10 Proven Techniques To Get Adsense Approved Quickly In 2017
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Google Adsense; a most trusted and highest paying click per cost (CPC) ad network. But getting approved Adsense is not an easy task as Google Adsense team has started putting high filtration after the increment of misuse. In very simple language, getting Adsense is tough nowadays.

Why every blogger want Adsense?

Well, the answer is quite straightforward, this Ads platform is owned by Google itself, so there is no chance of fraud as other local Ads Network does and the payout is also high (extremely high). Every blogger and internet marketer tried Google Adsense once on their website or blog. You can see biggest blogs like, Engadget, HuffingtonPost, Mashable, etc. are displaying Google Ads.

Why Google Adsense Team So Strict in getting new approval?

There are the hell lot of reason, Yes… I am right there are the hell lot of reasons because of that Google Adsense so strict while approving a new account. Few of them I am listing below-

As we know that, everyone wants quick money and after jumping into blogging industry they want to be richer from very first day. I hope you agree with this… Don’t you? Impossible, I can read your mind 🙂 .

In the way of making quick money, people starts tweaking a bit with Ad codes. Because they forgot to read rules and regulation of Google Adsense. Newbie bloggers start self-clicking also which is not allowed in Adsense terms and conditions. Even coders manipulate the JavaScript code and start showing full page ads, just to earn more. They don’t care about readers convenience and Google are strictly against it.

Floating and Clickjacking are most popular Ad code tweaks that bloggers do for large and quick income and the final result lead to getting banned Adsense account permanently. How do I know this? Because I also did such type of mistakes which drove to banned many Adsense account.

Driving fake traffic from bots is another traditional method of fast money making through Adsense but later updates of Adsense, all these tweaks doesn’t work and this is the main reason why Google Adsense so strict while getting approved new application.

How Google Adsense Work?

Yes! You should know about how Google Adsense works if you want to survive longer in this industry. As I mentioned above, Google Adsense is bigger and most popular Ads Network which provides two different platforms for Publishers and Advertisers. The name of the second platform where Advertisers starts bidding for a particular keyword and their Ads shown via Adsense. 50 to 60%, an amount of Advertisers bidding paid to publishers.

Let me explain it in deep-

Suppose you are winning a Smartphone company and want to give exposure to your product in front of people who are looking to buy smartphones with a particular configuration or price range. Google Adwords is a platform where you will say to Google that, please show my smartphone device when someone looking for a new mobile phone and I’ll pay you $50(Just an example). Clear till now? If not then read this paragraph again…

Great, now suppose I am winning a website where thousands of visitors are coming from Google by searching best smartphone under 20,000. Now Google will show their mobile advertisement through Adsense, and if somebody clicks on that ads, Google will cut $50 from your account and pay me some around $20 to $30.

Got it?… If not then read above paragraph again, because at least you should know how the things work.

Now you can understand why Google is strict while accepting new Adsense account because Advertisers are paying Google through Adwords for displaying their product in front of the right audience but publishers using that for only earning purpose without thinking about publishers.

Some typical cases because of which Google Adsense does not accept new Adsense application-

  • Google Adwords and Adsense, both are a clean platform, so they don’t allow porn websites, gambling websites, hacking sites, etc.
  • Google also not allows download and streaming websites like Songs download sites, video streaming sites, etc.
  • Google Adsense not allows copied or silly quality contents sites (Highly strict in 2017).
  • Google Adsense does not accept low-quality short term sites that are made for quick money making purpose.
  • Google Adsense does not accept multiple applications with same name and address.
  • Adsense team does not allow any websites with incomplete information like Disclaimer, Contact and About pages, because they want to show advertisers ads in front of right and satisfied audience.

So these are some cases in which Google Adsense does not accept new application. Usually, in few above situations, they reject the application in first stage verification only and in the case of duplicate account (multiple accounts) they reject at the time of address verification. Wait, in next paragraph, I’ll discuss all verification stages of Google Adsense.

Yes, there are three stages of verification in Google Adsense. The very first one is when you submit all required information at the time of applying for a new account. They take 24 to 48 hours for verifying all filled details. After that time interval, you will get an email from Adsense team; asking to generate a new Adsense ad code from applied account and put it on your website.

After 24 to 48 hours of placing ad code, you will get another reply that your Adsense is fully approved, now you can start showing ads on your website. Great… The next stage will be about address verification. This stage is popularly known as PIN verification. After PIN verification, your Adsense account will be able to withdraw money from your account.

After reaching $10 in your account, they will send you a PIN to your address via post. This will usually take 2-4 weeks to reach PIN at your address, if not received, you can generate it three times. The time interval of generating new PIN is 15 days, and it also gives you the option to change the address.

If you didn’t receive PIN after trying all three times, you would get an option to upload your Identity Cards. You can verify your Adsense with identity card too. But never enter any wrong PIN else it may lead to blocking your Adsense account.

Note- Never enter any wrong PIN because, after three trial, your account will get blocked. So wait for your PIN arrival.

Important things you should do before applying Adsense in 2017

If you are going to apply for new Adsense account in 2017, you need to maintain following standards-

how to get adsense approval1- Your Blog/Website Layout-

As far as I experienced this year, your website design is one of the most important factors that Google considers while accepting a new application. So, first of all, make your blog or website is attractive, and user-friendly with any good looking premium themes and template and them apply for new Adsense account.

2- Valuable and elaborated content-

The next most important factor where many newbie bloggers are lacking is; useful content. So if you are going to apply for new Adsense account, please write at least 15 high-quality article on your blog. All article should be on value adding topics and explained with proper visual tools such as images and videos. All content should not be an unacceptable niche like gambling, hacking, porn, etc.

3- Content topics-

This is the area where most of the newbie don’t put attention and which leads to rejection of their Adsense application. Pick the topic which adds value to the readers. Gadgets, Latest Technology, How to tips, troubleshooting, health and beauty tips, etc. are good topics which are highly recommended for Adsense.

4- Important Pages-

This is a most important point that you must consider before applying a new Google Adsense account. Add the following pages on the navigation bar of your website/blog before applying Adsense account.

#1- About:

You commonly have seen that many websites using about us page. This is something that tells readers about what your site/blog all about, who is managing etc. You can add unique information that you want to say to your readers.

#2- Privacy and policy:

Privacy and policy are another important pages that helps in getting Adsense approved. You can check this link for Privacy and Policy ideas.

#3- Contact Us and Disclaimer:

Sometimes a visitor or advertisers get impressed by your website layout and writing skills, and they want to communicate with you. Contact page also helps to get a chance of paid or sponsored reviews by advertisers.

5- Good Number of High-Quality Content:

Less number of content on your blog leads to rejection of Google AdSense account, so make sure that your blog must have a good number of high-quality contents. I always recommend publishing at least 15 article before applying AdSense account. Also, make sure that you have written high-quality materials only. I prefer writing 1500+ word self-written super elaborated content for my blogs.

6- Responsive and clean website widget:

Responsive means, a site automatically fits any screen size. So this is another factor that increases the user interface and comfortability. Google Adsense team target that, the reader doesn’t face any difficulty in browsing your website. So if you earn the trust of Adsense team, your application accepted.

Special Tip:

Don’t try too much-complicated widget if your website is new try to make it clean and professional. Using good quality website logo is considered as a good sign for Adsense approval. So design a good looking logo for your website and then apply for Adsense.

7- Your website TLD:

Yes! This is another factor that Adsense team consider nowadays (Just personal experience). Try to use top level domains for your website. .COM,NET,ORG, .CO.UK,IN, .INFO etc. are good -extension for Adsense approval. I usually avoid.XYZ, Website, Music, numberOnline, etc.

8- Any third party Ad network:

As I mentioned above that, your website should be clean so avoid using any third party ad network on your website when applying for Adsense. Many times these third party Ads networks like Infolinks, Chitika, Clickgear, Ads.now, RevenueHits, etc. reduces the user comfortability in reading your content.

9- Your website traffic:

Well, officially there is no announcement about website traffic criteria but to play safe, we are considering this. Try to in the number of visitors of your blog and then apply for a new Google Adsense account. Because why somebody give approval of their advertisements when you have no audience.

10- Social Popularity:

Another safe tool that helps in getting Adsense approved. Try to get good number of social share of your website when you’re going to apply for new Google Adsense account.

Final Words:

Are you ready to get Adsense approved? Follow these guidelines, and I am 100% sure that Google Adsense team will accept your application. Lastly, I want to tell you that, never forget to publish less than 12 high-quality article along with important pages like About, Contact, Privacy and Policy, Disclaimer, etc. to the top of the website. I prefer using my Email ID and Phone Number in top navigation bar. If you follow these tips, your Adsense will approve within 3 to 5 days for sure.

So have a better luck! Keep blogging, Keep Earning 🙂





  1. Ummm, Great Tips Sir! I’m glad you’ve shared your strategies. Last Para is Much Needed for me 😛 Love this article. Thanks!

    Have a question, Any tip regarding Adsense-Approval for Event Blogs?

    • Thanks for being a loyal reader of Reviews Pub buddy. Well, your query is already answered above. I normally prefer niche websites for getting Adsense approval and later using it for event sites also, you can do same. BTW more effective tips will be added here, so be in touch.