Get To know The Fundamental Factors To Become A Self-Taught UX/UI Designer

Digital inclusion is considered to be a mandatory option for today’s business. Looking at the emergence of demand, individuals aspire to know about web designing and development.  Depending upon the skills and the attitude to pursue their career line, they use different kinds of options available in front of them. We discuss many career opportunities in the digital world yet we need to streamline our understanding and the concept of what exactly the world demands and what kind of skill matches the demanding needs. One of the prospective options in the digital world for establishing the individual scarier could be concentrating on UI / UX designing. 

It is essential to understand the fundamentals involved in this kind of web designing course and also need to focus on the basic skills to get a mastery or to get the expertise in the chosen field. Before coming into a conclusion about UI / UX design we need to know what kind of basics are needed for it and how web and visual design can be really suitable matching your skill. It is important to have profound knowledge and a basic understanding of visual and web design concepts if an individual is focused on UI / UX design.

Fundamental Factors To Become A Self-Taught UX-UI Designer

UI/UX design basics and the principles

Find below the basics and the principles that we need to get familiarize and self-taught about UX/UI designers if we are not aware of so far.


Vocabulary fundamentals and color psychology are the basic Singh involved for the designers which we need to take an understanding as 3-part series.

Grid systems

Understanding the application process in designing concepts is what the great systems are all about. We need to have an emphasis on conceptual understanding over creating better UI designs.

Composition and equalization

Balancing composition is another important skill to be learned in the designing concept because it has basic principles like symmetrical and asymmetrical and compositional balance.


Many typography related courses have started in order to understand web typography which is significant for web designers and web developers.


The fundamental of designing concepts in contrasting since it helps to structure the information, create hierarchy and also build the focus.

These are the fundamentals of concepts involved in UI / UX designing yet we also have some important factors like process, methods, and philosophy that can streamline the process.

Everyone is pretty aware of the flexible nature of our design process as there are no stringent regulations are ordered to adhere. Alongside multiple companies, heads have various implementation methods when it comes to their own design process. However, when we speak about UI/UX design concepts we should be very much focused on design thinking.

Explain design thinking

Design thinking is the actual procedure of creating a product from the conception of understanding or we term it as perception like how people understand and how users require according to their behavior and analysis.

5 stages of Web UI/UX design thinking


The basic stages involved in design thinking understand the user’s needs and objectives. These obviously have an inclusion of involving people through observing or through gaining experiential understanding. This definitely provides you and the next level carryover from the first stage to the next stage of the process.


Next step involved in the design thinking processes being committed to understand the problem and gather information at the stage. At this juncture, we need to analyze, assemble and define the basic problems that so far have been explored. Once the problem statement is created then we need to proceed to the next process of design thinking.


The first two stages would have given the basic foundation about the understanding of design thinking yet this stage helps you to innovate and create possible solutions for the identified problem statement. We have various types of innovative techniques that can create and build solutions through brainstorming, discussion, mind mapping and other solution making processes. Once we are able to come out with the thought process half to proceed then we move to the next level of building a prototype.


This is a completely experimental process because you need to convert your ideas into a visible option. Prototype involves the ideation process but still, you need to incorporate the possible and probable solutions that we have identified in the above stages. Once we are able to collect and assemble depending upon the flaws and the constraints, we are able to think, redesign or reject according to the formation.


This is the final stage before we launch or publish it to the public. The result generated from these kinds of testing phases will definitely help you to understand whether the process underwent have successfully launched or desire to produce the result. 

Common understanding with regard to the UI / UX design patterns is that solution derivations happen every day as the designer woodworks with different kinds of concepts and the solution-seeking would also change accordingly. There is no standard template for design for any common application h and it comes to designing websites or a kind of mobile application you might not require to repeat but at the same time, there is no need to recreate.

Blindly following the UI / UX design is not advisable rather it’s very important for the designer to give clear attention to the following options.

  • Layout options like spacing, UI placement, grids, padding, and others
  • Navigations
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Background


Various skills are explored and highlighted in this article for those who are aspiring to become UI /UX designers. People need to understand there are no shortcuts or any kind of Magic aspects working out rather complete education and learning skills are mandatory to become a UI/UX designer. It is essential to keep learning and updating about resigning concepts every day since the train takes place every moment. Having a journey towards UI/UX designers is not a Cakewalk but at the same time, it’s not difficult. Select the right academy and start choosing the right web designing training in Chennai to make yourself ready for a better career. Get to be a skill-oriented person and you have the liberty to be a freelancer as well. 

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