can play this game from below given link and you do have the option for sharing the score after the game is completed.

#4: Google Terminal:

I would really love to include Google Terminal in our Google Gravity and Google Antigravity tricks list. This is another eye rejuvenating Google gravity prank that changes entire structure of Google home screen into different colors. Your Chrome homepage will look like MS-Dos window where you use to run any command in school days.

It is one of the interesting and simple Google gravity technique which won’t require one to use the mouse however, it is the keyword pressed letters which would easily work here. You can try out this Terminal from below link.

Google Terminal Link: http://elgoog.im/terminal/

#5 Google Bubble level:

Do you know about Google Bubble level? If you don’t know about this Google easter eggs trick then simply go to Google from your mobile device and look for bubble level, in return Google will provide you an eye rejuvenating interactive leveler. It clearly is using the mobile devices’ instruments to determine if the phone is level, which lets them provide this bubble level tool directly in the search results.

#6 Google recursion:

This search is met with the suggestion, “Did you mean: recursion?” If that isn’t funny to you, then you should probably Google “recursion” and find out what it means.

#7 Qingming:

Google’s results page for the Chinese word meaning “pure brightness” is a beautiful tribute to the annual Qingming Festival in China, celebrating the spring.


So this is all about Google Gravity tricks and pranks. I hope you enjoyed this article. Now just play practically with these lovely Google pranks. If you have finding any problems in enjoying these funny Google gravity tricks then simply comment below. Soon I’ll solve your query.

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